17 Reasons Mormons Aren’t That Great

17 Reasons Mormons Aren't that Great title

1. We’re incredibly uptight.

Mitt Romney dance with Alex Boye
Mitt Romney dances with Alex Boye

2. We take ourselves very seriously.

3. We really only care about ourselves…

Mormon Volunteers channel aid to refugees near ISIS war zone and on resettlement frontlinesmormonshelprefugees

4. …and have no interest in helping out the community.

Mormon Helping Hands volunteers help clear downed tree after Katrina
Mormon Helping Hands volunteers help clear downed tree after Katrina

5. Mormon missionaries are just a nuisance…

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.44.18 AMI love mormon missionariesScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.04.40 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.02.54 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.00.29 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.03.50 PM

6. Mormon girls are all plain…

image via rationalfaiths.com

7. …and uneducated.

BYU No. 1 hottest and smartest school


8. We’re all Republican…

US Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid
US Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid

9. …and white.


10. Definitely no diversity here…

A choir featuring members from Salt Lake City, representing over 50 different countries sing at the General Women’s Session of the 186st Annual LDS General Conference on Saturday.

11. …Or here.

Membership distribution mormons aren't that great
Membership Distribution vis LDS.org

12. We have no respect for other religions…

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.03.59 PM

13. … and we definitely don’t believe in Christ.


14. We’re not funny…

15. We’re just a simple…

Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the cathode-ray Television
Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the cathode-ray Television

16. … science denying people…

Henry Eyring, Chemist, Princeton Professor, and creator of the Eyring Equation
Henry Eyring, Chemist, Princeton Professor, and creator of the Eyring Equation

17. …who have Jell-O for every meal.

green jello mormons aren't that great
999/1000 Mormon millennials would not eat this.

Mormonism? Best not to dabble in it…


Gabriella is a psychology major, Westfalia-dweller, and expert bean-eater. Having spent the majority of her life living in the great Latin-American metropoles of Guatemala and Mexico, Gabriella continues to grapple with the eccentricities of suburban living.
  • Michelle

    Way to miss the point. Then again, you listen to korn. I’m *not* a Mormon and yes indeed they help communities, but you got stuck on an “absolute” rather than choosing to see the big picture. Every Mormon family tithes 10% and a LOT of that money goes to helping the poor (not just Mormons), disaster relief and public services not related to the church, and these services don’t require joining or even attending or paying the slightest attention to the church. Mormon families are notorious for taking in homeless youths and again, not requiring them to go to church or speak to missionaries. These are facts. Other churches take tithes, and yes the Lutherans and Catholics do a lot as well. They don’t show up with their youngsters and pack sandbags or wash the oil off of penguins but you know, go ahead and focus on that “ever” if it makes you feel powerful.

  • Michelle

    They don’t look at me that way, either. I smoke. I am not a Mormon, yet the missionaries have been kind and patient. I have an ongoing text message conversation with a young lady who is on her mission (it feels nice to talk to a woman when I am also a woman) and we pray for one another. A drunken drug addicted smelly person could stagger up to a pair of Mormon missionaries and beg for prayer and they would stop and pray, and probably continue to pray for that person. I know. I was that person.

  • gene clark

    A perversion of Christianity, just like Catholicism or Santeria.

  • Deborah Ann Crow

    LOL, gosh, you sure set me straight. Thanks.

  • Brenda Stilwell

    Really enjoyed this except putting up HARRY REED? He stands for everything a Mormen is not.

    It is a wonder he was never thrown out the church. I can’t believe this man had a Temple recommend. This is why so many after joining the church question many things. Mainly about how much can a High Priest be able to know things when this man outright lies.

  • Dia

    ha ha haaaa

  • Wendy

    Forgot are great Boyscout leaders and incredible movers not to mention always willing to help lend a hand with others no matter the religion

  • Rachelle

    This is a rebuttal to comments others have made about the church….it is intended to be funny and it was posted by our own lds.net
    People say we are uneducated but BYU is a top ranked school in the world.
    People say we are not diverse but we have members in almost every country….we are Black White Asian European Canadian Mexican etc.
    People say we don’t help the community but we are the first to show up to every disaster that has ever taken place….with people to help and supplies that are needed….the church is very well organized and helps as much as we can….Service is a major part of our church
    People can be cruel and say some mean things….but we know who we are and we know our purpose…..LOVE ONE ANOTHER that is the basis of our church

  • Jan

    I wouldn’t put up a picture of Harry Reid as an example of anything

    • Exactly!

    • Gail

      Agreed, there have to better examples of LDS democrats.

  • Jona Jamin

    Like the article. Have a loud laugh while reading…

  • Danny

    Very well done. No matter what the haters may say on this comment thread, the facts speak (:

  • lizzy smilez

    Pat yourself on the back much?

    • Mary Miller

      You have missed the point. We stand by our good works and these works are good and praise worthy. We only share them so that others might know the truth of what we are about, that we do good and that we help many people along our paths as we go about living our lives. Good works, shine because we are good people. And we believe that we will be blessed by our good works… by our good work we shall be known. But there are many many many that no one ever hears about or knows they were done by thoughtful, loving Mormons. Because we do so never seeking praise – and only God himself knows of our actions towards others. We often find joy in being invisible and only our good works speak of the good we have provided or done. We hope our service is recived in the spirit of true selfless service and love … no acknowledgment is nessasary. But when it is spotlighted (often not by us) but it may be so that others may use it as an example as what they might do unto others in their lives / area of the world. We do not believe we should hide the light of Christ under a bush for noone to see it, but it should to burn bright for others to follow. What you may see as bragging is only us… living our Christian lives, trying to be more like Jesus. And we all are eternally greatful His (Jesus Christ) good works were written down so we can try our best to emulate His life. Do you feel He was bragging when His good works were written for the world to see or was He being the best example for us to learn from and emulate? Judge us less and study us more to see that we are true Christians and followers of Christ. We believe in the Holy Bible and believe God provided mire scriptures that He held back for this very time on earth. Because He is Great and merciful and has not left us to wander without the knowledge we seek and we were ready to recive at last. His grace saw that we were ready and He blessed us with more scriptures for our better understanding of His will and His comanments. That we might be healthier, happier, and that we might return to Heaven again and be with our forever eternal family’s. Because death is not the end. Only the end of our mortal status, it’s our test to see if we can remain faithful when we are tempted and tried, in mortality. But the best is yet to be.

      • Mishael Stephenson

        His works weren’t put down so “we” could emulate it. His works were put down so we could see he is greater than us. It is only through Faith that we are saved. Our faith is testified by our works, works that Christ does through us… We can go to church, knock on doors, help our neighbors, but if we are doing it because “we” are trying to emulate Christ, “we” are trying to give good works, then I’m sorry brother, but if Christ is not at the helm, and the Holy Spirit is not the one speaking through and for you, then we are just mocking God and His power.

  • Isac

    18. We can’t get the url to match the title of our articles.
    oh wait…

  • Eric

    Every time I eat jello, I am reminded of my wonderful grandmother. I wish she were still around to offer me jello with every meal!

  • Bruce Horne

    enjoyed very much

  • Isabella

    I enjoyed the article and photos, just not the title.

  • Kathy Neumiller

    Love it! Especially the Missionaries knocking on doors singing Adele.

  • Kristin

    Great job collecting all these clips. Fun to read!

  • crow

    We are all born of this earth, each day is a blessing, each day is a wonder. God has given us this day and the choice. Love one another or Hate! The sun will set and the sun will rise but the spirit is forever!!!!

  • Clint Enman

    Not sure any of these are common claims.

  • You know that “study” that found BYU the had the hottest and smartest student body was conducted by a BYU student and is completely bunk right? I’m just saying, there seems to have been some bias.

  • Eugene Rasband

    Love that “Scott Sterling!”

  • Kevin

    Beautiful thats wxactly how we are

  • Amy Norton

    I’m pretty sure those are not BYU cheerleaders, but are from Yale.

    • Amy Norton

      Nevermind, when I did a close up I saw that their cheeks say BYU.

    • Kris Rollins

      The only girls at BYU that can break the dress code by wearing short skirts and sleeveless tops…

  • Brad

    Can we please find another democrat to mention instead of Reid. He’s terrible, IMHO.

    • Andrea

      I second that suggestion!!

      • Judith

        Try Pres. Kimball 🙂

  • L

    Loved this!! Mormons are awesome, just ask one :).

  • Pato Hadad

    Very funny !!
    Well done.
    Thank you Gabby !!