8 Fashion Looks Mormon Girls Love

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Every LDS young woman knows that staying modest in a world where it isn’t always fashionable can be very challenging. That is why Mormon girls have learned how to solve modesty problems by creating their own (and unique) fashion looks. Here are the top eight fashion looks Mormon girls love.

1. Cap Sleeve Undershirt

When that gorgeous, perfect, must-have dress is sleeveless or has spaghetti straps and you want to buy it anyways… a cap sleeve undershirt helps you show off that dress without covering its details.

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2. Leggings with Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and dresses seem to be coming with less and less fabric nowadays… and it’s so hard to find a cute one! Surely putting some leggings under would solve the length issue.

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3. Skirt Extenders

Following the lines of solutions for the cute-and-extremely-short-skirt (or dress), skirt extenders are present on the list. They are definitely a must-have in every Mormon girl’s closet.

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4. Cardigans

We all owe a lot to the person who invented the cardigan. Perfect solution for that sleeveless shirt.

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5. Shrugs

Another great solution for that cute (and sleeveless) dress or top.

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6. Tank Top

Another classic hack that helps us out when our dresses or shirts have a deep cleavage line is to add a tank top that covers up that extra skin.

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7. Pinterest Hairstyles

Because, what girl does not have a Pinterest beauty board with popular hairstyles? Mormon girls love fun and creative hairstyles, including buns and braids. Meetings on Sunday and Church activities are great places to show off what Pinterest has to offer.

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8. Mixed Patterns

Mormon girls seem to love chevron and flower designs. They also like to put different designs together.

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Bonus Fashion Look:  Church Jewelry as Accessory

Many young women also like wearing their Young Women medallion or their CTR ring with every outfit.

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  • Lynn

    These are not fashions. They’re a step away from dressing like modern Mennonite.

  • Louisevdleek

    Thank you for a great post. I’ve printed it and sending it to my missionary in Jamaica. I love sending her little uplifting talks and stuff and this is a fun one to add in a letter.
    And the huge debate on leggings, well I think it much better to let my daughter of 16 wear leggings with her dresses than without it, it is a wonderful addition to finish the modest look. Well done on a fantastic article!

  • MSu

    I find it so interesting when people decry the leggings under shorter skirts, but ignore the “cap sleeve undershirt”. Leggings and the undershirts serve the same purpose.

  • Joseph Bills

    Erg, enough with this legging nonsense. If you need to debate about whether it’s modest or not, YOU’RE not being modest, modesty is about the spirit of you’re doing, not specific dress codes. I have a friend who often wears leggings as pants, and while she’s not a member, she’s one of the most modest girls I know, in both the shallow and actual sense of the word. Modesty has nothing to do remembering that hey, everyone has a body and is naked underneath their clothes, it’s about not drawing attention to oneself and focusing on worldly things rather than spiritual things. And yes, it IS a huge problem in society today.

    • Joseph Bills

      Adding this article because it’s simple and explains it well: http://ldsliving.com/story/78052-5-ways-to-help-youth-see-modesty-differently

      • Lea

        I acknoledge and respect the fact that modesty has a variety of different meanings to different people – we can’t monopolize the concept to be sololy equal to our perception. I personally don’t mind bringing attention to my self; as children of God I think people are worth noticing. To me modesty is treating my body as a temple.
        I’m quite fund of the JS quote “I teach people the principles and let them govern themselves” (some thing a long those lines). Maybe we should give other people a break and settle with just governing ourselves?

  • Troy

    Frumpy! All of them! Just wear what you want….Jesus doesn’t care!

    • Mark

      Haha! I hate almost all of these styles. But I guess we have to wear SOMETHING. Modest doesn’t have to look dumb, but 3/4 of these styles look dumb to me.

  • Sarah

    I agree with what jennifer ^^ commented on leggins. If the dress is too short then leggins don’t make it longer. You’re wearing a short dress/skirt or you’re wearing a shirt.

  • Thank you for this article! I found it a great thing to share on my own blog, as it relates to the message I’m conveying concerning modesty. 🙂

  • Thank you for this article! I shared this on my own blog listed above, since I felt this fits in nicely to what I am blogging about 🙂

  • Carol Jensen

    I agree with Jennifer’s leggings comment. The EFY dress code includes a stipulation that “Leggings cannot be worn as pants” and that dresses must be knee length. That said, I have several pairs, and I wear them, appropriately, under knee-length (when I sit down) dresses and skirts all the time! Super cute!

  • Doesn’t #4 (black stripe dress) need tights or a skirt extender?

  • Elisabeth

    The “skirt extenders” just look stupid. It would be far better to actually lengthen the skirt with a ruffle, a coordinating band of fabric, or some eyelet or lace.

  • Josh

    I work with the YW in my stake as a high councilor, and I’ve taught seminary in the stake four years (now work with seminary, also in my capacity as a HCor).

    The leggings issue is a HUGE battle we’re fighting in our stake – with skirts, to the knee means to the knee. Period. The leggings don’t make the skirts any longer. Also, leggings are NOT interchangeable with pants. Too many of our young people are conned into this mistake.

    The YM have issues as well – this whole modesty thing isn’t just for young Mormon girls; it’s an issue for us all.

    I just hope people don’t see this post and think that leggings double as skirt extenders. They don’t.

    • Troy

      How about just giving them burqas and calling it good?

  • Samuel Bereche Sánchez.

    my dream is to find some day the love of my life.

  • Jennifer

    I agree with all of these except the leggings. Personally I see leggings as thick tights. I wouldn’t wear something with leggings if it’s not modest enough to wear without them. Most of the time I wear leggings just as fashion or for warmth in the cooler months.

    • susang

      I agree with Jennifer. In fact, one of the prophets (I believe President Hinckley) came out and said that if you would wear a short skirt or dress without the leggings, then you shouldn’t be wearing it with the leggings.

    • I agree! I saw a young mother in the airport with leggings on and could see her garments through them–NOT MODEST!!! Plus it shows off the outlines of legs, better to skip the short skirts and learn to sew your own modest clothing that is the correct length, height, and width.