What If the General Authorities Were Disney Characters?


Disney creates such a wide variety of unforgettable characters—it’s no wonder we can all think of at least one that we relate to. But even more fun, potentially, is matching our peers up with their Disney equivalents. Have you ever tried matching your parents with their Disney twins? Your siblings? Friends?

With general conference come and gone, the general authorities have been on the brain here at LDS.net (no surprise there). As fun as it is to match ourselves, we couldn’t help but wonder: what if the Apostles were Disney characters? Who would they be?

Here’s the list we came up with! Let us know if you agree in the comment box below.


We’ve mostly gone by speculation here, but there are other fun ways to match you and your peers up with their Disney personality-twins.

Regardless of your Disney match, there are plenty of reasons to be proud of who you are. Whether you’ve got Aladdin’s heart, Lumiere’s hospitality, Cinderella’s spunk, or Mulan’s determination, all of us have Christlike attributes that need daily nourishment. Happy conference!

Melissa is a student at BYU and is studying digital journalism and visual arts. She has previously written for BYU’s CapWest News and covered the Utah Legislature in 2015. Melissa enjoys graphic design, traveling, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and taking naps.

  • Commander Fun

    Why do these Mormon-related sites continually produce these kinds of articles?

    It absolutely baffles me.

    Go read your scriptures.

  • Dianne Guggrmos

    I’d love to know if they have seen these and what they thought. Very cute idea!!!

  • Carolyn Ricker


  • Carolyn Ricker

    Well, Elder Uchtdorf, unlike Launchpad or the two Albatrosses in the Rescuers, can actually land.

  • JonFB

    Yeah, I remember the first time I saw Frozen and Olaf came on the screen and I was like “Hey, he’s just like Elder Bednar!”

  • Toni Danson

    I like all of them, well done on the likenesses.

  • RR

    “concious of Pinocchio” should be “conscience of Pinocchio”

    • Gale

      Good catch. We are fixing this now. Thanks.

  • Patricia Winters

    If President Nelson literally had a heart of gold, he would be dead. Please, people, use English accurately!

    • Melissa Taylor

      Hi Patricia!
      It’s a pun about President Nelson’s literal “Heart of Gold Award.” We got a laugh writing the joke, sorry you didn’t enjoy it as much.

  • Marian Spencer

    Honestly, they’re all my favorites, but I LOVE President Eyring’s and Elder Holland’s especially! Haha!