You Need to Know Donald Trump’s Opinion on Mormons

Donald Trump at a Presidential Candidate debate

Church leaders encourage members to “study [political] candidates carefully.”

While the Church remains politically neutral, this article studies the statements from the Donald Trump campaign about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This article is not an official statement of the LDS Church or It reflects my political opinions.

The Donald Trump Phenomenon

When Donald Trump began running for president in the summer of 2015, most pundits dismissed his candidacy because of his public profile as a reality TV entertainer.

His campaign generated attention through a series of controversial statements that alienated many voters but won him a devoted following. Still, few considered him a viable candidate.

But now that voting has begun, Trump has started to win actual delegates for the nomination. His statements that did not make front page news now deserve special consideration.

Trump’s campaign has made two statements in relation to Latter-day Saints.

1) Mormons have an “alien” faith

McKay Coppins, an LDS Political writer sat down with Trump in 2014 before he began his presidential run.

Trump insisted that Mitt Romney lost because his faith was “alien.” But as Trump’s thoughts on the Church turned negative, Coppins interrupted explaining that he was Mormon. Trump then changed his tune saying, “People don’t understand the Mormon thing. I do. I get it.”

While Trump’s tone did turn positive, his description of our faith as “the Mormon thing” is not reassuring considering Trump’s treatment and policies toward other “alien” groups.

Trump ended his discussion with Coppins by saying “There was a religious undercurrent” in Utah, “unfortunately.” Even after Coppins mentioned his faith, Trump still persisted in calling it unfortunate. Perhaps, Trump doesn’t “get” Mormons as well as he thinks, since most of them would not see anything unfortunate about their religious devotion.

2) “Investigate Mormon Churches and Shut them Down”

In November of 2015, Trump’s national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, appeared on Fox News to discuss Trump’s statement about shutting down Muslim Mosques.

To defend this policy Pierson said, “It’s no different than a Mormon Church. You’ve had the DOJ investigate Mormon Churches and shut them down.”

If her statement has you wondering what you missed, you aren’t alone. There seems to be two likely explanations, neither which would speak well to the Trump campaign’s understanding or feelings towards members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

First, Pierson could be referencing Department of Justice raids on FLDS polygamous compounds. But since the first and most prominent of these raids occurred in Texas, Pierson’s home state, she should be expected to understand the distinction.

The LDS Church has consistently clarified that the term “Mormon” is not properly applied to fundamentalist groups that share no affiliation with them.

Second, Pierson could be referencing historical persecution of the LDS Church, sometimes at the hand of the federal government.

In either case, Trump’s campaign either combines all Latter-day Saints with the most extreme apostate groups or endorses the historical persecution of our faith.

The Salt Lake Tribune reached out for clarification both from Pierson, herself, and the Trump campaign, but they refused to make additional comment. And Pierson continues in her role as Trump’s spokesperson today. So the campaign clearly stands by the comments.

Are Other Candidates As Bad?

Donald Trump’s is certainly not the first presidential campaign to speak about The LDS Church. In 2007, John McCain’s mother made several unflattering remarks about the Church. But her son immediately distanced himself from the comments, reiterating his respect for the Church.

Likewise, Mike Huckabee repeated some uninformed anti-Mormon arguments while on the campaign trail. But Huckabee later clarified that his opinions on Mormon doctrine should not affect the direction of the country.

Hillary Clinton also praised “The Book of Mormon” musical that satirizes the Church. But other high-profile campaign surrogates, such as her husband, speak glowingly of taking the missionary lessons as a child and almost joining the Church.

Most candidates simply refrain from speaking about the Church at all. And those that do, tend to issue only polite statements like Ben Carson’s, “I am not the least bit offended by the beliefs of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Mormons and so forth.”

In other words, the uncorrected hostility between Donald Trump and Mormons is unprecedented in modern presidential politics. You may have to go back to Grover Cleveland in 1889 to find similar anti-Mormon sentiment from a presidential campaign.

Why Does it Matter?

Bombast tends to characterize the Trump campaign well. And a list of his outrageous statements toward every group could hardly be included in one article.

With so much outrage, can we take any one of his statements seriously? Or should his anti-Mormon statements be looped in as part of his “I don’t care what you think” charm?

Despite the reputation, political scientists consistently find that presidents follow through on what they say on the campaign trail.

Could Donald Trump be the exception? I suppose, but it’s mighty dangerous to elect someone based on the assumption that they don’t mean what they say.

Other Latter-day Saints may not be worried about the ignorance of the Trump campaign because there is so much misunderstanding of the Church on a national level. But for most presidential campaigns this misunderstanding turns into silence or platitudes.

Trump’s attempts to paint the Church as alien and marginal also has effects on his policies. For most candidates their ignorance about or hostility toward our faith would be incidental because of first amendment protections.

But Trump’s rhetoric has singled out other faiths and threatened to close down their places of worship. His unwillingness to protect religious freedom, in general, makes his negative statements about Mormons particularly dangerous.

Whether or not you agree, many called Ammon Bundy’s seizure of an Oregon wildlife refuge terrorism. Because that group consisted of many Mormons and used Mormon language, could Trump shut down Mormon churches using the same logic that he is currently using to advocate closing Muslim mosques?

The fact that I can’t quickly answer that question “no” worries me a lot.

Trump’s disregard for religious freedom is not only troubling on its own merits but should be particularly worrisome for those who belong to a church that Trump misunderstands and believes is “alien” and “unfortunate.”

Whether Trump’s feelings about their faith is a primary concern for Latter-day Saints in their voting decision or whether they vote based on other factors is the decision of each member. But Latter-day Saints deserve to understand where the Republican frontrunner stands on their religion, and it’s not pretty.

  • Caitlin White

    I don’t think you understood Trump’s alien quote correctly. He was talking about how Romney likely lost the election because his beliefs were alien (meaning foreign and unknown) to the country. He claimed that was unfortunate because people don’t understand the mormon church.

    trump said at a rally in salt lake that he liked mormons and that he employed many and respected them.

    He doesn’t hate mormons. To insinuate that he does, when the evidence overwhelmingly suggests the opposite is ignorant.

    Another thing, you’re reasons for favoring other candidates seem to hinge solely on whether or not they’e said nice things about the church, instead of what their policies are and what they mean for us as a nation.

    For example, your assessment of the clintons says that they view mormon missionaries positively. Thats all good and well for mormons but the clintons also caused the deaths of many americans and foreign civilians alike as well as participated in dirty politics, treasonous breaches in government security protocol and downright bloodthirsty pursuits of war with foreign countries.

    You need more than just an opinion on mormonism to make an educated decision.

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      This article wasn’t advocating for any candidate, just simply informing Latter-day Saints about facts they might find relevant. It was also published well before his Salt Lake rally.

      While you’ve correctly defined the word alien, I don’t think the context you ascribed to his quote occurred.

  • e.e.g.e.

    It is articles like this that make people not like Mormons. It is bad enough that too many people think there is a Mormon Cabal in Washington DC that is out to overthrow the government. It is because of cruddy Mormon politicians that support the Globalist Communists that people think Mormons are bad. Because of the Mormon politicians in Washington DC work against America and her citizens and work for the top 5%, it is easy to see why people are wary of Mormons.
    The LDS church teaches that the Constitution is to be protected. The Mormon politicians help the other traitor politicians destroy the Constitution, our freedoms, and work against all of us. Bringing in unvetted Moslems does not help the LDS church either. Ismal is a dangerous ideaology and not compatible with Western laws. Bill Clinton, George Bush, and mainly Obama, filled the government with Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR people, which are terrorist organizations. The Moslems are using our laws against us. Wake up Christians!! The LDS church is stupid to help with bringing in terrorists, and denouncing Donald Trump. The majority of the politicians are destroying America, and the Mormon politicians are in the thick of it. It is sad that the Mormon politicians do not live their religion. If they did they would not be doing the bidding of the top 5% and not destroying the country and Constitution. LIke mainstream Christians the Mormons are taken in by the greed and popwer when they get to Washington DC.

    Mormons need to wake up on many things involving the government, Mormon politicians, the LDS Salt Lake leaders, and Donald Trump. Thank the heavens Donald Trump won. The fight is just beginning. There will be a war in this country. The politicians are pushing for it, and the Mormon politicians are just as corrupt as the non Mormon politicians.

    Quit listening to the mainstream media. CNN gets hundreds of millions of dollars per year from the State Department to push lies. The Washington Post gets hundreds of millions of dollars to push the lies of the CIA. The media was weaponized a long time ago to lie to American citizens in order to push the Globalist Communist agenda. The presidential election cycle proved this, and the Wikileaks emails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta proved this. The entire Western world governments and media all say the same things at the exact same time! It is no accident. The Globalist Communists need the West to fall in order to install one Communist government to control the world, This is why Donald Trump was smeared and lied about, why everyone was against him. This is why our own government has decimated the middle class, refuses to help the average American citizen and works to make everything advantageous for the top 5%. There is no Republican and Democrat parties – – both are the Uniparty, and behind closed doors work together to destroy this country. The Mormon politicians are traitors to Christianity, the government and are piss poor excuses for Mormons. It is bad enough that the so called Christian politicians work to destroy America, but the Mormons should be ashamed of what they are doing.

  • julie

    I think Mr Trump meant “alien” as in “foreign”… that most people don’t understand it. If the author interprets this as meaning “from outer space” I think he/she is sadly mistaken. Perhaps there is a job for you at the Inquirer

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      Perhaps you should read the article more closely if you are unsure if I think Mr. Trump meant aliens from outer space.

  • William

    This is clearly one of the stupider articles I have read. If this is the best the author can write his credibility is lacking an a very major way.

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      Wow, I’m sorry your identity is so wrapped up in the Trump campaign that you have to attack people for simply reporting what has been said because it doesn’t jive with the world view you prefer. Unfortunately for you, it’s not my credibility that is in question. Everything I wrote here is a matter of public record. You can accept it or cover your eyes, but please don’t drag me into it.

      • Your a moron. What kind of mormon are you? Speculating and starting rumors. That’s going to go along way in our efforts to bring others to Christ. Nice job. Trump voted in the pre-existence along with the rest of us. And all you can do is talk trash. What an embarrassment!!!!!!

        • Christopher D. Cunningham

          I think you’re right that we need to show as much compassion as possible. But I think most people understand that when it comes to making a voting choice, Latter-day Saints deserve to have correct information informing their decision. I tried to provide that information.

          You said that I’m a moron, perhaps I got a fact wrong. Please feel free to correct anything in the article. But to be frank, I’ve made that invitation to many angry commentators, and they’ve all failed to provide any corrections. I’m starting to think there isn’t anything actually inaccurate, but you’re just mad because the information presented is unflattering to the candidate you’ve chosen to support.

          Latter-day Saints are welcome to support whichever candidate they choose. I believe they should have all the information in making that decision.

          You may be interested to know that since this article was first published, Trump has actually said more unflattering things about members of the Church. So it appears the pattern I’ve identified holds true. But again, please, any factual corrections you have, I’m happy to fix.

        • Jane

          Yes. and he voted for Satan. He may, in fact BE Satan

    • David

      I know several Mormons that really enjoyed the musical “The Book of Mormon”. It’s good to appreciate self deprecating humor sometimes.

      • Christy

        I love laughing at humor about my faith, Mormonism. It’s hilarious and we even create it ourselves. We do it probably more than any other religion out there. But there is a difference between self depreciating humor and demoralization; especially when mixed with dishonorable swear words. The Mormon’s I knew who saw it said they wish they hadn’t; that it was humiliating to sit there while people mocked their most spiritual and sacred beliefs. I’m not going to over react about it but it does make me sad.

  • Gennis Gonzalez

    Gennis Gonzalez–I believe Donald Trump will win by a landsllde when all the lies have been proven wrong, and I hope he chooses Ben Carson as his running mate. Trump stood up for his campaign Manager, and he will stand up for America and do all he says he will do.He is not a racist–I’ve seen him in action. Go Trump.Go
    Trump!!! Ben knows the Constitution and would be able to give good advice. Go Ben –Go Ben. Trump has along with Ben earned every dime of their wealth in this country. They did not accept bribes and sell out our country like the ones in the White House have done. May God Bless our Country!!!!!

  • Carmen Miller

    After all the mumbo jumbo it doesn’t really matter does it. Pray to the Lord, wait for an unbyest answer and act upon it. When it comes right down to it the “Electoral College” will win the vote so our votes won’t matter anyway. Such is the times when the people don’t know how to kick out the people destroying their country. We’re supposed to be able to but who knows how? Anyone? Then who can we blame? No matter what we do we’re all still just left sitting on our hands.

  • Sterling

    Forget Trump, what is Cruz’s opinion of Mormons?

    Cruz threw his hat in the ring at Liberty University: “God bless Liberty University…I am thrilled to join you today at the largest Christian university in the world.”

    I guess Cruz does not know BYU has over 29,000 students (more than double Liberty). Perhaps he does know and he believes, as does the leaders of his Southern Baptist church, Mormons are not Christians.

    Go to the website of Ted Cruz’s church, SBC.NET and see for yourself what Cruz’s religion believes about LDS, the cult, the Mormons. They have a little search box in the top right corner of their website. Enter Mormon or LDS and see what Cruz’s church believes about us. One of his church’s core doctrines is that Mormons are not Christians- Cruz’s church is obsessed with the Mormon Cult.

    Trump pointed-out that Americans, and Southerners in particular, believe the LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), is an alien church- NON CHRISTIAN. Trump made an observation on America- he’s pretty good at making observations.

    I grew-up LDS in the South- 6th generation Southern Mormon. I served a two-year mission in the South. I voted for Cruz who belongs to an anti-Mormon church (Southern Baptist Convention is proper name of Cruz’s church). I hope Cruz can pull-off a miracle and beat Trump- not much hope. But if it comes to Trump or Clinton- and it looks like it will, I’m not so pious to do as millions of South Baptist did in 2012 and sit home- I’ll vote for Trump. I hope Cruz and his followers will as well.

    I doubt Trump can beat Clinton, because the majority of the country wants what Clinton offers- a Godless society where LGBT rights are sacred and Christians are backwards thinking and mean spirited. The US now believes in and sanctions the right to chop unborn children into little pieces to relieve the would-be mother from the pains of childrearing. Clinton believes in the practice of abortion businesses selling the body parts of unborn children. Clinton took $50,000 from Planned Parenthood AFTER the abortion company was exposed for their practice of selling body parts. Southern Baptist states like Mississippi just handed Clinton a majority thumbs-up with 83% of the Democrats voting for her.

    I’m not drinking the Trump cool aid; I know he is a liberal. I know he will do or say anything to be elected- including praising Planned Parenthood. But I believe he will be perhaps a bit less evil than Clinton.

    So bash Trump all you want. But when it all shakes down to Trump or Clinton don’t be like those who belong to Cruz’s church and sit on your hands in November. Mitt lost in-part due to Southern Baptist sitting home (they just couldn’t vote for a member of a cult). I don’t blame Baptist for Mitt’s loss nor do I believe Mitt would have been a perfect leader- he is part of the GOPe.

    On a side-note, last summer the Mormons passed the Southern Baptist in total membership. I might be the only person who took note. I’ve been watching the membership of the SBC drop over the years and the LDS membership grow- I’ve ran the numbers on a regular basis for 30 years. Having served as a full-time missionary in the bible belt 30 years ago and put-up with Baptist rhetoric all my life (three of my grandparents grew-up Baptists), I have to smile knowing that Mormons now outnumber Southern Baptists. When General Conference is held in a few weeks, the numbers will be official.

    I hope and pray that when the numbers are counted in November, Clinton will go back to baking cookies and hanging with Huma and American will live to see another day.

    • Liberty University has 14,000 residential (on campus) students and about 100.000 online students. Unless online students don’t count, which of course they do, that makes Liberty much larger than BYU and, in fact, the largest Christian university in the world. Interestingly, I attended the Y and now teach at Liberty.

      • Christopher D. Cunningham

        Grand Canyon university, another Christian university, also has more students than BYU. But BYU is the largest Christian university if you account for on-campus students, as most do when considering university size. For combined total size also look for BYU-Idaho whose Pathway program is quickly making it one of the largest Universities in the world for combined total size. Not quite the size of Liberty but it’s growth has been rapid.

    • alex

      You are a wise man. Being just smart is not always enough. Good common sense. Glad to have you in this country and world.

    • kfp

      K Peterson
      We need to remember that all religions have their doctrines and their dogma. Unless we study the doctrines of the various religions we should avoid talking about things we don’t fully understand. Freedom of religion is one of the things our forefathers fought for. Let’s live together with respect for people regardless of their religion. It’s not a contest!

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    Those of us who are not your co-religionists do NOT have any obligation to ‘understand’ sect differences and accept your theology. So if you want people to understand the difference between the FLDS and your sect, you’d better get used to explaining it in THEIR terms, not yours.

    E. g. what is the difference between Orthodox and Catholic? Catholic and Lutheran? Lutheran (Missouri synod) and the New Presbyterian Church (both of which believe the Pope is the antichrist)?

    • Haley

      I don’t believe that he was asking you to believe his theology, political or religious. However, acknowledging sect differences is a sign of intelligence and respect. Canada actually legally outlawed FLDS from calling themselves Mormon, because they understood the difference. If Canada can get it, are Americans not intelligent enough to understand that?

      Furthermore, the term “Mormon” for an LDS person was traditionally a derogatory name back in the day. This stemmed from the persecution that our faith faced. Did you know that it was still legal to kill a Mormon in Missouri until 1970? It wasn’t until the last couple of decades that we actually became comfortable with calling ourselves by the term. The FLDS didn’t until a little bit after that. We understand that the rest of the world doesn’t understand the differences clearly. But it is still a respectful and intelligent thing to call a church by their actual name: LDS or Latter-Day Saints; and FLDS or Fundamentalists. Imagine if a politician called the Jehovah Witnesses “J-dubs” or a Jew a “Koshie” (these are actual negative religious slurs). It’s just proper to call a church by their name. That’s all I’m saying here.

      But here is the clarification. FLDS is a split-off of LDS from back in the day. FLDS practices polygamy, child labor, child marriages, etc. They also believe that their imprisoned prophet is the president of the United States and fast constantly for his release. They drink alcohol and coffee, live in compounds, and stop education after 8th grade. LDS are the complete opposite. Our women even wear pants (hallelujah!).

      There is a difference. But few are respectful enough to learn about it. I take the time and effort to learn the difference between my Baptist, Protestant and Catholic friends’ faiths and the terms that they use. It’s really not that hard to do.

    • Christy

      So you’re saying that any person running for politics doesn’t need to know exactly who they are talking about? Everyone in the world is expected to explain it to them? They can’t just Google it first before speaking and ruining the reputations of others?

  • Faanunu

    I am LDS… It is the same battle of ideologies from the beginning of force and freedom. In the BoM it was the kings men vs freemen. Today is no different… The stick which this nation will be measured by is the US Constitution. If you want to know who the enemies of freedom are it is those that ignore the Constitution or say nothing when the last four presidents ignored and violated because of “parties”. Whoever is next will have some very hard choices… They will either be a benevolent or maleficent King or give the people back the power. A strong leader doesn’t have to show power but sometimes it reserves it like Christ and the Ffather. We are never promised that we will save our country… Only that we will save the Constitution. Read the BoM it is like reading current events.

  • Duane Jorgensen

    Mitt Romney wants to come riding in on a white horse to fulfill the “White Horse Prophecy!” Romney has already instructed his minions to pursue a brokered convention.

    • Christy

      Romney is a well respected man who is trying to help others to see more clearly what Trump is. His intention is to help people see the lies or trust what they were already thinking.

  • MGH

    Those of you who have posted here need to go back and reread our statements. The news media wants us to be misinformed that’s why the always tell us what we heard and what we need to think. Just this once could we agree to get informed and do our best to elect someone who has a proven history of success. If we spend all our time in thinking negatively we get what we think. Ignorance is an excuse but not excusable. Being a Mormon does not give us a right to be ll knowing nor the right to be stupid. Try think for yourselves and get the facts. Many of us as Mormons have not always acted saintly but we expect others to forgive us. why are we so unwilling to forgive others? Just as a thought to those who have an axe to grind and are so willing to believe and act on anything that the read or hear, if you don’t know ask someone who REALLY does and until then don’t repeat it. That’s how the truth gets contaminated. regardless of what anyone says the only thing that never changes it “THE REAL TRUTH”. Everyone have the right to an opinion but that doesn’t make it the truth.

  • Read the hypocrite lies by a Mormon from our Mormon website put out two days before Romney announces he’s running. As a Mormon ( even a bad Mormon) I’m appalled. I urge all Mormons to be outspokenly appalled and vote for Trump. The only man that will stop the disgusting rape and robbery of the American People by Washington insiders.
    i would have loved to have Romney as President the last 4 or even 8 years. But when Wasington insiders yelled for Romney he came running. He will not change anything. We need change, he has plenty of time after Trump kicks out the Washington insiders after the next 8 years.

    • R G King

      Spoken like a true zealot and in the spirit of zealotry behind most tragedies?

      As senior statesman Romney is fulfilling his part as no other failed candidates have had the guts to do. IMO

      • Donald Staker

        I am sorry but Russ Fallis makes sense. You resorting to categorize his comments as a “true zealot” to me is your own self-projection.

    • Faanunu

      Lol…. Change is coming… Will it be a benevolent or evil King..

  • Anonymous

    Another reason to vote for Trump.?

  • Cracker Jack

    1st Romney lost for 2 reasons. Once he refused to aggressively counter the attacks that Obama put forth and second because millions of Evangelical Christians stayed home and refused to vote because they hate Mormons.
    Yes compared to main stream US Denominations the LDS Doctrine is alien but that’s not a bad thing and I doubt very many people saw it that way.
    Finally to say you would never vote for him is simply foolish. Would you prefer Hillary be elected because if Trump is the nominee then not voting is the same as voting for Hillary and if you think Trump is going to be bad just wait until Hills unleashes her plans for the country.

    • Bob Roberts

      Romney got the same number of White Evengelical votes as Bush in ’04 and more than McCain in ’08.

  • Bob Jenkins

    You people really don’t have a clue of what is going on in this world right now. You may want to walk out of Utah, your homes, church or whatever it may be and take a hard look. Especially those of you who support Clinton or Sanders. You want to talk about having your freedom taken away. Sit down with someone and get to know them before you believe fault in their character. I know Mr Trump and he is a man of faith, a man of knowledge, and he will be the best thing to hit this nation since Reagan. I don’t know where this author got his facts but he needs to go see his bishop because he is on something. Pray hard and listen for the answer. I been around the world a lot lately and it is a scary place. We need someone who will bring this nation back to greatness and not the global laughing stock it is now.

    • R G King

      You people? Otherizing the Mormons who are the only minority group in the USA that is without hate crime protection because we have been deemed mainstreamed. Now teoo me, as critics, are we mainstreamed? Mainstreamed economically because we are products ofr both cultures, Mormon and American.

      From online about otherness:

      “The idea of ‘otherness’ is central to sociological analyses of how majority and minority identities are constructed. This is because the representation of different groups within any given society is controlled by groups that have greater political power. In order to understand the notion of The Other, sociologists first seek to put a critical spotlight on the ways in which social identities are constructed. Identities are often thought as being natural or innate – something that we are born with – but sociologists highlight that this taken-for-granted view is not true.”

      obama can be said to have worked to change the societal perceptions of Muslims?

      Do you really feel comfortable socially defining the LDS to your or your groups prejudices or biases. Info which amounts to little more than gossip? I am finding that in my own very small world that people warn others about new people in the community so that in even in LDS wards some are otherized, but i live in a small town. It may be small town phenomenon more that LDS ward??? IDK. No sociologist but do know that we are herd animals.

      Can Mitt and the RNC turn the angry herd and its hordes? God willing or not……

    • LAS

      I have been around the world as well, and it is terrifying. My ONLY problem with Trump is his THREAT to close down MY Religion and MY Churches. He obviously thinks ALL MORMONS are terrorist. How will it be possible to get him to understand our principles and doctrine if he is so committed to our destruction. I would prefer having Cruz as President with Rubio as V.P. For one term, then have Romney after that. The separation of Church and State was originally intended to prevent the creation of a GOVERNMENT CHURCH. However, I believe it should also pertain to the DESTRUCTION of a Church or Religion. Trump was not even aware he COULD NOT use regular active duty Military to enforce laws on the border. This is called the “Posse Commitatus act”, and every military person knows this.

      • Jackie

        When did Donald Trump SAY he wanted to close down LDS churches?????? That’s right, NEVER! Ya’ll need to stop reading INTO his words, things he just DID NOT say. I too am LDS. I too am concerned for the world and ALL of God’s children. But seriously. He did NOT say that.

  • Ken

    Need to investigate Cruz.

    He is an evangelical, and they are the ones that refused to vote for Romney because evangelicals think that Mormons are not Christians. The anti-mormons are mostly evangelicals.

    Any of you want this type of person as President? Think again.

    Trump is the very best ally for conservatives, even if he is not one himself. He will fight for us. I know many of you think he is a bully, but this bully is taking our side.

    I had a teacher that was upset when Carter was elected. He told us that the worst reason to vote someone for president was because they are “Nice” He was right. We want a bombastic president that lets the world know “Don’t mess with us!” We know we have a blessed country, why not vote for someone that is going to defend it? Someone that knows how to deal with our enemies, someone that will make America great again?

  • Martha

    Whoever wrote this article appears to never have stepped foot outside of his little perfect bubble. No wonder people think Mormons are strange! Duh!!! Many converts originally thought the church was an alien religion, that the church was a cult!! Guess the writer of this article had everything given to him! No wonder the truth moves so slowly here. There are so many religious intolerant bigots! President George Washington was a former slave owner and owned a commercial distillery! President Lincoln had to compromise to save the union. Was he wrong?? Of course not!

  • Tom

    He doesn’t know the difference between LDS and FLDS, neither does 99% of the rest of the country. Everyone isn’t required to know your religion.

    • James Durham

      In high school in Pennsylvania my classmates knew the difference between LDS and FLDS. They weren’t even required to know my religion like you say, but if we’re giving Drumpf the most powerful office in the world I would appreciate it if at least he knew the difference.

      • Christy


    • R G King

      If not, should they then opine on them as if they are one?

      Why the hostility?

    • Carmen Miller

      I’m LDS and I was in the Church for 10 years before I ever heard of F LDS and I still don’t really “know” all the differences.

    • Harold Svennsen

      He also doesn’t know about the Trident missile system, the differences between Shia and Sunni muslims, the practical limits of eminent domain law, and a whole host of other important issues. But he is an expert at the sound bite.

      He’s a candidate for POTUS, not a benign member of the “99%,” so he doesn’t have an excuse. Popping off publicly on issues in which one’s ignorance is glaring is one of the most unflattering of Trump’s many weaknesses.

  • Vilma Barrera

    Vote for Hillary Clinton, she is the best choice.



    • Barry Harmon

      Yes, vote for Hillary Clinton, who was fired from by her boss after the Watergate investigation for lying and unethical behavior. Let’s vote for the woman who “could not find” the records subpoenaed during the “White Water” scandal, yet just after the stature of limitations ran our miraculously found them – on a shelf in a bookcase in her office, where they had been the entire time. Vote for a woman who has repeatedly lied while Secretary of State and ever since.

      She’s obviously the woman we need in the nation’s highest office.

  • Del Mar

    This article is about Trump and I think the author is a little misinformed as other have stated but but troubles me more are the socialist comments.

    I have read a lot of comments on here and some members many of my friends old and you seem to think Socialism is more aligned to the church principals than capitalism and that is completely false.

    Many times I point out Bernie Sanders is a socialist and of course they like him.
    I hear the answer that this is democratic socialism its different….Look no further than England!

    Socialist ideologies take away a mans right to participate in program at hand. Agency is an eternal principal and always will be.

    For those that feel this way perhaps you should read up on what the prophets have said about socialism.

    Ezra Taft Benson
    The fifth and final principle that is basic to our understanding of the Constitution is that governments should have only limited powers. The important thing to keep in mind is that the people who have created their government can give to that government only such powers as they, themselves, have in the first place. Obviously, they cannot give that which they do not possess.
    By deriving its just powers from the governed, government becomes primarily a mechanism for defense against bodily harm, theft, and involuntary servitude. It cannot claim the power to redistribute money or property nor to force reluctant citizens to perform acts of charity against their will. Government is created by the people. The creature cannot exceed the creator. (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, Sept. 1987, p. 8)

    Some people like to say that Ezra Taft Benson had to tone it down about Socialism and Communism because of the outcry of the saints in Europe. We are strictly speaking about the United States of America and the constitution.

    No true Latter-day Saint and no true American can be a socialist or a communist or support programs leading in that direction. (Ezra Taft Benson, Title of Liberty, p. 190)

    Our nation will continue to degenerate unless we read and heed the words of the God of this land, Jesus Christ, and quit building up and upholding secret combinations, … (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, July, 1988, p. 80)

    We must keep the people informed that collectivism, another word for socialism, is a part of the communist strategy. Communism is essentially socialism. (Ezra Taft Benson, This Nation Shall Endure, p. 90)

    Harold B. Lee
    There are some things of which I am sure, and that is that contrary to the belief and mistaken ideas of some people, the United Order will not be a socialistic or communistic setup; … (Harold B. Lee, Stand Ye in Holy Places, p. 280)

    Now, keep in mind with all the crowding in of the socialistic reform programs that are threatening the very foundation of the Church, we must never forget what the Lord said, “that the church may stand independent above all other creatures beneath the celestial world” (D&C 78:14). Whenever we allow ourselves to become entangled and have to be subsidized from government sources — and we think that it’s the expedient way to do business in this day — or when we yield to such pressures, I warn you that government subsidies are not the Lord’s way; and if we begin to accept, we are on our way to becoming subsidized politically as well as financially. (Harold B. Lee, The Teachings of Harold B. Lee, [1996], p. 314-15)

    Joseph Smith
    Wednesday, 13. I attended a lecture at the Grove, by Mr. John Finch, a Socialist, from England, and said a few words in reply…
    Thursday, 14. I attended a second lecture on Socialism, by Mr. Finch; and after he got through, I made a few remarks, alluding to Sidney Rigdon and Alexander Campbell getting up a community at Kirtland, and of the big fish there eating up all the little fish. I said I did not believe the doctrine. (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Vol. 6, p. 33)

    Brigham Young
    We heard Brother Taylor’s exposition of what is called Socialism this morning. What can they do?Live on each other and beg. It is a poor, unwise and very imbecile people who cannot take care of themselves. (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 14, p. 21)

    • Allen

      Sure. Vote Hillary and have a socialist government take control over our lives. “Just like someone else’s plan”. And you know who that is. Not our “Father’s Plan”, and His pLans for Amerca! Think it through..well said Del Mar.

    • Keri

      Wow! Great research!!! Thanks for posting all of these!

    • R G King

      Make it simpler. The difference is free agency?

      The united order is the prefect society where all shared in common like the Apostolic Chucrh and the City of Enoch. The LDS church efforts at united order or communal church-based living were found to have worked best when all were equally poor.

      The two kingdoms that are separating faster in these last days are the Kingdom of lightness and darkness which i would equate with the War in heaven and the two players on that stage?

      Talking Mormon speak Those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

    • Ken

      Sorry, those are poor examples. Nobody is advocating full on socialism which incidentally and ironically the church practices. I pay my fast offerings and I know for a fact that they go to some families in the ward that do not deserve it. And yet I pay because I’m a disciple of Christ and I get the big picture. What we have in the US is a mixture of poorly regulated capitalism and democratic socialism that benefits the rich far more than the middle-class and the poor. All you have to do is look at how much less the rich pay in taxes then we normal people do, could there be any more obvious glaring example of how skewed our current system is. Read this, we are as the Nephites 200 years after Christ. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate to get us back on track as a nation.

      • Del Mar Dial

        Ken I am glad you pay your tithing and you pay Fast offerings.

        Agency is a eternal principal.

        But let me ask you this…do you have your bank account registered with the church which removes your fast offerings and tithing without your consent? Does the bishop ask for your 1040 and then say hey you didn’t pay a full tithe and put a gun to your head and say we need the rest? Hmm I didn’t think so.

        Lets look at Social Security…That use to be a voluntary it was a rudimentary 401k. Now fast forward to today. Do I have a choice to not contribute to Social Security? NO and guess what my agency to make that decision has been taken by the Federal Government. I can give many examples of my agency being taken away and yet people think that its like the church but when has the church on any level of decision ben taken away from man? Never!

        There is consequences in all choices good or bad.

        Thats the whole point the church is not socialist in the least. You don’t have to pay tithing you don’t have to pay fast offerings.

        You have your agency you always have.
        Perhaps people have forgot revelations 7-12.

        7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

        8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
        (We choose to fight with Christ or Satan but we had our agency.)
        9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 1/3 of the host of heaven.

        10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

        11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (Who is they? They would be us and it was by our testimony that we over came he who is called the devil.)

        12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
        (We will be tested with agency.)

        “A category of government activity which, today, not only requires the closest scrutiny, but which also poses a grave danger to our continued freedom, is the activity NOT within the proper sphere of government. No one has the authority to grant such powers, as welfare programs, schemes for re-distributing the wealth, and activities which coerce people into acting in accordance with a prescribed code of social planning. There is one simple test. Do I as an individual have a right to use force upon my neighbor to accomplish this goal? If I do have such a right, then I may delegate that power to my government to exercise on my behalf. If I do not have that right as an individual, then I cannot delegate it to government, and I cannot ask my government to perform the act for me…In reply to the argument that a little bit of socialism is good so long as it doesn’t go too far, it is tempting to say that, in like fashion, just a little bit of theft or a little bit of cancer is all right, too! History proves that the growth of the welfare state is difficult to check before it comes to its full flower of dictatorship. But let us hope that this time around, the trend can be reversed. If not then we will see the inevitability of complete socialism, probably within our lifetime.”
        ― Ezra Taft Benson

        Good luck on that I think he said it beautiful. A little bit of cancer is alright.

  • #feelthebern Bernie is the most Christlike candidate in this race. Open you eyes, people.

  • Beasley

    I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney, but his religion wasn’t the problem. however, I think the Mormon religion has a real problem with Ammon Bundy and his supporters. Their language is so religion-oriented with a very personal relationship to that God they say is directing their footsteps. And their actions are illegal and, in the case of the bird refuge, directed at the public. Of which I am one.

    • R G King

      The Budy’s are clearly libertarians. But you focus in on the Mormon menace part?

      They are whatever they are and are incidentally Mormon. For LDS readers of this get the “incidentally Mormon” and use it in other writings for their lies the truth.

      They are also Nevadans and Idahoans and westerners and USA citizens (although poor ones in tone which is definitely NOT LDS in nature) Should those groups also be shamed for incidentally housing them?

      The LDS headquarters immediately disavowed connection with their radical actions but you zero in on the word Mormon to see what you will to see and then say it?

      In otherizing the Mormons do the Mormons have a problem or does the Land of the free and Home of the brave? It isn’t as though we (assuming you let me be part of the USA “we”) didn’t come to the colonies seeking and bringing freedom, only then to toss out those that were also seeking and bringing their version.

      The Anglican Church was national church of England and no attenders had to pay a fine. The Pilgrims and Putitans were non-comformists to the Anglicans and had been ostracized and put upon and they also adopted the attend church or else face fines and the stacks. Go figure?

      The Anglican Church failed as a state church early on because of the overlords in England not ordaining a colonist as Bishop but sending one of their own, (USA did same to Utah in sending governors and keeping Utah as a territory so they couldn’t govern selves but were overseen by Congress for almost 50 years.)

      In the backwoods or frontiering movement west circuit riders did the ordinances and recordings of births marriages etc so Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians were evangelizing (and becoming the USA defacto state religion IMO)

      That general political moving people and ideas and fashioning the national common narrative simplified but that is how I understand it. Now threatening the common narrative is the godless cabal of the atheists/secularists and humanists and socialist/ even communist left. Academia and the media and all those “in the know’

      I am also one of the public and I noticed that the Bundy’s were treated differently in liberal Oregon by the FBI than they were in Nevada where the local Sheriff was less apt to soot them. Talk about “hands up or we’ll shoot?” Makes a person think twice about being too open in speaking? But that is a different story and can better be understood if you read the book nine nations of North America by Joel Garreau.

  • Kim

    Cannot and will not vote for Hillary
    and neither should all you
    4 Americans were killed
    The US Ambassador sent over 600 requests for extra security and she denies getting them (must have been on the other server)
    And then she tells Congress after being questioned “what does it matter now!”

    Hmmmm you better believe it woukd matter if it was her husband or daughter killed in Bengahzi

  • Steve

    I’m LDS and I’m not concerned with his view towards Mormons based on what I read in the article. I’m more concerned with his other views…

    • D. Blankenship

      Trumps views about the Mormons are irrelevant. He is the only person not tied to the big money boys so is not beholding to anyone in Washington or elsewhere. I believe he is more honest than all of the rest of them put together. Why is Washington running scared?

      • Ghamblin

        Amen! That Mitt Romney now speaks out against Trump has turned me against Romney! Trump has many things to dislike about as do all of the candidates, but he is by far the most qualified to get us out of the mess we are in! The “establishment” gave us Obama for eight years inspite of his inadequaces! Look where we are!! Trump still gets my vote! Trump will learn the Church is in reality much different than he now understands! Kurs is to teach by our examples and invitations to visit our accomplishmetand! Romney is not being very Christlike towards someone WHO endorsed him!!!??God Blessings America….we need you now more than ever! Soften Romneys heart!

      • R G King

        Not tied to them. He is them.

        But what I liked about him was the comparison of personality cult of obama that swept him magically in. This however will never stand because of the biased media and how they will turn on him and the sheeple will be worn down or whatever.

        If the Donald is not beholden to anyone, then nothing to control him as tyrant but polls–as a clever ad man and therefore propagandist and people mover he seems to respond and answer the things that he isn’t praised for. But if he gets too outrageoud, will he say to the American people, you’re fired? One good thing is he can be impeached without rioting unless his loyal backers keep zealously with him?

        Who can say? We can only know about people by their proven past aactions and what comes from their mouths and doings in the present?

        (Unless, of course, they have been made into the “others” and then society “knows” all about them others?)

  • David Bradford

    Disgusting that Mitt Romeny is now using a church affiliated publication to carry his water! Not surprised but still disgusted. I voted and worked countless hours to get Mitt elected but he blew it and disappeared for a month, where did you go Mitt?

  • Blob

    Bad journalism. Sort of like the uninformed innuendo Trump himself uses.
    Mormons are ‘alien’, as in different and misunderstood, to many Americans, and this reality did hurt Romneys’ candidacy. The article turns this into Trump calling mormons alien. The rest of the article is the no better.

    • Alien means ‘different’

      Agreed, while I’m no fan of Trump’s, this article is rather too literal in its interpretation of many statements.

      • R G King

        And to be different is to be one of the dreaded “others”. Put in the extreme. The Jews were the “others” in the Hitler movement.

        “In the last few decades, a sociology and politics of difference has altered the landscape of scholarship and politics. The analytic of difference challenged universalistic notions of the subject, identity, society, inequality and knowledge. The critical category of the Other emerges within this discourse of difference; the former has steadily gained prominence as a powerful resource for analysis and critique. Unfortunately, this concept is often embraced for its rhetorical and political force without careful consideration of its conceptual meaning. In this article, I argue that the concept of the Other must be analytically distinguished from that of ‘difference’. If the latter speaks to patterns of social disadvantage, Otherness is fundamentally about cultural denigration and exclusion. Approaching the notion of the Other as embedded in a world-ordering moral-symbolic division between a state of civil purity and defilement, I outline the rudiments of a theory of the Other.”

    • Marie

      I agree, the use of the word alien was not intended to be an insult like the writer of this article eludes. Just talk to the average person on the streets about Mormonism, it will likely seem alien to them too. Most people are not familiar with the operations or culture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, they don’t even know it is the same as the Mormon Church. It appears journalists everywhere are fabricating fear over Trump. The jury is still out on who I will vote for.

    • louGanzo

      I agree with that – bad journalism. The author is way too excited about the danger from Trump. He’s obviously a Cruz supporter hired by Glen Beck. haha. Just sayin’.

      And you all are wrong the Mitt didn’t get Evangelical support. That’s bogus. Mitt got a higher percentage of conservatives and evangelicals than any candidate ever. He lost because he got no minority vote and few younger voters. And because our government orchestrated a plot using the IRS to suppress his political support and to lie and cover up scandals in our government. It’s pretty simple.

  • Grant Cox

    This is just silly, irresponsible, and somewhat inaccurate. It contains some truth, but not the whole truth. The author left is using scare tactics to get people to support his opinion. Let me make it very clear–I am NOT a Trump supporter. I do not want him in the White House (unless the only alternative is Hillary).
    1. The word “alien” is often used to refer to something one is not familiar with, something different or misunderstood, such as “Selfless service is an alien concept to many people.” In that context, calling the LDS faith an “alien” faith or religion is not really far from the mark.
    2. The Trump spokesperson, when referring to shutting down the “Mormon church”, said this on her first day on the job. Not really justification, but understandable. She was under pressure and stress and, I believe, misspoke. There are people all over this country that have no clue that Mormons and the FLDS religion are completely separate. Anyone that knows anything about the LDS faith, or is a member especially, knows full well that the DOJ has NEVER shut down a Mormon church. To get people freaked out over a single statement made by a rookie spokesperson is irresponsible and pathetic.

    • David Lloyd-Jones


      That was what she said on the first day of the job. This would imply two things: 1.) it’s what her genuine opinion was all along, and 2.) what she says from here on out is something made up to comply with the needs of the job.

      Don’t you agree?


    • Alan L. LaBar

      Excellent points. I am a “Mormon”. Electing the “UNINFORMED” could be said to be epidemic in America. I did not start with Mr. Trump. While I view recent elections as “theater” this one is surely no exception. If we have had changes over the years, the changes have been BAD if you love freedom. Want to see the problem, take a look in the mirror.

    • Dave

      I am a Mormon and an also not in love with Trump,and thank you for posting this response. This helped me nail down some of the things that were also bothering me about this article.

    • I am also NOT a Trump supporter by any means. And I agree that you have made the best analysis so far on this subject. (By-the-way, Carson WAS the best of the bunch.)

    • R G King

      Maybe not the DOJ shutting down the Mormon Church but someone shut down lots of preparedness canneries.

      I am LDS but very politically motivated and have bee okay with Trump except thinking how he would be on the world stage if tweeting insults about other nation’s leaders who say political things about him.

      I have been thinking that Mitt and the rest of the establishment were beating a dead horse in opposing the Trump momentum. Then reading this article i found the opposite affect and the old spirit of a more peaceful and serene way return. I had felt that Mitt may have failed because of misleading polls and not figuring in voter fraud in minority districts which the RNC had long ago agreed not to challenge in those specific places.

      Be that as it may the zealotry of the Trump followers may mirror the political power seekers who, being in the majority, drove the LDS church from place to place and eventually out of the USA only to then follow and make sure that Utah majority couldn’t rule.

      The children of light are less wise in the ways of the world than the children of darkness. These are pivotal times and nice it is to know that the lord is in charge.

      The day having come when each person having to stand on own reckoning? Or as easy as a trump blown and a spirit go out across the land? May we play our part well IMO.

  • Tyler blile

    AWFUL ARTICLE… writer seems to be judging people for their uninformed comments. Sounds to me like trump doesn’t know a lot about the LDS religion, as so he shouldn’t be judged so harshly just as Mormon’s would likely appreciate not being judged so harshly by those that are misinformed. Hate writers like this trying to push their own political agenda with the face of their religion. I assume he’s lds, doesn’t seem to be too in tune with what his religion teaches.

    • Brandon

      You just summed up his bid for presidency. UNINFORMED.

      • LAS

        Of all the comments provided, Brandon, yours is most true. His calling of names, bashing of groups, and threatening our Religion is unreasonable. Claiming he was going to use active duty military to patrol the U.S. border is a violation of federal law.

        He will need to immediately need to know ALL LAWS, STATUTES, ACTS, ETC… This includes ALL CONSTITUTIONAL AND SUPREME COURT DECISIONS.

        I don’t think we have GREAT choices during this election, but I think any person basing his entire candidacy on hatred of people is NOT our best choice.

      • L.A. STREET

        You expressed this simply and eloquently. He has no experience nor education in national nor international law. HOW CAN HE RUN THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH if he has no experience, no education, and is completely “UNIFORMED”. I would hire him to oversee the purchase of land or a home, BUT the running of a NATION. This is a completely different field of knowledge. However, he has expressed his extreme hatred toward so many groups, WHO DOES HE LIKE. If he thinks he has the right to close down religions, break federal laws about the use of military, and run our country in the same manner as his businesses, IT WON’T WORK.

        • Dmarks

          Our recent history shows that we have not elected base on intelligence, have we forgotten George W. Bush so soon, he was an embarrassment to us whenever he opened his mouth and we elected him twice. We either made unintelligent choices or not voyed which is the same.
          I personally look at everything from proven success finantially and as leaders as well as success in the home , decency, and treatment of others. Why are not looking at moral backbone? Is that not important. I have to look at my children in the eyes and tell them either I voted for that or I didn’t vote at all which in my opinion is just as bad.

  • John K

    Well I guess if you leave a bunch of money for another candidate in the name of Mormonism, perhaps they will back Mormon ideology more than the current group do. First for me this election is about corruption. Our politicians have excepted so much money from so many sources they cannot or will not do what is best for the country. As latter Day Saints we must understand we don’t own this country. We do love it, but Brothers and sisters we have to share it with people who don’t believe the same way we do. We also generally as a people are nonviolent , so I’m sure that he’s not concerned about us as a people as one would be perhaps with our Muslim brothers or those blowing up abortion clinics. Yes I understand most Muslims are peaceful. But a lot of trouble is stirred up by folks from from that group and evangelicals. The second thing I concern myself with is, will he champion religious freedom? I would rather have somebody who’s indifferent to Latter Day Saints then to a person who sees us as a cult and see our beliefs as hateful and phobic therefore believing that we should be regulated and or outlawed. I don’t feel threatened by his words of looking at us as ” weird”. It actually shows that he gives observed that we are different, even if he thinks were crazy. This is just one man’s opinion.

    • Marie

      Well said. Many people don’t understand the hundreds of different religions in this country and world. Trump’s choice of words in the case of Mormons does not offend me.

      • R G King

        Proving ou can get used to anything? LOL? I have wondered if other groups were so treated, would we be jealous since the Bible and other sources talk of the persecution of the just?

        Now in time of mixing and diffusion of ideas we may be alert to they who would shame us out of our beliefs and those cultural things and wanting to be accepted by our peers that would lead us to outsmart ourselves? (IMO embracing the false religion of liberalism – note the fervor of those who are embracing it as the way to be populist or champion of the non-elite?)

        Sifting of the LDS church starting within and is there also a sifting in the greater Christian movement? IDK that one?

  • Minh B

    This article is a prime example of manipulative writing for political agenda – taking something so insignificant out of the context, blowing trivial opinions, weak links into a urgent, emotion-driving statements.

    • Dean

      Really? What evidence indicates Trump has, or would have, a favorable view of Mormons and the Mormon Church?

      • Dmarks

        Our recent history shows that we have not elected base on intelligence, have we forgotten George W. Bush so soon, he was an embarrassment to us whenever he opened his mouth and we elected him twice. We either made unintelligent choices or not voyed which is the same.
        I personally look at everything from proven success finantially and as leaders as well as success in the home , decency, and treatment of others. Why are not looking at moral backbone? Is that not important. I have to look at my children in the eyes and tell them either I voted for that or I didn’t vote at all which in my opinion is just as bad.

  • Tom Boyce

    I’d hate to think that Trump had a positive view of the LDS church. That would mean the bullying, lying pro-abortion, adulterous, strip club owner had a redeeming quality.

    • Art

      Did you know that Marriott hotels sell alcohol and also let X rated movies get shown in the hotels?

      Be careful who you point your fingers at. Remember not to judge.

      • LAS

        Is the Marriott owned by Mormons???

  • John

    The words of the Prophet Joseph Smith will be remembered, “I love that man better who swears a stream as long as my arm yet deals justice to his neighbors and mercifully deals his substance to the poor, than the long, smooth-faced hypocrite.” (History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 5:401.)

    • Sue Gerard-Schelinski

      Amen! We have seen a few church members in political positions, Harry Reid for one, who would never get my vote. I know we are a “peculiar” people and we have been commanded to be such, so I don’t mind my being called “alien”. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I would not trade my testimony of the truth of this church for anything, but individually, like in all religions, some people “suck”! I would have liked to see Mitt Romney elected, because I though he was a decent man, but he didn’t have the gumption to stand up to the corruption within our political system nor act upon those issues a majority of the people in this nation feel are important. Do I want a socialist/communist for President? No.
      Do I want a liar/traitor for President? No. Do I want someone who underhandedly ruins another’s chances in a campaign? No. I want someone who is not bought, who will speak out when it is politically incorrect and who has the courage to go against the status quo. If he doesn’t know much about the Mormon Church, we still have some missionary work to do. It looks like a lot of forces are uniting against Trump which brings to mind the statement, “Satan never goes after a dead duck! When the establishment, the media and the pathetic legislators and senators who have contributed greatly to the mess this county is in, I see a David not a Goliath. I agree, this article is not impressive. Go Trump! Mitt Romney stepped off the stage when he needed to step up. Nice guy, but no cigar!

  • Mike Thompson

    Really felt like the author has an agenda to push here. Yes, Mormons are misunderstood in many ways, but this feeling that “we are continually being persecuted” leads to more alienation and misunderstanding. There is no way that Donald Trump or any other mainstream leader would ever consider shutting down Mormon churches. The notion is hilarious at best at worst the author’s Jerry Springer-esque attempt to connect distanced dots together to create a headline. Really reaching here and definitely not journalism…

  • Thank you for your thoughts!! It’s good to see you writing and keeping busy! I purposely haven’t been paying attention to all the presidential items unless someone brings it up to me. I am intrigued by everyone’s opinions and will in the end decide who I want to vote for. Personally I don’t want to vote (not because I don’t know what’s going on or don’t care about who’s leading the country our forefathers died for) but because I know no matter whom I vote for whether it”s the right person or not, there are always going to be opposing forces. But that is why I am going to vote, so I can keep my rights, strive to improve myself and where I am, and to continue to stay true to what is in the constitution and declaration of our country. We are so blessed to be in a country that does not hunt down radicals and take away what others have died for.

  • Many of our founders and leaders were full of personal failings and foibles. Lincoln failed in many, many pursuits, Benjamin Franklin was pretty wild, the list is long. I believe that because Trump used $1 million loan from his father and turned it into $10 BILLION, he has demonstrated the parable of the talents. All four of his grown children are solid, responsible and hard working, he made/makes his children work from the time they were little. (He has a 8 or 10 year old son, too). He doesn’t believe in using alcohol, tobacco and drugs and warns his children not to use them. He knows how to be decisive, how to hire the best people who are experts in fields he is not, knows how to create jobs, knows trade, will be strong. His attacks during the campaign has ALWAYS come AFTER someone has attacked him. Unfortunately, in politics you have to fight hard and be as mean as your attackers, something Romney was too nice to do. I believe that Trump is like most other non-Mormons, he has not been taught. But he will be. I think Ted Cruz is more of a threat to Mormons with his televangalist zeal. I am LDS and looking at the good in Trump and praying for him, like me, to do better. Many times, a man is made for the times…I believe we need a tough fighter at this time. Someone decisive. Just my clear-headed thoughts.

    • Sharon Ross

      Thanks Kathy, I agree totally. So god to see a CLEAR-HEADED thinker, this gives me hope.

    • James George

      Making money running casinos at the expense of the desperate is not honorable in any way, shape or form. Donald Trump lies about his worth and put the 10 Billion lie out there and will not share his tax records. He is eager to lie if he believes the lie will build up his image. Why would his website accept political contributions if his run is self-financed? I don’t want a loud mouth insulated New York City braggart whose living room is made of gold to be the President of the United States. EVERY last thing about this person is about MONEY. I feel badly for this current wife because she will be switched out the SECOND he can get something “better.” Where’s his other wife, the left behind Marla Maples and THEIR CHILD who is growing up without his FATHER? He does not use alcohol or cocaine? Not even a playboy billionaire in the 70’s and 80’s? He’s a sociopath. A liar. A narcissist. This world does not need a FIGHTER in charge of things. It needs peace. It needs somebody to tone down the hostility. Once the novelty of Trump’s loud “Jerry Springer” style has caused one too many embarrassments, he would be impeached anyway. Donald Trump is not concerned in any way, shape or form about any Mormon or LDS.

      • David

        I’m just a normal Mormon guy living and working in Thailand for the past two years. So, I start wondering who could possibly be supporting this guy Trump. Well, now I know. But, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… or just continue to sit here reading in disbelief as Mormon after Mormon shares their justifications for overlooking everything twisted in Trump’s character, values, and conduct. Thank you James, your comment is a dose of much-needed reality. I guess, if people are convinced that all of the other candidates (both Republicans and Democrats) are even worse than Trump, that may be a valid concern. I’m not crazy about any of the candidates. I’m totally sick of the being patronized and told what some politician’s cue card says my demographic is supposed to want to hear. I’m tired of America being impotent. So, yes, I’m angry. But, that still doesn’t make me willing to try to convince myself that Donald Trump is actually a really great guy and we all just need to give him a chance.
        None of the ‘fighter’ proponents are explaining exactly what Donald’s brand of fighting is going to accomplish. How exactly does he plan to ‘clean up Washington’? If Washington is full of corrupt officials, and even if Trump had the power to ‘get rid of them all’ as I keep hearing, who would he replace them with? Good upstanding citizens like himself? I hope not. Sounds about like replacing Saddam Hussein with ISIS. My point is, cleaning up Washington is obviously easier said than done. The Tea Party was supposedly going to sort that for us. What have they accomplished? That’s not a rhetorical question or a statement. I’d really like to know. One of the perks of living in Thailand is NPR doesn’t come on the radio when I get in the car so, I’m blissfully ‘uninformed’ regarding US politics.
        But, every time I hear the tagline about “Making America Great Again” I have to wonder how a person who is patently NOT great, is supposed to make our country great?
        So, back to my original point… If your only argument in favor of voting for Trump is “Any change no matter how risky is better than where we are today and therefore the end (change) justifies the means (Trump) no matter how ugly the means” then please, just say that. Don’t selectively look for something that might paint Trump out to be a worthy leader under any other circumstances.

    • Marie

      Great clear thinking comments! Your words helped express some of my feelings. Trump is a tough fighter. People should spend some time in NYC to get an idea of what he was up against as he built his business and success. This is a hard, tough world.

      • Anya

        I lived in NYC for 10 years and it didn’t turn me into a bully. In fact, particularly after 9/11, we came together as a city in a way I can only describe as family. I’m no longer liver there, but will always consider myself a New Yorker. And yes, it’s not an easy city. But you don’t have to be a jerk to survive and succeed there!

        • Dmarks

          Thank you, that is how I see him, I can not believe that he is even blinding lds members, how easily we forget, how immoral and corrupt Trump is. As people that ” seek what’s praised worthy ” we need to make better choices when we go to cast our votes. We have to live with the consequences , but we can not stay home either. Let’s research, even pray, let’s get involve.

  • Adam

    Crap article. We are weird compared to other Protestant faiths. “Dare to be different “. Trump is like a WWE candidate but the author could have done a heck of a better job denouncing him. Like his unrepentant statements. How did this even make quality?

  • RichM

    I think the writer of that article is looking at this with a very simple minded view. He is obviously also not a Trump fan and only see’s his bombastic traits and not the substance. I know lots of LDS people cannot handle Trump because of his mouth and crassness, but I’d take crassness over corrupt, lying, thieving politicians any day. Point 1, We are a “peculiar” religion based on world standards and being the restored Church with a Prophet, that’s a good thing in I think.. Trump never said sinister and if he did, he was talking about the FLDS which i agree, they are sinister. But I think sinister was the writers word. 2. Trump never claimed Romney lost due to his faith but because he ran an overly passive campaign and never went after Obama on Bengahzi or other key issues and also Romney all but went quiet and coasting along the last 2 months of the campaign. Trump has also said the 44% statement by Romney was just plan stupid which it was. He considers Romney too passive and lost respect for him after endorsing him. 3) He was talking about the fLDS performing illicit activities not the true church. He may not know the difference of the Mormon sects but would obviously know before sending in the DOJ to investigate. He mentioned that we are an “alien” religion meaning peculiar which we are compared to Protestants. He also mentioned Ben Carson’s faith as being different…. he is Seventh Day Adventist. I think Trump is like most everyone else and associates Mormons with Harry Reid, Mitt Romney… or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, or the Osmonds. I think the writer there is way too hyper-sensitive. But I am bias as you know as I just like Trump but am realizing, that Most LDS people will vote for a Bush or Rubio type when given our history, we should be more than cautious about establishment big Federal governments IMHO.

    • He is very bias and let his personal belief show more then facts. He left out that Trump said “Mormons are great people.” That should contradict his opinion on this article. Maybe he needs to understand why Trump wants to do a temporary ban on Muslims. We don’t need to be so quick to cry racism on everything. We have a quarter of a million Muslims coming to America every year. Through a survey 25% of Islamic people agree with Isis Violence. How many of the 25% have already came to America with the quarter of a million that come every year. He wants to strengthen our screening process to prevent as many of the 25% from coming here. Maybe after ISIS attacks more on our county soil people will open there mind and think maybe Trump was right. I don’t think a man worth as much money as Trump would randomly decide to run for president so he can throw our country into issues that are worse then we are already in. He wants to correct America not make it worse? Nobody has a solid reason why they are scarred of Trump.

    • Trump has substance? I must have unwittingly fakklen asleep during those times he presented his substantive content. My bad!

    • Shaun

      Great points. This is what I took from it:

      The Mormon religion IS alien to many. Clearly Trump didn’t mean it as space alien, but foreign, or unknown to him and many.

      This point was further supported when his campaign inaccurately called an FLDS church a “Mormon” church.

      Perhaps instead of using this as talking points against Trump, we should be looking again internally and wondering why our efforts to be better understood are receiving only marginal success.

    • tony

      To get bent out of shape because of Trump’s typical views about Mormons is such nonsense. I’m LDS, love everything the Church stands for, and I could care less if Donald Trump thinks our religion “alien.” He’s certainly not alone whether speaking of other faiths or former Mormons whose harm to the Church is far greater than some evangelist who has never really looked at the Church. Trump is a quick study and it’s very likely his opinion can change.

  • G Burton

    Well it looks like this Guy misunderstood the statement and the use of the word unfortunately in the first article and slightly miss characterizes the quote from the video in the second sampl. .. even though it appears he wants to make trunk look just a little bit worse than he is, I think his point is worth considering I don’t really see any evidence however the accusations that others making the comment that because he is anti Trump that means he is pro Hillary think that’s true either I’m sure what he’s saying is it must be a better publican candidate se. Most any other Republican refer to trap including Cruz Rubio in my personal favorite ben Carson I really think we need a good man not just a smart man in the office

  • Ken

    This was a very very misleading headline. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Romney himself told Rush Limbaugh that the biggest reason that he could lose, was because he was Mormon. We as Mormons said the same thing after the election because Evangelicals refused to vote for Romney because he was Mormon. Mormon faith is alien to most people ion the country. I wish it was not true, but unfortunately it is.

    The quote about Mormons being shut down was Polygamists. They call themselves Mormons. I wish they didn’t do that, but they do. the quote has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LDS CHURCH

    Please, be better members of the church and be honest with your headlines instead of getting members of the church panic because Trump is winning

    • R G King

      Good point,.

      I just thought of the mainstream church so thought it was the canneries. But some jealousies and envyings about the cooperative aspects of we LDS such as the amount of land owned for the welfare farms bodes ill as people target church tax exemption laws. A bit of the same old same old since our chapels aren’t used for political stump speeches unlike some of those who have been in the defacto state religion of the USA until now.

      Generationally and institutionally taught animosity to the LDS in the evangelical movement due to the competition during the burned out period and the early years when entire congregations were made converts because they had been prepared by the USA (and world) restoration era or second great awakening?

      Mormon faith no longer “alien” in the sense of being unknown or given any privacy. our sacred things held up for public ridicule. But in the ridicule, the interest or opportunity for is provided. IOW more peole know more about the LDS that they did before Mitt Romney ran. (obama and the media saw to that–really a phenomenal thing in the country that brought the world freedom?)

      The RNC chose Romney for his squeaky clean background so that his opponents only had a dog on the roof and their interpretations of 1830’s Mormon statements without the accompanying USA 1830’s culture compared? But who said politics would be fair?

      Contrast that to the many things about Trump? Well we who kinda like his control of the media and insults to the left already know all those “secrets’ but that won’t keep the media from trying to fry him.

  • inthistogether

    I think the November election will be particularly difficult for Mormons. Church members have always been encouraged to vote and are told it is their duty to vote. They are also encouraged to vote for people of high moral character. If Donald Trump becomes the GOP candidate, there will be a moral dilemma for Republican Mormons, which is where most Mormons traditionally and usually very staunchly align. If they cannot vote for Trump, but still wish to fulfill their duty to vote, they will have to either vote for a third party candidate and very well risk splitting their party in favor of the Democratic candidate, or they will have to vote for the Democrat outright. If they choose not to vote, they will also be helping nominate the Democrat. This is made even more difficult for them because the Democratic candidate will be either Bernie or Hillary, each of which presents them with unique challenges. Hillary is traditionally one of the most disliked Democrats from the Republican point of view. And Bernie is a Democratic Socialist, which given the many speeches made by Ezra Taft Benson against Socialism will be hard to swallow for the many Mormons who still adhere to his brand of extreme right politics. I’m not sure how I would handle this if I were a Mormon Republican, or even a non-Mormon Republican. The Republican Party is in a very dysfunctional state, and unfortunately for everyone, we are all paying the price for this. Although I am a liberal voter in most cases, I sincerely hope the Republican Party can straighten out its messy situation so we can have a functioning political system that works across party lines to help make our country as great as it was intended to become. I truly feel sorry for Republican voters and for what they are being offered. And I feel sorry for all of us for what these poor offerings mean for the future of our children and our country.

    • Mike J

      Honest and sincere comment. Totally agree!

  • Ama

    I am not afraid to say my true feelings and understanding on the issue. When the population, organization, community , church or family are misinformed via public media like this, then those who don’t have time to research, watch tv or read and listen, people will have a different view, picture and opinion on the issue.
    This article is poorly presented and sounds like its promoting Hillary Clinton at least.
    Have you talked to the man, Mr. Donald Trump yet or lately about the issue? Not every Presidential Candidate in the race knows everything and sure of everything. They learn as they move along on what they are weak at. That’s why they have lots of people helping them to check on information and report back to them. Voters made 2 BAD mistakes in the last 8 to be years, and the country is worse! Let the next 4 years at least be the best to enjoy with a real President!

  • Mormon churches operating illegally should be investigated and shut down. The church’s high standard does not allow for deviation from the law of the land. This is why marijuana use still keeps otherwise worthy members from receiving temple recommends, even though it may be prescribed legally in other states. The church observes federal and state laws. The church holds open houses at every new temple built for this reason; in the church we hold things sacred, not secret. As a faithful Mormon, investigation should not intimidate any member.

    Trump has a point about our religion. Latter-day Saints consider themselves a peculiar people in the biblical sense that our lifestyle stems from doctrines and covenants we make with the Lord, not by what is popular. Popularity contests are not our thing. We don’t bend to political pressure, as evidenced by the recent excommunication of prominent activists in the past year. The church moves according to God’s will, not the majority vote.

    The problem that Donald referred to wasn’t that Mormons are faithful Christians, or that there are a majority of them in Utah–its that our overwhelming representation means that we hold a disproportionate influence in the State government. The church is largely able to call the shots legally. This presents a problem for those who understand the founder’s intention that religious liberty is coupled with separation of church and state. That’s kind of hard when the state was founded by religious people of one denomination.

    Poor article. Offers only dangerous speculation, seeks to spread rumors, and dissuade would-be Trump voters as though it were a social obligation. Only links are to an article and a video both not accepting comments. I was raised Mormon and have been to the temple with my spouse. This has not swung my vote away from Trump.

    • James

      You are right, this article doesn’t prove that Trump has persecutory anti-mormon sentiments. It just shows that Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about. But, that shouldn’t be a surprise, since that proves to be true with every subject Donald opens his mouth on. I’m ashamed not only that there are mormons, but republicans or even people in general that think it is a good idea to vote for Trump. Do you people ever listen to the man?! I’m not voting Hillary, I’m not voting Bernie but I am certainly not voting Trump either.

      • Urs

        Best answer yet.

      • Ken

        I am informed and am a church leader that loves Trump.

        Stop being so judgmental. I don’t call members that support Cruz or Rubio idiots! I can talk to those that vote differently rationally. We can discuss the weaknesses and strengths of all three candidates.

        Cruz has problems carrying on a normal conversation and jumps to conclusions that have no attachment to reality. Rubio is easily manipulated by the power brokers that tell him what to do,. Trump talks to the people in real terms, but also will says things that make me cringe. Everyone feel free to vote for who you want and I will not call you an idiot, but please treat me with the same respect,

    • Bill Freeze

      Good analysis…the article was poorly written and jumps to conclusions that are wrong!

  • Ldstoons

    So where does that leave us, to vote for Hillary? That’s not going to happen my liberal Mormon friend…is that Harry Reid in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    • wargames83

      Wait, aren’t a dozen or so candidates besides Trump and Hilary in the race?

    • Ken

      Easy, Bernie Sanders has the values most in-line with the church if you look close enough. There are edge cases like abortion and gay marriage, however those really just fall in-line with free agency. The savior taught what was wrong, but then physically went and helped the poor and the needy. Education, love of our fellow man, taking care of those less fortunate than ourselves, that’s Bernie Sanders. He has proven his character for decades. “But he’s a socialist”! you might say. So is the church and so is the USA already. We are a mixture of capitalism and democratic socialism, all he wants to do is fix the imbalance that has grown over the decades.

  • Marnold

    This article gives weak examples of anti-Mormon sentiments at best. I think most importantly is that if he is willing to take drastic, unconstitutional measures against any faith, what will stop him from turning against any other, Mormonism included. Anyone who gets his feelings hurt and reacts as quickly and irrationally as he does is a true danger to religion, culture, and politics – as he has shown that he can flip with little warning and even less rationality.

  • Veni

    Very poor article. Never delivered on showing what Trump’s opinion is on Mormons… because he has never given it !! and many statements not backed like calling his comments anti-mormon … Comparing Latter Day Saints with Muslims and Illegal immigrants just so the author can transfer other negative comments to our faith. Just let me know what terrorist attack has been made by Mormons to deduce he would take the same measures as with Muslims.

  • Hailey

    I think this was a weak argument and just looking to make Trump look anti-Mormon, and perhaps scare the LDS population into thinking that ‘we were next’ for some type of oppression. This article actually convinced me that he probably has nothing against the church or it’s members.

  • Shiacookie

    You can see the sorting happening. The difference between followers of Christ and followers of Satan. In a recent talk a missionary president gave in my ward he said, “Christ is coming sooner than we think” I see now that this is true. For all we know 2017 could be it. We never know we just know the confusion and hatred in our world today is growing. We need to hold to the rod as saints and Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ!

    • Brigham

      Can’t be 2017. Joseph Smith said that the year before the second coming there would be no rainbows. I don’t know about you but I saw a lot of rainbows last year, especially when gay marriage was legalized.

    • Elmer

      I don’t think the time is that far off, but there are a few prophecies yet unfulfilled which require a few years to take place, so, probably not before 2020 . . . but your point is well taken. To presume that all will be well and we need not be concerned is not a wise course of action.

  • Natasha Greenley

    I hate writing in any comment section on any website because most of the comments are unkind and ridiculous, but I felt like enough people are reading this, and this is important. This article should not make you stop voting for Trump, You shouldn’t vote for him because he is a genuinely evil person. You shouldn’t vote for him because he wants to take away the rights of our fellow Americans. You shouldn’t vote for him because he makes ridiculous assumptions about people based on what they look like. You shouldn’t vote for him because he places himself above everyone including you. YOU shouldn’t vote for him because if he is able to win this election (which if he does, i will get him impeached as fast as I can, and pray that he doesn’t exterminate every single person solely based on their appearance or their religion), and if he manages to make Muslims leave this country, the rights of all of the Americans are in jeopardy. You shouldn’t vote for him because he has already made claims to do things that go against international laws. As PEOPLE you should not vote for someone who breaks international laws. You shouldn’t vote for him because he believes in the cruelest of torture, such as waterboarding (if you don’t know what it is, look it up. If you think that seems like a good idea, have someone do it to you and see how GREAT of an idea that is {also that was sarcasm}.). Just make an educated decision while voting, and if you vote for him, that is your right, as an American citizen. I will not ever be like Trump and take away your rights. Although, if you do vote for him, you are an idiot and a terrible person (that’s my opinion, and I am allowed to have it as an American citizen).

    • jbooh01

      well if we could water board and find out before the twin towers fell would you have done it …. put that question to the 3000 families that lost a loved one … …. I wont vote for trump …but I will fight to keep my country free from people that want to destroy it…..even if it means water boarding

      • wargames83

        How would water boarding let you find out about the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers before it happened? That doesn’t even make sense.

        • Seamus

          Torture gets people to tell you what you want to hear. Most experts in interrogation know that torture is the least useful technique. It has been glommed onto by politicians wanting to look strong to their constituents who know no better. And it has worked. This has not improved our security. It has just made us sacrifice morality for a false sense of safety. The moral calculus for torture is weak. The political calculus is strong.

  • Cort McMurray

    Trump is a foul, awful man, and he is wholly unfit to hold any public office, let alone our highest office. But this article is poorly reasoned and very, very misleading. Trump’s representative did not suggest that Mormon churches be shut down; she cited the shutting down of Mormon churches as a precedent, justifying action against Muslim congregations. She clearly confused the LDS church with the FLDS church, which makes her like 98% of all Americans (I visited with a guy this weekend. When my faith came up, he said, “Oh, I know all about Mormonism. I’ve seen every episode of ‘Big Love’.). Trump’s “alien faith” comment echoes an assessment made by dozens of pundits, analysts, and political scientists during the 2012 election. Trump wasn’t being anti-Mormon: he was echoing the congenital wisdom. Trump is a fascist. Please, please do not vote for him. But don’t do it because you think he’s anti-Mormon. Do it because he’s anti-Christian.

    • margaret

      well said.

      • JReddo

        As much as Mormons hate to admit it, the FLDS church has just as much right to call themselves Mormons as any of the offshoots including LDS and RLDS.

        • LDSareChristian

          Hummm… well according to the above link, RLDS or now called Community of Christ Church, they do not call themselves “Mormon”, nor consider themselves as “Mormon”. They no longer consider the Book of Mormon divine. They do NOT consider themselves as the one true restored church. The believe in the Trinity.

          I am not sure where the FLDS stand on all the above points, but they did emerge long after LDS were well established, so they constitute being an offshoot of LDS.

  • Evan Millsap

    I am not a Trump fan, but this article was written in ignorance.

    Point number one mainly focuses on a brief aside Trump made about why he thought Romney didn’t win. Hardly an attack on Mormonism.

    The basis of the argument in point number two is an extremely discriminatory attitude, that, unfortunately is common among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Members such as the author try and claim that all Mormons not belonging to the church headquartered in Salt Lake City are not Mormons, as if the Salt Lake City church were the only Mormon church out there. There are multiple Mormon denominations, some polygamous, some not. Many of them have hundreds of thousands of active members, and to try and claim that they are not “real” Mormons is more bigoted than Donald Trump claiming that Mormons have an alien faith. These denominations believe in and read from the Book of Mormon. They claim Joseph Smith is a prophet, seer and revelator. When people who know nothing about them claim they are not Mormons it is as ignorant as when other Christian groups claim Mormons aren’t Christian. Here is a list of people who can be called Mormons:

    In trying to prove that Trump is a religious bigot, you revealed yourself to be a religious bigot.

    • Sherry Johnson

      FLDS member absolutely DO NOT belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are NOT on LDS church Headquarters member rolls. Therefore they are not members of the LDS Church. That is FACT. This does not make me a religious bigot ! Get YOUR facts straight before you attempt to lecture anyone! Geez!!

      • Ken

        But FLDS call themselves Mormons, so technically the Trump representative was not wrong.

      • wargames83

        Careful reading and a little intelligence will reveal that Evan never claimed that FLDS members belong to The Church of Jesus Christs of Latter Day Saints. What he said was that they have a right to call themselves Mormons because they believe in the Book of Mormon. Geez!

    • Brett

      So we can claim then that the West Boro Baptist Church is a Baptist Church just like the rest of them?

    • margaret

      They are NOT all part of the same denomination. The fact is that people have confused the FLDS with the LDS and think they all practice polygamy. it is hardly bigotry to refer to that very common misunderstanding. I’m not saying I agree with the article but you clearly have some ignorance of your own.

  • If you read church prophecies there may not be a new president? When the US dollar gets devalued it will start a civil war in Chicago and not long after this the Chinese will invade the US from the West Coast and the Russians from the East.

    In addition to this there has not been a freely elected president in the US for a long time. They get selected at the Bohemian Grove by the Establishment which BTW represent both left and right of politics. When the left get in they just accelerate the destruction of the US but the elite from both sides of the establishment want a NWO.

    In addition to this, Trump is not going to start a third world war that has been on the secret society agenda for years and it seems this is just around the corner also.

    • Shari

      Spot on

    • Humus67

      Having been an active member for the past 38 years, I would love to know where these prophesy are found??…In the standard works??….

  • Leonard

    You are misguided and misinformed. He has time and time again that he will protect relious rights. The only reason he is against the Muslims is that is where the terrorists are coming from. Get a grip and do not be misled.
    Obviously you were or are a supporter of another candidate and are now looking for any justification that you can. Are you associated with the Koch brothers? -who are against anyone that they cannot control.

    • Lyn Phillips

      Yes, I agree. And I interpreted Pierson’s mention of Mormon churches being investigated and shut down, completely different from this author. To me, she was sympathetic to the Mormons. Like, why is it okay for the government to do that to Mormons, while Muslim mosques with terrorist ties are immune? I think Donald Trump has been fair-minded about the Church. And Donald Trump, Jr., while campaigning for his father, praised Utah and how well our economy is, and how well things are run in Utah. Run better in Utah than most of the rest of the country. I am disappointed in how “devout Mormon,” Mitt Romney has turned on Trump lately. Out of the blue, he’s accusing Trump of being dishonest with his finances and nagging him to show his tax return (Romney didn’t show his return until September 21, 2012). Trump disavowed David Duke immediately on Friday, yet Romney criticized Trump for not disavowing Duke over the weekend. Now Romney’s talking about an alleged NYT “off the record” recording where Trump says he’s not really going to build a wall. Romney’s behavior is not good. It’s embarrassing. It’s dishonest. Trump showed Romney deference, support, honor, and endorsement in 2012. Now Romney thanks him by stabbing him in the back. Not a good example, I must say.

      • Outsider

        So sympathetic to you means that because we made a mistake as a country in persecuting one religion that we should persecute all religions? That’s a new one … “all religions should be persecuted equally” lol … don’t try to be better people and certainly don’t avoid repeating stupidity from your past. I don’t even like Mitt Romney but now you are disappointed in him because he is telling the truth? Trump is not who he tells you he is, like most Narcissists he thinks he is a god but maybe you’d be surprised to know he isn’t if you asked ANYONE but him.

      • Veni

        Romney is being used like he has been in the past. This is not spontaneous.

      • RichM

        I agree, I am so disappointed in Romney. Not as much as I am with Harry Reid, but Romney’s actions are very dis-honorable as of late.

    • Todd

      And you clearly are voting for Trump then, right? And I don’t think the author is at all looking for justification. If you are going to call someone out, then at least have an argument. And immediately going to the Koch brothers? That’s the best you’ve got?

      If you are going to take Donald Trump at his word that he is going to protect religious rights, then you are the one misled. Trump lies through his teeth. He’s a people pleaser. We’re talking about a man who goes from Pro-life to pro-choice because the people demand it. A man who once fought for control on all weapons but now states that it’s a right, not a privilege. A man who fought for universal health care but now calls for competition between private health care providers. And really, we are talking about a man who calls himself a christian but wants to ban a religious and cultural group? He’s a joke of a candidate. And no, you can’t control Trump. Nobody can. And that’s a terrifying thing.

    • Hey Leonard, You are the one who is misinformed…Donald Trump is a bigot, racist and just plain dumber than a box of rocks. He has no morals and no interest in anything but himself…If you think the KKK endorsed him because of his christian beliefs….you are sadly misled….

    • Well said!

    • Vandal 77

      If anyone wants to be against “where the terrorists are coming from” look no further than Ametica’s heartland. Ever here of Tim McVeigh?

    • Charlene

      He’s a diagnosable sociopath – the lowest of the low, the most dangerous person in the United States today bar none – and I’m including serial killers and child rapists in that. How can a good person support him, or do anything short of give their own life to prevent him from coming to power?

    • Mark

      The terrorists do not come from Muslims. Check your stats Mr Leonard? They come from crazies in our country. The vast majority is not muslim.

    • Adam Nickle

      Trump as few, if any, redeeming qualities. He’s a name-caller, rude, ignorant, dishonest, unfaithful to his wife, disrespectful, and even radical. He is not, as many claim, a good business man. Many of his ventures have failed miserably. He went into many of them with gusto, believing that they would succeed in spite of incredibly ineffective business plans. He is a good showman, but that has never in the past qualified anyone, on its own, for the oval office.

      Please don’t support Trump with your vote or adoration. He cannot do half of what he claims he will by nature of how this country was built, and that’s a good thing. If elected, we’ll see someone stomp on the constitution and our founding principles with much more gusto than our current administration.

    • Jon Crismon DeNell

      Hey outsider, Rich, Todd, Gray, todd, Vandal, Charlene: All you guys spouted was unsubstantiated poison. Go back to gradeschool for more education on logic.

      I absolutely applaud most of the early repliers who recognized the poor reasoning of the original article.

      ps – Sorry mark, the U.S. has a very low percentage of the worlds terrorists –just a nut now and then who wanted to do more than kill school kids. Check out Al Queda, Taliban, houthi, Boca Haran, ISIL, and dozens of other extremist groups and tell me where they originate.

      pps – All you SECOND COMING gurus: Very knowledgeable church leaders have been expecting that since the Christ’s ascension. The Lord said we won’t know! I suggest you believe him.

    • Tammy

      Against the Koch brothers who are against anyone they can’t control??? What? That sounds like Donald Trump! Inform yourself. Google how Trump tried to control the wonderful citizens that live near the land of his golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland. That is their land, they have a deep connection to it, as you would have if you were to live in such an area of beauty. But Trump couldn’t show respect for them. He had to bring out the arrogance, the disrespect, the “I have the money so I am better and can do whatever I want” kind of an attitude. What a disgrace! Since when can you go into another county and bribe people, buy people because you think you are better than they are! Pathetic is all I have to say!!!

  • A good middle class citizen

    If you really want to be Christ-like, vote for Bernie Sanders.

    • I never heard Christ talk about taking, by force, from the producers to give to the lazy non-producers. We have been commanded from the beginning of time to earn our bread by the sweat of our own brow, not our neighbors. There is nothing free for one person that does not cost for another.
      The prophets have consistently warned us against a socialist, communist form of government.

      • Fire and Ice

        As a general rule, in our country:
        Producers: Middle and Lower classes
        Beneficiary of middle/lower class productivity: Upper class

        Many of our top earners are living off of the sweat of their neighbors, and I believe it has been reeking havoc on lower and middle class morale, as well as on the economy. We’d be better off if the middle and lower classes had seen their wages rise with their productivity.

      • Outsider

        Wow. The comment you are attacking refers to being Christ-like. Your attack just points out how far from being like Christ you really are. Being Christ-like is about trying to be like him, not looking for whether he demanded that you be generous, loving, kind, and compassionate. He led by example and he did, in fact, give bread with no expectation of anything in return. He loved the poor and he gave everything he could. If greed and self-importance keep you from that, you are NOT christ-like. You sit there and judge the poor, assuming that THEY are the ones disobeying Christ when you are the one disobeying the commandment not to judge.

      • Me, Jane

        I agree!! Bernie is NOT THE ANSWER!!!

      • Ken

        Good news, Bernie Sanders has never said that so you don’t need to be worried! All he advocates is continuing our existing system (capitalism/democratic socialism) with fixes in place for what’s gone far out of balance over the decades. Watch this and read this:

        Bernie Sanders is the most Christ-like candidate we have. Look into it with an open mind/heart and you’ll see this.

    • Brigham

      How quick “Christians” are to rationalize away the words of Jesus when he said, ” It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”

      Capitalism is the opposite of consecration. Socialism, while different is MUCH closer. “And they had all things common among them; therefore there were not rich and poor, bond and free”

    • Veni

      How can an ideology of everything free and rich people are evil be Christ-like ?

  • Aaron Pugh

    I despise Trump and am sympathetic to Mormons. However, trying to take offense to him calling the religion as a whole ‘alien’ on a national scale is… well, accurate. Many people across the nation still view Mormonism as strange and bizarre because of its relatively recent creation. Calling it ‘alien’ isn’t inherently an insult… it just means strange or exotic – or not understood.

    Additionally, him calling the religious undercurrent of Utah as ‘unfortunate’ is a view that’s held by many of my Mormon friends who think the Church’s influence on State laws and how their members vote on national issues based on their morals – rather than what is fitting and good for the nation.

    Neither is inherently an insult, in my opinion.

    Of course, other points you make are valid… and people should be very afraid of his constant contradictions and disingenuous claims.

  • Janie Tierney

    LDS voting for Trump. We MUST keep Hillary & Willy out of the White House! Scary to think of them there again. I really like Trump. Most of our family do, but he’s not brash enough for the citizenry.

  • A.

    Lds church the way I know it always brought people together vs criticizing other religions. United States supposed to be – One nation under God with liberty and justice for all… I pray one day people work together vs against one another. When people are wrong (let’s admit it all of us can be wrong sometimes) look up to people who’s life example speaks louder than words thongs will change for the better. If everything becomes ok people are gonna get divided even more because every peoson has their own trials to overcome (spiritual/physical/mental/emotional). Sure people with similar trial form groups and state I want to be me. People hardly want to work on their trials – because it’s hard, people want to say it’s ok to have this trial (that’s who I am) because it’s easy. I wish whoever wins the debate recognizes the truth and sticks to it making this country the better place to live in uniting people and not dividing them further apart.

  • I am not an American and I do not live in the USA but I am a Mormon. I don’t think Trump is anti-religion but you have to recognise that the people chopping Christian heads off are Muslims. This doesn’t mean they are all evil. Trump says they need to be banned UNTIL the whole terrorist things has been resolved.. I sincerely believe Trump has at heart the security of America. Mormons do not go around cooling people’s heads off and we never will do. Look at LDS peaceful reaction to the Book of Mormon Musical. What would happen if a satirical musical were created about Muslims?

    • Outsider

      Read your history because yes, indeed Mormons have murdered. Christians have the most horrific history of murder and despicable behavior of ANY other religion. People are people there are good, bad, and ugly everywhere. One thing is for sure though – Donald Drumpf is a bigot and a liar.

      • Becci Lammi

        Actually, Christians do NOT “have the most horrific history of murder….” Not by a long shot.

      • Brigham

        Exactly! Christians, and even Mormons, can be capable of the same radicalism that Muslims can. Google: Blood Atonement Brigham Young

  • Julene Evans

    You need to change the name of your site, it is shameful that you use the lds name and even though you have a disclaimer, you are promoting politics. The LDS church that I belong to preaches that we make our choices and that they do not tell us who or who not to vote for. What a shameful thing you have done. So if it is a Clinton vs Trump ticket are you supporting her?

    • Jimmy c

      What r u talking about? He is trying to educate people about the believes of a particular candidate. Are you against being informed?

      • Floyd Broadhead

        Then why didn’t he tell the whole story

    • B-rad

      Julene, um, what? The Church declines to pick sides but members are encouraged to discuss politics. How is this post shameful?

      For me, if it comes down to Trump vs. Clinton, knowing I could not in good conscience vote for either, my vote goes to a third party.

      Great post!

    • Deloy in St. George

      Sorry Julene. I just read the same article and I couldn’t see where he told us who to vote for. I find that it’s hard to “study things out in my mind” if I don have anything to study. All he did was give us information. The decision I make when I vote is my own.

    • The reason I left the church was our Stake President stood at the pulpit and asked us to vote for Romney 4 years ago. That was the final straw for me. It isn’t right to mix politics with religion.

      • Dan Porter

        So this makes the whole church wrong, or did you have a disagreement wi
        th one person who may have made a mistake????

      • Diane Earlywine

        Sorry you left the church for this. Your Stake President should have been reprimanded for what he said. I gave a strong testimony of the church and I would have stood up very strongly against that man.

      • janice fender

        this is very hard to believ e….Never are lds told who to vote for! and if that was reason for YOU to quit then you obviously didn’t have a testimony of the book of mormon…You could of just spoken up…excuses are just excuses.

        • Michelle Hunt

          Yes they are, my aunt was told the same thing at her church! Doesn’t matter if you go up the chain, the whole chain is linked! Never say never! Not bashing Mormons however these things do go on! Oh and sometimes when you speak up you get kicked out so maybe that was his excuse!!! Just sayin?

      • Sophie

        Oh, Brian. I am so sorry this happened to you.. I completely agree that it isn’t right to mix politics with religion. I hope someday you do attend church again (maybe when he’s not stake president anymore) , because the church is true..regardless of what the stake president said. He has no right to say something like that. And I would like to respectfully say that if you at one point did feel the spirit, your faith was strong, and knew that the church was true, then you shouldn’t let someone’s opinion or actions change those feelings. Let your relationship with God, be just that, YOU and GOD. I felt very strongly to respond to your comment, and I meant no disrespect. Have a wonderful day!

      • Brenda

        Brother Olsen church policy has always been that the Gospel is perfect not the members! I’m in agreement that his statement would have upset me too. I would not have left the church but I would have reported him up the chain of authority all the way to the Prophet!!!!! May the Lord bless and keep you and all those you love!!

      • lgaitan

        The stake president was wrong to do that. I struggle with this also, don’t let individuals turn you away. There are people like that everywhere.

      • Veni

        That wasnt the reason, It is easy to correct him or realize that he is human and imperfect just like you. Unless there is a commandment you dont want to follow and it serves as a good excuse.

      • Jacob R.

        Brian Olsen
        I agree with what your stake president did was wrong, however you leaving the church over that I do not agree with. You need to remember that people are not perfect or there would have been no need for Christ to come and save us all. God’s religion is true and perfect but the members are not, I implore you to search your heart and pray with faith to know if your leaving the church is the right thing to do. I pray the spirit will guide you to the truth, amen.

      • Becci Lammi

        No you didn’t.

      • Ken

        My Stake President told us that our testimony should be so strong that even if he stood at the front door and kicked us, yelled at us and told us to leave, that we would still go to church.

      • PRECIOUS

        OH SORRY BRIAN GUESS YOU DIDN’T HAVE A TESTIMONY and you don’t worship in the Mormon because of your stake president so whatever he might have said or done couldn’t have affected your eternal damnation

    • Cort McMurray

      Yes change the name of this website!!

    • Faye

      Exactly! Totally agree. Keep Hillary completely OUT of the White House. For good.

    • Jeff

      And if he was SO WHAT???

    • Nephi Lewis

      Julene, are you suggesting we can’t identify as Mormons and talk about politics on the same web page???

  • Allison in Atlanta

    Amazing to me how many members of the church are going to vote for a casino owner!
    This is where most of his money has come from.

    He is also proud of his ability to manipulate people and has a long list of shortcomings (already listed ad nauseum) and questionable tactics to the point of illegality including Trump University fraud and unfair eminent domain (which are past and present court cases – but the latter was settled in his opponent’s favor.)

    Finally, he is pro-choice (anti-life.)

    How does any of that square up with LDS values?

    • Skippy740

      You may be equally surprised by how many LDS people work IN casinos. No, they aren’t necessarily dealing blackjack or poker… but they work in hotel management and in high class kitchens, etc.

      He may have been pro-choice, but he is now pro-life. People can evolve on their position, and I’m okay with that.

      I’m not voting for President of the Church. I’m voting for President of the United States.

    • Janine Taysom

      I’m not a Trump fan, but I heard Trump say in an interview sometime last year that he USED to be pro-choice, but now he is pro-life. He changed his position because a friend of his shared an experience he had with his and his wife’s baby.

    • Jana

      Alison in Atlanta, plesse go to Trumps website and read his stand on abortion. What you have just said is not true.

  • Matt

    It is the neoliberalism that is ruining the US and Sanders is the only man to stop that curse. No Clinton nor anyone of the republicans can do the trick. And I’m a mormon.

    • Justin

      I agree that neo-liberalism is a terrible anti-liberty curse. Every liberty that we hope to enjoy come from the first two – religious freedom and economic freedom. Sanders is the most anti-economic freedom candidate available. If he were able to implement his domestic economic policies it would certainly carry this country into ruin and what would follow are other anti-liberty policies no doubt.

      • Jeff

        The lack of education in this forum is stultifying.

    • Maureen

      Matt, Sanders is so Liberal he has gone Socialist. That is clearly not in line with LDS values and teachings. And no he is not the only candidate that is fighting the corruption in Washington.

      • Brigham

        Capitalism far surpasses socialism in its differences with Christian values.

        “And they had all things common among them; therefore there were not rich and poor, bond and free, but they were all made free, and partakers of the heavenly gift.”

        “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

        • Del Mar

          “Capitalism far surpasses socialism in its differences with Christian values.”

          No it does not that is a complete lie. Man does not have a choice in socialistic ideologies. It is against our constitution.

          Ezra Taft Benson
          The fifth and final principle that is basic to our understanding of the Constitution is that governments should have only limited powers. The important thing to keep in mind is that the people who have created their government can give to that government only such powers as they, themselves, have in the first place. Obviously, they cannot give that which they do not possess.
          By deriving its just powers from the governed, government becomes primarily a mechanism for defense against bodily harm, theft, and involuntary servitude. It cannot claim the power to redistribute money or property nor to force reluctant citizens to perform acts of charity against their will. Government is created by the people. The creature cannot exceed the creator. (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, Sept. 1987, p. 8)

          No true Latter-day Saint and no true American can be asocialist or a communist or support programs leading in that direction. (Ezra Taft Benson, Title of Liberty, p. 190)

          Our nation will continue to degenerate unless we read and heed the words of the God of this land, Jesus Christ, and quit building up and upholding secret combinations, … (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, July, 1988, p. 80)

          We must keep the people informed that collectivism, another word for socialism, is a part of the communist strategy. Communism is essentially socialism. (Ezra Taft Benson, This Nation Shall Endure, p. 90)

          Joseph Smith
          Wednesday, 13. I attended a lecture at the Grove, by Mr. John Finch, a Socialist, from England, and said a few words in reply…
          Thursday, 14. I attended a second lecture on Socialism, by Mr. Finch; and after he got through, I made a few remarks, alluding to Sidney Rigdon and Alexander Campbell getting up a community at Kirtland, and of the big fish there eating up all the little fish. I said I did not believe the doctrine. (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Vol. 6, p. 33)

  • Very weak blog full of opinions and conjectures. I’m a Mormon and don’t support the Donald, but this piece is way off-base. I think what Donald meant by Mormons being “Alien” to him, is that he doesn’t know much about them. That’s what most people ascribe to when they put it in the context he did. This blog is for the “ignorant” Mormons, sorry. Vote for Dr. Ben Carson!

    • Evelyn Miller

      What does it mean then when Trump said, “People don’t get Mormons. I do. I get them.”? Ignorance is also isolating words or comments and leaving out things that define further those comments. I was about to respond to being called an “ignorant” Mormon, but unless we are as God is, we are ALL ignorant. No one knows everything about anyone or anything.
      But this is neither here nor there. Trump has many more attention-getting groups upon which to focus his hatred. His opinion about Mormons is a back burner thing. And he seems to not remember much of what he blusters out anyway. (I love Ben Carson! Wish he had the slightest chance of winning.)

    • Ferrara

      Thank you for an actually sane perspective!

  • Eric Chen

    No we don’t. Does it matter if Hitler loved the Mormons? He’s till Hitler. And here, he’s still a racist, bigoted, hateful, and lying orange traffic cone.

    • Outsider


  • Bridgette Burbank

    I’ve read this article and most of the comments and I must say, I am very concerned for what I am seeing. The Trump phenomenon has been driven by anger. Most people agree on that. The problem with anger is that it clouds judgement and reason. Angry people are easier to lie to and easier to control and manipulate. Personally, I can trace my worst decisions to moments when I was angry. It is vital that we get this right! Don’t go to the polls angry. If you think Donald Trump has the best qualifications and the best policies for the job, then vote for him. Don’t vote for him because you are angry. Beware of all or nothing statements. Trump supporters are fond of saying things like, “Only Trump can do ____” Look honestly and dispassionately at all the candidates. Identify their particular strengths. Measure them against the needs of our country today. America IS great, and the voter has a sacred obligation to keep it that way. I’m pleading with you! I have four little boys. The decisions that are made in this election are going to affect their lives. Please don’t go to the polls to “vote with your middle finger.” Give it the thought and consideration that the next generation deserves.

    • Rachel

      Thank you for your post. You are wise to caution people. Being a member does not dictate your political beliefs or ideals. Everyone should vote fully informed about all the options and implications and know in their heart that they made a decision they can live with. Then once someone is elected in, we support them and do our best to guide them to what the voice of the people asks for. This article is simply information for voters to consider. It is not doctrine nor does it or the site pretend to be the official voice of the church. We all need to be calm and be informed.

  • Jim Hale

    Just so you know: The the occupiers of the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge in Oregon were can arrested or called terrorists because they were Mormons or talked like Mormons. They were disavowed (back on January 4) by the Church itself for “talking like Mormons” while undertaking an armed occupation. The Second Amendment does not allow anyone to commit an act of civil disobedience while armed. Indeed, demonstrating while armed is not a show of civil anything. It is uncivil. It is the very opposite of civil. It is not obeying, honoring and sustaining the law.

    • Garrett Smith

      What was the American Revolution if not armed civil disobedience? Many people believe that we have freedom of speech and assembly. Many people believe that we have the right to bear arms. But suddenly it becomes a problem when we try to exercise our First and Second Amendment rights together? What law are you referring to? God’s law, constitutional law, or man’s law? Had you lived in the 1770s would you have told George Washington, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, etc. that they were being uncivil and need to obey, honor, and sustain the law? Jesus Christ said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. There are times when the laws of God do not conflict with the laws of men; it is at these times that we obey, honor, and sustain the law. However, when the laws are at variance, God’s law prevails. This is one of the greatest lessons we can learn from the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Sometimes those who stand against tyranny are protected (as these three were) and other times they sacrifice their lives (like Abinadi). Ask yourself whether a single shot was fired by these “so called” terrorists. Both sides claimed to be seeking a peaceful resolution. Who was telling the truth? The occupiers who never fired a single shot or the FBI and state police who gunned down an unarmed American citizen with his hands in the air? The answer is not in conceding to tyranny in the name of “obeying, honoring and sustaining the law.” We should be propelled to do all things and give all for “our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children”

      • Thank you ser.You said better than I did.

    • Linda Ford

      They were fighting for the rights of their land and for the Hammond’s. It is a sad thing when the law of the land is so corrupt that we as a free people have to go against it. Our brother LaVoy Finicom and the others were going to a peaceful meeting to get things taken care of when he was murdered by men that did not want them to tell the world what is really going on. I am a Mormon born and raised and have a strong testimony. And when the law of the land is wrong it is wrong and we must fight for our Freedom be it in a court room or in the field

      • Jena

        This guy paid grazing rights for cattle for 40 years. One day he decided he wasn’t going to pay anymore, and the government asked him to remove them. His response was to guard them with weapons. The guy is a liar and a thief and does not recognize federal authority. And then he used his Mormon heritage as his excuse for breaking the law. If a Muslim used that excuse, just imagine the national uproar.

  • David Larsen

    I’m not a Trump fan, and I’m very active in my LDS faith. My take on Trump and my church is that, as evidenced by his mention of “Two Corinthians,” he really has spent little time …or no time at all…studying or caring about Mormons. So, as he is accustomed to blustering about one thing or another with little or no consequence, (except that all that bluster seems to win him more approval) he is more on the side of marginalizing the effectiveness of his opinions of the Church on his campaign. He viewed Romney’s loss of the presidency as being affecting somewhat because his “alien” faith. His biggest objection to the way Romney’s campaign was run was his lack of using the media to his advantage. Where Romney fought with kid gloves, Trump uses bare knuckles. I’m more troubled by Trump’s unwillingness to disassociate with David Duke and the KKK than his thoughts about Mormonism, one way or the other.

    • Brigham

      How does mentioning 2 Corinthians relate at all to Mormonism? I admit, his citation of that verse seemed gimmicky, but it had nothing to do with Mormonism. Are you talking about the way he phrased it? That’s how lots of people refer to Biblical chapters.

  • Erin

    Was this article really supposed to scare me into not voting for Trump because he’ll get mean with Mormons? Seriously?! Sounds like a whole lot of purple squirrels to me.

  • Matt

    Don’t trust any man who writes an article and then posts a picture of himself wearing a green and red plaid jacket with a purple shirt underneath. My .02.

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      I’m glad you liked the outfit.

      • Brigham

        Wears a green and red plaid jacket with a purple shirt. Still looks better than Trump.

  • While we are not to condemn or judge anyone, we are to discriminate between right and wrong. Hmm…!
    Right and Wrong? What is that you say? We are free to choose, but we must accept the consequence or the results of our choice. We learn that something is right or wrong through our own and others experience. I was for Trump until to day. Trump, Cruz and Rubio are on the same page, they will not release their tax information. What do the have to hid. The all act like desperate school kids. We do not need another tyrant like Hitler etc,. I did not discover until today that my impression that “Trump might pick Mitt Romney for his vice President” was misguided. I hope Americans can wake up as I have this morning, and support the only man who has the integrity and ability to lead us into the future where honor, respect and love for all humanity might be restored. We are all God’s Children, but those who do not think so should not be the leaders of America under God, the land of freedom because we learn to the truth that makes us free. A land of liberty because we love, respect and encourage all people, of every faith, race, nation and belief to be true that what the understand and to seek even greater understating free of misguided, fanatical prejudiced. “Every soul is precious in the eyes of God!” – The Prophet Joseph Smith Profit of the Restoration

  • Kathy

    What makes me angry about this article is that we should separate church from state. We need to come together as a team no matter what faith, and search for ourself as individuals. We need someone to stand up and not be afraid of what others think. Trump may not be perfect, but he’s not afraid to say what needs to be said. Our religion is misunderstood by those who do not know our beliefs. Just because Trump calls us alien, doesn’t mean he wants to destroy us. It means he doesn’t know enough to make any proper comments. We need to take a chance with a strong personality like Trump who doesn’t slither away when the going gets rough. We need someone who has a winning mind. Someone who wants our country to be looked upon as the greatest country in the world. I don’t care about what Donald Trump thinks about other religions, as long as he wants our country united as one,and he keeps us on the winning team. I believe in my church and in my God . I also believe that we need a very strong personality and a strong stand in what we as a country will put up with from these terrorists and others who try so hard to destroy us. Respecting each other as individuals and not judging people by their faith is the first thing we need to learn. We are all free to choose for ourselves, that’s what living in America is about. Don’t vote because of what your faith is, or because your democrats or republican. Vote for the man who can help bring our country back on the rock we once started on.

    • Steve Catts

      How is it possible to take this position on Trjmp without recognizing his statements about religious liberty writ large are in complete conflict with the principles that Elder Oaks has been fighting so hard for?? Add to that recent comments about marginalizing freedom of the press and I see someone who seems to have a native disregard for the constitution. That should cause anyone to turn and run.

  • Andy

    In what way does the Church remain “politically neutral”?

    I live in Utah, and I am not LDS. A friend of mine shared this article, and curiosity led me to reading it. The Church is as far from politically neutral here in Utah as they can get. In Ogden, the Church has bullied local politicians into not allowing businesses liquor licenses for any business hoping to open on main street. Those decisions have nothing to do with the Church, yet if the Church snaps their fingers respectable establishments get denied their licenses. Whenever a bill is introduced into the Senate that the Church doesn’t like, they bully lawmakers into not passing it. Gay Marriage was overturned in Utah because the Church doesn’t approve of gay marriage. The Church even went so far as to spend Millions of dollars protesting Proposition 8 in California. The Church is Adamantly against Gay Marriage and they do whatever they can to ensure the antiquated marriage laws remain the same. Those decision have Nothing to do with the Church. That is a states decision.

    The Church has also gone out of their way to forbid legalized gambling; even though it would provide Millions of dollars to Schools and road maintenance state wide. Utah has the lowest funded public school system in America. Legalized gambling could change that, but because it goes against their moral code, lawmakers are constantly pressured to vote against its legalization.

    Then there’s Medical Marijuana. For Years, legislation has been introduced to legalize Medical Marijuana and was repeatedly shut down because of opposition from the Church. It’s only been Very recently that the Church has changed their minds on Medical Marijuana, and surprise surprise, we now have 2 different laws that have passed the Senate and are in the House being debated regarding the plants legalization.

    To put it simply, if it goes against the morals of the Church, it’s not allowed in Utah. The Church even goes as far as lending support to bills outside of Utah-Prop 8-if they believe it’s a threat to them. The Church preaches acceptance, yet they only accept individuals who are LDS and live within the LDS standards. To say they are “Politically Neutral” is a joke, and it’s insulting to everyone who approves of Gay Marriage, consumption of Alcohol and Marijuana, and legalizing Gambling.

    As far as Trumps opinion of the Church is concerned, he is a racist bigot. Is anyone really surprised that he doesn’t approve of the LDS religion? Are you really that naive to think that Mormons would somehow get a pass with him and that he’d magically accept everything about the Church? Trump will never respect any religion that’s not his own. Especially one that’s comfortable with forcing their morals upon others..

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      I think you’re extending the idea of political neutrality beyond the point where the label is useful. Political neutrality does not require an individual or group to lend themselves as victims to circumstances. Political neutrality does not require an individual or group to refuse to acknowledge government entities. Political neutrality does not require an individual or group to advocate against their own self-interest. Political neutrality does require that you do not endorse, fund, promote, or oppose political candidates, parties or platforms. You have to understand that maintaining political neutrality is an important part of maintaining tax-exempt status in the United States. For that reason blithely throwing around accusations that the church is not politically neutral simply because it acts in ordinary political ways has ramifications. Calling the church politically neutral recognizes the way most people and institutions uses that phraseology and assigns the label accurately.

    • Jerusalemmom

      You’re right. I used to think the church was politically neutral myself….but no longer. And I’m LDS. 🙂 Well, we are all led by humans who aren’t perfect. Just glad that God is perfect. And Donald Trump is all of those things, but if my choice is between Hillary and Trump, I’ll vote for him. Wish Rand Paul was still in the race!

    • A good middle class citizen


    • Brigham

      Well said. The church gets very involved with almost every major issue in politics but tries to claim political neutrality simply because it doesn’t endorse specific candidates? I don’t buy it.

      Politics: the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area
      Neutral: not helping or supporting either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc

      So political neutrality should mean: not helping or supporting either side in the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area. The church is anything but that. Plus, it goes far beyond promoting its own self interest and seeks to mandate behavior for people beyond its membership. So much for “teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.”

      • Becci Lamm

        Brigham, I think you are confusing “politics” with “civic engagement”. Every Church, corporation, or organization has a mission statement. That mission statement will inevitably contain a moral or ethical component. It should be expected that laws and ordinances of a community will have an impact on an organizations ability to fulfill its mission. Therefore, a Church cannot be expected to be civically neutral.

        When the LDS Church states that it is “politically neutral”, it means that it makes no endorsement of candidates.

    • Dallin

      Marriage is a religious pact and therefore has everything to do with the church. Religious groups denying marriage to those they think unworthy is THE FREEDOM
      OF RELIGION. By passing that law it takes away that amendment. The church is Pro-religion, not Anti-gay. Also your comment about the church “lending support To bills outside of Utah” is pretty narrow minded. The LDS religion is not solely based in Utah. Members do in fact exist outside of Utah. The LDS church is based everywhere. So why would they not fight for their religious freedom for their members outside of Utah?

    • Jason

      Preach! Amen brother. If the church wants to weigh in on political matters, they can pay taxes like everyone else.

  • Lucy

    I’m tired of members of the Church working so hard and grasping at straws to try to demonize a man.
    You are crazy to think that Trump would persecute the Mormon Church. It is dishonest in so many ways to compare the Church to Mosques who are a direct threat to national security.
    If anything Trump is the only person who has a fighting chance of protecting your hard fought liberties from a dangerous, evil ideology, Islam.
    It really worries me that people can’t see what the real, long term threat is here.
    A former Muslim convert to the Church

    • Dave

      It is nice to hear from someone who is a former Muslim.
      Your observations are rational and deserve a great deal of weight.
      Mormons have always been friends to the U.S. Constitution and it is codified in Sec. 134 of the Doctrine and Covenants, a contemporary book of scriptures for our day.

      Many Muslims openly promote Sharia Law as a code to replace it and undermine and overthrow secular governments and freedom everywhere. It is clear that Trump understands this as well as a handful of the other candidates like Dr. Carson and Ted Cruz. Most of the rest of the bunch either refuse to understand this or are just too afraid of political correctness to speak openly about it.

    • Thank you LUCY……for pointing out the REAL factors to this upcoming election. The young are ignorant of past history/socialsim/communism……………..they think “the programs offered for FREE in the democratic party (see Hillary now stepping up to more “social” offerings if she’s elected because of the ‘play’ ‘ole Bernie has gotten (mainly from the upcoming young voters who have no idea of where socialism ultimately will lead our country (REAL history not being taught in many schools/colleges now)……….and although Mr. Trump is not a PERFECT choice in his credentials, I frankly can’t see anyone running in the party verbalizing what needs to change except him…….Ben Carsen is a swell, nice person, but BORING in his talk; he wouldn’t stand a chance against ‘ole Hillary in the election………just being practical. All I know is the “tearing apart” of Mr. Trump by Rubio and Cruz is just not propping up themselves any either; both are dependent on their respective LOBBYISTS, unlike Mr. Trump. I would imagine because of the treats Mr. Trump has been making if he gets to be President ‘has many government employees’ scared to death about ‘what would become of their’ jobs as the “government would be cleaned up’!

  • Maggie

    Not a Trump fan or a Mormon but I am a Christian that lives in Utah, surrounded by many Mormons, good and bad. Have lived many places and have found the good and bad thing everywhere. However, I must say I find more good here than bad. Many of my friends and people I work in my community with are Mormons and they do indeed care about each other, our community, and their religion.
    I guess I will never get the people who are critical of “Mormons”, not well educated I guess.
    Mitt Romney, Harry Reid…two Mormons. One I respect the other is a slug, that is my opinion. Baptist …… could never be a Baptist but I appreciate their existence. Some of them do good things.
    I do not care where you go or do not go to church ,I don’t care what color or sex you are. If you love this country and appreciate that there are good and bad in all of these groups of American citizens and act accordingly and hold my political beliefs, I will vote for you. You may have an opinion and allow me to have one also as long as you do not single out a group to persecute if they are law abiding.

    • Jill Locke

      Thank you, Maggie! I completely agree. Mormon or not, people are protected to the right to believe how, where, or what they may. I pray that our leaders will not only respect that, but be willing to defend that!

    • MIchelle

      Kudos, Maggie! I am a Mormon and I try to be a good human being and be respectful of all and their beliefs which i believe are all VERY personal. Why is it that so many people have to find it necessary to belittle, condemn and hate people. It makes me so sad that so many are just out for themselves and not for the greater good to just create peace among each other. Thank you for your post and let’s continue to spread good instead of such negativity!! Here’s to hope!

  • Donald Trump’s opinion is troubling. As a Mormon I have learned three very important facts, the power of prayer, the power of positive thinking, and the power of license.
    I can choose to be troubled, or I can choose to pray to our Eternal for Mr. Trump to learn the errors of his opinion. I choos Prayer.

  • Robert

    We are an “alien” religion in the eyes of many people, as Trump was pointing out. There’s nothing disrespectful about that. One of our own tag lines is that we are a “peculiar” people. It’s true and we own it. You have not done a very good job at convincing me that Trump has animosity towards Mormons. The evidence you produced is all speculative as to what his true intention might have been with the very ambiguous statements you referenced. If this is all you have then I feel comforted to know Trump is on our side. Discounting his opinions on things that are contrary to our belief system, of course, such as abortion. But being pro-abortion, while contradicting our doctrine, is not an anti-mormon position.

    • Carl Murray

      Great comment. Trump would not have backed Mitt so strongly in 2012 if he had a strong dislike towards Mormons.

    • Darice Billings-Taylor

      Robert, if you read your BD it explains that the meaning of the word, peculiar, means “one’s very own” (referencing we are the Lord’s), exclusive, or special.” It does not mean the same as the secular term which denote strange or weird. It literally means the Lord’s own very special people.

    • Robert, if you read the Bible Dictionary, peculiar means,”one’s very own (meaning God’s), exclusive, or special”. It does not have the same meaning from the secular text of being odd, or weird. It literally means “God’s own very special people”.

  • Robert Ashby

    Why is religious beliefs, even in Political views? What does it have to do with campaign talk? Why are people even talking about it? The Constitution of the United States of America, gives you and I the right to believe in God. I’m not a supporter of Trump, or Clinton.
    Yes, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m not a ‘Mormon’. It is a title given to members of the church, because of the Book of Mormon, and the lack of knowledge of our beliefs. Are we ‘Alien’ to the rest of the Christian World? Maybe but it is because of the lack of knowledge.
    The term ‘Mormons’ have been used since the beginning of the Church, but much like the ‘Southern Cross’ Flag has been used for other purposes. It has been used as a general term for any of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, knock off.
    To All of the Political parties, and Presidential candidates. Freedom of Religion was given to us and protected by the United States Constitution.

    • RP Allen

      Robert the point in question is whither or not a person running for office will uphold every citizens right to freedom of religion. Not as to whither or not they agree with you on doctrinal points. Trump has made it clear that he does not see some religions as being worthy of that right.

  • Steve

    While not surprised that many Church members see the character flaws of Donald Trump and eschew them, I am amazed and saddened by those who support such an immoral, unkind, uncaring, and childish person, all in the name of “refreshing honesty.” Wake up, my brothers and sisters!

    • Robyn

      I totally agree with you! Members ought to vote for the most honest, upright and constitution loving candidate. God inspired the constitution. Ted Cruz is the most upright choice we have!

      • Brigham

        Ted Cruz said nothing when a pastor said, in his presence, that homosexuals should be killed. There are more upright options out there.

  • David

    In history ignorant uninformed people chase leaders with flattering inflamitory speeches who know what people want to hear and simply bellow it in shocking ways; Hitler, Obama and now Trump. I’m sad and embarrassed for good German people who later had to accept the consequences of their misguided nieve support. Germany did not concure the world. I’m sad and embarrassed for good American people who now see the harm and shame Obama brought upon this country. America did not erase racial barriers and regain financial stability. Please learn from history; just because Trump bellows things people want to hear does not mean those things will actually happen. One day you’ll be embarrassed to admit you were among the blind masses who believed Trump would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it or he would close the IRS or have Hillary Clintin arrested. Just because someone says something in a powerful way does not mean it will happen.

    • Tom

      I should be used to this by now, but it amazes me how ridiculous my fellow members of the LDS church are when it comes to politics. So many people lack a rational, fundamental understanding of the topic. It’s almost comical.

  • Soren Simonsen

    The Republican Party, through the years, has been unkind to Mormons, as have many candidates. Why so many LDS voters flock to it is a mystery to me.

    I think if Mormons really studied all candidates, including those beyond the two major parties, they would find compelling individuals who they share much in common with in their values.

    I am progressive. I am independent. And I am a Mormon.

    • Janet Errett

      You are also right…the reason Romney lost my support was because of his business history of destroying Companies and lively hoods in the name of profit for himself. It helped destroy manufacturing in the USA. He also lied about other candidates and holds money in offshore accounts even though he has plenty. I support Hillary. Religious freedom is at stake.

      • Brigham

        Not to mention his support of the NDAA which allows for American citizens to be imprisoned indefinitely without trial.

      • Veni

        If there is the posibility to destroy manufacturing by just signing a paper , then it is already destroyed, it is already obsolete, it is like you going to a CEO of a Usa factory for mobile phones, if all your competitors including Apple already have gone to China you have no option… because being the most expensive in the market will make you go bankrupt anyway.

    • Jerusalemmom

      This is the only intelligent thought process- thank you. My husband and I agree with you.

  • Thank Mitt Romney and his Harry Reid like comments about Trump for any ire that Trump may feel against the church going forward… usual, any persecution of the church is brought on by the members themselves.

    • Steve Brown

      That’s an odd conclusion that being critical of Trump invites him to despise the religion of the person criticizing him. In most circles we call that enabling bad behavior. By your logic, Hillary Clinton would be justified in persecuting the church because a majority of its members disagree and disapprove of her candidacy.

  • RC

    The scary thing is it looks like everyone has forgotten the saying ” by their fruits he shall know them”. I actually appreciated the article for raising the issue for people tondo their own research. I still have not fully made up my mind and still doing more research. A lot of people here are trashing Chris for his opinion. I see why they like Trump then because that is what Trump does. Belittles and trashes people for their opinions that he doesn’t agree with. The constitution is going ‘get fired’ if he is elected.
    I know a lot of people’s concerns about Obama is his uses of executive orders. He’s been combative with people on a few issues and then uses an executive order to go his own way.
    The abuses of the executive order process if Trump is elected, scares me even more because of his combative nature. If he doesn’t like something he is going do his own thing by executive order.

  • Kristy

    I am a Mormon and I would NEVER vote for someone as crude, narcissistic, mean and self righteous as Trump… I mean, how much can I trust a man to make right choices for our country who says “he has never done anything he needs to repent of” Come on voters, this is serious stuff!

    • Carl

      Good line of thinking.. It is difficult to hold some one up to champion his views if they are not consistent. However he has mentioned that his views toward some things have changed, such as abortion. I would hope the rest of the country could have enough of an open mind to see how wrong this one thing is, and change! I Pray and fight for the innocent!

  • Pauline Kennelly

    I think he was using the term “alien” meaning pretty much “unknown” by the general populace. Too bad this was presented as “something from outer space” because some Mormons will now think this an insult rather than a challenge for Mormons to do a better job teaching.

    • Joe

      Yes, but when a “journalist” has an opinion and agenda to push, he won’t let facts like that get in his way.

  • RW

    Trump for president! So many Trump haters! I’m Mormon but I’m sick of seeing this country being given away and going down the toilet!

    • This “news article” is just another unfounded opinion that is created just to cause fear and ignorance. Trump is not racist, anti-Mormon, Hitler, etc . I’m so tired of these libel labels, and the ignorance of Trump haters. Do you honestly think that his followers are all racists too? That many Americans? Get real. Romney is a joke. I think all these Trump haters are going to be blown away when Trump gets into office and starts to work!!

      • B-rad

        Copied reply from an associate: “If elected, could Donald Trump prove to be the Adolf Hitler of our generation? I have no idea. My real alarm is with the large number of Americans –particularly those who self-identify as Christians– who seem to have metamorphosed, Kafka-style, into what many Germans were in the 1930s when they named Hitler Chancellor: emotionally-fragile, nominally-religious, fear-driven, xenophobic, bitter, angry, entitled VICTIMS with damaged psyches, desperate hearts, and vulnerable minds wanting a savior to… MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN.

        The Great Depression brought the entire industrialized world to its knees. But for Germans, the Depression also added to the huge debt, pain and humiliation over it’s terrible losses in life and territory from WWI.

        Adolf Hitler didn’t TAKE control of Germany: he was HANDED chancellorship in 1933 by an inept, fractured, and conniving political establishment. Many Germans at the time greeted this with skepticism, disgust, or apathy. But the majority did too little, too late, and their inaction resulted in the horrors of WWII, including the Holocaust and their OWN country’s destruction.

        Hitler blamed and baited Jews; Trump blames Mexicans, baits Muslims. Each played/play to their supporters’ sense of helplessness, fears and fantasies about “The OTHERS” in their midst: “We lost/are losing because of THEM…,” “If only we could be rid of THEM, we would be great again….” Certainly most Germans would have aggressively opposed Hitler early on if they could have imagined the unimaginable evil of the Final Solution. What would you have done? What would I have done? What are WE doing as individual citizens to speak up and act NOW against these poisonous expressions of bigotry and xenophobia?

        Perhaps, as far as this presidential election is concerned, The Don is just our dress rehearsal, a warm-up act, the jester or clown who, in the end, will merely serve to test the waters that reveal how desperate we Americans are for a false Messiah who will inevitably lie to, enslave and destroy us. One who, like Hitler did to ordinary Germans, will turn US into monsters more hideous and evil than anything we could possibly fear today. If so, let us capitalize on this opportunity to prepare ourselves against the coming demagogue in the wings. For me, this begins with trying to change the hearts and minds of those who support Trump’s candidacy along with, more importantly, the ideas and ideals they share with him.”

    • JY

      It’s going down the toilet because we’re letting this joke with Trump go so far. The things he’s promising to do are just not possible. Not only that, but he’s just a liar! Over 70% of the things he’s said have been lies (

  • John

    Good article if one assumes faithful LDS people are gullible. I at first was a bit skeptical but my wife went 100% for him and she has a good political eye — in 2008 she said Obama had an aura of Hitler around him and boy was she right.
    So I looked into this whole thing and will gladly support Trump. As for Cruz, I like him and would vote for him as well. As for Rubio I am not opposed to him because he is an apostate, but his war stands scare me – he appears as big an irresponsible neo-con as Hillary.

    • My goodness, John. You have eyes, and do not see; ears and do not hear. You do deserve Trump.

      • Emily

        Marta and I think you are blind for NOT voting for him!
        Gosh, stop with the bullying and the shaming of members based on who they vote for. It will only create contention within the Church!
        Enough with this mob mentality

      • Kira

        Trump is so much more like Hitler than Obama. Scary that you can’t see that.

      • Robin Judd

        The Dem’s got taken in 2008 and 12. Now many Conservatives are following suit by their similar passion for Trump. I’m mad as heck myself because of Obama taking more power to the office of the Presidency…. as well as, we voted to get the House and the Senate, and our candidates didn’t do anything. They’ve folded time and time again and we are angry! Problem is many, in their anger and frustration, are ripe to accept a “STRONG MAN”. . . . meaning someone who will usurp power on OUR side to do whatever is necessary to right this ship!! That is Trump in a nutshell! It is incredible to me how many don’t see that Trump is just as much a narcissist as Obama. Perhaps you see but just don’t care because he will do what YOU want this time around (or at least what he says he will do, remembering he said he can change to whatever, whenever he needs to). The problem is, have you ever heard him talk about the Constitution, our heavenly inspired map for American’s success??? As LDS, we know that our founding fathers were divinely inspired and why and how America has been the shining city on a hill. The answer of reformation is to return to the Constitution, not a STRong man who will do it HIS way. If I haven’t swayed you at all yet, let me ask this question. Our two greatest presidents, Washington and Lincoln, were “humble” men. How can we give the most powerful position in the land to a man that is as far opposite of humble as you can get? Please, listen to what I’m saying. We will rue the day if Trump becomes President. I believe Ted Cruz has been raised up to do this. He is honorable, God-fearing, and a 100% Constitutionalist. He IS what America needs to right this ship. For Texas, he has been proven to do what he promised to do.

    • Kraig

      I’m really hoping that this is just an attempt at satire because this level of ignorance would be worrisome in a serious tone…there is an old saying that “sometimes you have to leave the island to be able to truly see it.” This is clearly written from the viewpoint of someone who is planted firmly in the middle of the island and desires no other perspective.

  • Kai Larson

    This article is puerile fear mongering. Outside of Utah, how many people understand the difference between FLDS “Mormons” or other offshoot Mormon sects, and mainstream Mormons? If you asked the FLDS members if they were “Mormons” what would be their answer? They would count themselves as Mormons, as would the various splinter branches in Utah, Mexico, and other places.

    The Feds, and various state governments have all led raids on various Mormon sects. This is a fact. The author insinuates that because Trump’s campaign spokesperson pointed this out, that Trump is going to attack the mainstream Mormon church. The author is either a moron, or is purposefully clouding the issues here.

    The article also seems to imply that because Trump has said that he believes that some mosques should be put under surveillance or shut down, that he’s going to do the same to mainstream Mormon churches. The fact is that Trump is right about mosques and Islam. If you are a terrorist, you don’t get to be off-limits from government surveillance or enforcement just because you are building your bombs or planning your shooting sprees in a mosque (or a church.)

    If President Monson stood up in in General Conference and encouraged the Church membership to kill the people associated with the Book of Mormon Musical, and if the Ensign had helpful articles about how to crochet a suicide vest, and if our Primary children were learning songs about beheading non-Mormons, then the government would be absolutely justified in taking action against the Mormon church. However, I’m not really worried because I don’t see the Church taking those sorts of actions, so the comparison with Islam is a red herring.

    Trump’s opinion on Mormons is similar to that of most East Coast people in that he doesn’t really know much about Mormons. That doesn’t mean he is dangerous. It just means he has more to learn about us. I have no doubt that if Trump wins the Republican nomination, that the state of Utah, and the majority of Mormons in the U.S. will vote for him. I would not be the least bit surprised if the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings at his inauguration. I also have no doubt he and his campaign people will become more familiar with the nuances of the Mormon faith as things progress and he gets the opportunity to interact with Mormons in government.

    • Laura

      The VAST majority of Muslims are NOT terrorists!!! Blaming an entire religion on the actions of a minuscule percentage of a religion is just as bad as blaming and punishing all Christians for the KKK. Terrorist groups make up literally 0.03% of Muslims. People like to quote the 15% theory, but trust me, if 15% of Muslims were terrorists, they would equal more than our entire U.S. population, and I assure you we wouldn’t be here anymore. Their actual numbers are certainly enough to do some real damage, but in terms of percentages, they are nothing. And it is nowhere close to fair to judge the 99.97% based on the twisted few. We don’t like being judged by the FLDS faith, we seek so often to distance ourselves from it, do we not? Granted, they aren’t terrorists, but they do not remotely represent our faith. And neither does ISIL and the like in any way represent Islam. Bear in mind that these terrorists have regularly bombed mosques — their own supposed places of worship.

      I minored in religious studies, and have spent the last seven years focusing heavily on Islam and its faith. I have read and studied the Quran. I have many Muslim friends, I have spoken with hundreds of other Muslim people. And every single one of them is appalled and horrified by the actions of ISIL. And they are sick to death of being characterized by them and their ilk. Muslim leaders have condemned the actions of these groups time after time after time.

      Muslims are not terrorists. Terrorists are terrorists, and we have far more non-Muslim terrorists in this country than we do anything else — and yet, funny, we don’t tend to characterize any of them by their religion. You don’t hear “Christian terrorist” thrown about, in spite of the fact that most terrorists in our nation identify as Christian. Why do we only single out the faith of ONE group of people? It’s an old political tactic, and a terrifyingly despicable one. We are being pitted against one another, our media and government are sowing fear. We are being handed a scapegoat, and we blindly follow. And it is every bit as evil as the Nazis going after the Jews. Islam is, at its core, an incredibly peaceful religion. You want a real example of the Muslim faith? Try Muhammad Ali.

      You will have evil-minded people in any religion on the planet. But that doesn’t mean it was their religion that was to blame. Evil is evil wherever it walks. You have to learn to separate what evil does with where it lies. ISIL is undeniably evil. But Islam as a whole is not even close.

      Mormon church leaders have spoken out about this, and have made it clear that Muslims are a good and worthy people and should not be judged in this way. That we are to reach out with love and kindness to our fellow brothers and sisters. And if you study their ACTUAL doctrine — not just the drivel we get from the media — Muslims are among the closest to our own faith in their teachings. Early Mormon leaders even spoke of Muhammad as being a prophet, acknowledging that not all prophets were mentioned in scripture.

      This Islamophobia has simply got to stop. It is exactly what Satan wants.

      Oh, and interestingly enough — according to their own propaganda — it is also exactly what ISIL wants. They WANT us to hate Muslims. Just think about that.

      • Jon

        But…..the vast majority of terrorists at this moment are Muslims. You’d have to maintain willful ignorance not to appreciate that.

        • Outsider

          The vast majority of terrorists you hear about in the news are Muslim. You’d have to be ignorant to put your faith in the accuracy of the media.

  • Scott

    Although I’m LDS and have always voted Republican for POTUS, I consider Trump one of the more politically dangerous men in America. While he tends to speak his mind, he does so with ignorance, as this article demonstrates, though there are countless times he has done likewise about other topics. Even worse, with power, he wants to decisively act on his ignorance.
    He is bad news for Republicans. If he does get the nomination, at best he’ll lose badly in the general election after the general citizenry (not just the core Republicans who follow him) realize he’s the worse of two evils between him and Clinton-Sanders. If for some reason he did get elected, I fear his moral compass would make the Nixon presidency look saintly in comparison, probably tarnishing the Republicans so badly the Democrats could do anything they want for years until the GOP recovers.

  • I agree with Cheryl. And if it comes down to choosing between Hilary Clinton, someone who supports & is supported by an organization that murders unborn children or Donald Trump? I would choose Donld Trump!

    • Trump is also for abortion rights. Google it. Mormons on the other hand, are for granting people the freedom to make their own moral choices, as disgusting and evil as they may be. It was the adversary who wanted to force people to be “good”

      • Brad

        Ya we believe people shouldn’t be forced to do anything, except for in extreme cases like rape, stealing, and MURDER. And, Mormons believe abortion IS WILLFUL MURDER… And we don’t believe people should be granted the right to kill, even if it is just a unborn baby. We believe that laws should be enacted to protect the lives and freedoms of others.

  • Tyler

    Food for thought. This the the Lord’s restored gospel. According to D&C 138:44 and Daniel 2:44 the church will never again be destroyed. So I wouldn’t worry too much about Trump’s opinion on the LDS or anyone else’s for that matter. Teach by example, follow the teachings of the church, keep the commandments, and lead others to righteousness. There are many prophecies that there are a lot tougher times to come before the second coming. That being said, we must prepare ourselves for what is to come. Since this biased review didn’t come directly from the church presidency, I take it with a grain of salt. However, church leaders do encourage us to vote with knowledge of the candidates. I chose to learn about the candidates of choice from both major before casting my vote. In my opinion, at this point in time, I would cast my vote for Trump over Hilary, because I see the future trials and calamities being far worse if Hilary is elected. I am not saying there will be not with Trump. Regardles, press forward with a steadfastness in Christ and your worries will be much less.

    • Amen, I have not decided exactly who I am voting for, however Hilary is not on my list of choices, in some cases Trump makes sense, I like Ben Carson, he has the look of a good Christian man, Bernie, I am still on the fence on, I have learned more about him, that I like and want to have for our country, all except Hilary have good points and have made mistakes, and are not perfect. I like very much your take on this, as I have thought the very same thing about things that the Lord has told us is to come, in these the Latter days. thank you for your input!

  • antodav

    Great, as if there wasn’t enough reason to be outraged and offended by Donald Trump…but most of the other candidates are not any better. Mormons have been a punching bag for American society as a whole for the past century and a half, and they will continue to be until Mormons finally begin to stand up for themselves and demand the same rights and respect that political correctness accords to every other religious minority.

    The only candidate running who has a platform consistent with LDS Church teachings is John Kasich, but since he has no chance of winning, most Mormons will probably be voting for Marco Rubio, an ex-Mormon, instead. The irony of this should not be understated. For decades Mormons in America have tied themselves so tightly to the Republican establishment that they have effectively squeezed out the actual political principles embedded in the Gospel and replaced them with ideas rooted in the values of Evangelical Protestants who have historically been, and continue to be, hostile towards the Church and its teachings. Not only does this undermine the integrity of Mormonism itself, but it also allows the Church to be painted with the same broad brush of intolerance and bigotry with which the general public paints the rest of Christianity, even though the Church’s actual teachings are very different. But Mormons would rather listen to Glenn Beck than to the general authorities, and go march in step behind someone like Trump or Cruz, instead of thoughtfully analyzing whose views most line up with what is actually written in the scripture es and what has been spoken by prophets for generations.

    Here is a hint: if Trump, Huckabee, and Santorum all harbored anti-Mormon prejudice due to their Evangelical leanings, you can be guaranteed that Cruz does as well. He is cut from precisely the same fabric as they are. Oh of course he’ll use the the votes of Mormons who lack consciousness of how deep the rift between them and the Evangelicals Cruz represents to propel himself to power, but it’s absolutely unreasonable to think he would promote the Church’s values if elected.

    But then again, given how powerful the message of the extreme right-wing is among Mormons, for whatever reason, I don’t think that most of them really *want* the Church’s values to be promoted. I can tell you right now: persecuting immigrants and other religious minorities is absolutely un-Mormon. So is throwing people in jail and destroying their lives for violations of the Word of Wisdom. So is trying to ban any kind of marriage you don’t like and denying people the freedom to make their own moral choices, whether they be right or wrong. So is giving the government power to spy on and indefinitely detain its citizens. So is talk about carpet bombing civilians in foreign lands, or using nuclear weapons to mass-murder others of God’s children simply because they worship him in a different way and don’t possess the Fulness of the Gospel. Liberty is the foundation of every aspect of Mormon belief, and it is depressing and sad that so many Mormons take that for granted and don’t really care about it at all.

    • Dirk

      You paint with a very broad brush. The way it sounds we should all just write in Thomas Monson on the ballot then you would be happy. By the time my state gets to vote in the primary election in June it will be all over. I will vote for the best Candidate that represents my values, even though they won’t be very close at all. I certainly won’t vote for anyone that supports partial birth abortion.

    • John

      Well said

    • Heather

      Well said!

    • politcommatters

      Dear antodav. As an active practicing member of the LDS church I find many of your concluding statements both inaccurate and offensive. Sweeping generalizations usually are. Case in point , Most active practicing Mormons do want to promote their faith and the way in which you have characterized us does you and us a disservice. As you yourself state the LDS people have been societies punching bag from the very beginning. What you may not realize is that these kinds of sweeping generalizations and misrepresentations of us are precisely the kinds of comments that incited the public mind against us. This kind of rhetoric precipitated every single abuse of our civil rights and personal liberties. We were forced out of our homes, pillaged, plundered, deprived of our property, even raped and murdered; all precipitated by this type of bigoted misrepresentation. Please do not speak for us as a people.

    • Janet Errett

      You are right. ..I don’t support abortion but also don’t force my will on others. There is nothing worse than an apostate member. ..the Devil himself works through some of them.

      • Brigham

        Nothing worse, Jane? NOTHING? Not a murder, not a rapist, not a child molester, not an extortionist, not a thief? Remember, Jesus taught that the apostates (Publicans) would go to heaven before the self-righteous Pharisees.

    • Brunner

      Thank you. I feel the same way. I am continually amazed at the blind loyalty to the Republican Party–a party that increasingly embraces ideologies that run counter to the teachings of the Church. I think a great deal of this is rooted in one issue: abortion. I think many Mormons will not vote for a Democrat simply because they perceive that Democrats support the right to have an abortion and Republicans do not. Basing your choice of President on that one issue ignores so many other important considerations. Besides, when was the last time a President enacted or refused to enact legislation that dealt with abortion? These laws are all made at the state level, and the President has no involvement whatsoever. If you argue that the President appoints members of the Supreme Court, you are ignoring the historical trends of the last half-century. Even when the justices on the court are conservative in their ideology, they have not overturned the ruling(s) that guarantee the right to an abortion. Anyone who has read the opinions of the court in this area of law (a VERY small number of people) will understand that abortion is not a political issue at all, at least at the federal level. A presidential candidate’s view on abortion is completely irrelevant. So, vote for someone who is competent, and best represents your views. But don’t blindly side with either party.

      People make good and bad decisions, but it is not the part of the government to prohibit those choices or to legislate morality.

  • Mark

    Based in part on his pledge to duly deport persons who are in the country illegally, Trump might deport Mormons — even though they are NOT in the country illegally?

    The suggestion, though subtle, was obvious — and a false witness against thy neighbor,

    The entire article is inflammatory and dishonest.

    It is a reminder to trust only God and His words.

  • Cyndi Parkins

    It seems like you are judging Trump, and trying to scare other Mormons so they won’t vote for him, and if Trump doesn’t win, Hillary will. And if anyone thinks Hillary will be a good President, and hold our Constitutional rights dear, you are too far gone.
    Democrats stand for Taxation and Spending without staying on a budget.
    Democrats stand for abortion.
    Democrats stand for Climate change hoax. Heavenly Father is in charge of our Climate Change.
    Democrats stand for gun control of the already law abiding citizens, while 10 ‘s of thousands pour across our boarders with illegal guns, drugs and people. To say nothing of the criminals we already have that will always find guns.
    Democrats stand for socialism and we Have been told by Prophets that is not what Heavenly Father stands for at all.
    Democrats are trying to do away with free speech through “Political correct” speech.
    Democrats cheat, lie and steal elections, and allow each other to get away with criminal actions.
    Democrats say they stand for the poor, all the while making more. We have 47% on some type of welfare now since Obama has been on office.
    We are 19 TRILLION in debt and Obama added 10 Trillion of that on his own!
    So say what you will about Trump, I will be voting for who ever is on the Republican ticket.

    • James

      “Democrats stand for Climate change hoax. Heavenly Father is in charge of our Climate Change.” So just pollute the air because “God” will fix it. WOW soooo dumb…

  • Amy

    Christopher, I really appreciate how you wrote this article. You did not use Mr.Trump’s quotes out of context. I felt that you were fair and honest. Thank you for helping to keep us informed. From your response comments I can tell that you are a genuinely good man. Don’t let the negative comments slow you down.

  • Dean

    Very biased article that panders specifically to the majority of LDS readers. I’m definitely not a Trump fan, and thought his campaign would have ended long ago. However, you are doing the same thing that he’s doing to win support, which is simply pandering to whomever will listen. He does this by bashing and insulting everyone that threatens his candidacy to establish the belief that he is the only true candidate that can lead this country forward. What he hasn’t done is present any kind of plan to actually achieve anything plausible. This article is similar because all it really does is bash on an individual in a LDS compatible way to covertly draw a parallel between the threat of persecution (under A Trump Presidency) and the church’s historical persecution. By doing this, you pander to the LDS cultural belief that the church is only persecuted because the Adversary is trying to destroy the only true church on the earth. The only discussion you present that addresses whether or not he will carry out any of his statements is a catered summary that ” political scientist consistently find the presidents follow through on what they say on the campaign trail. ” The actual phrase is ” research by political scientists has found that campaign promises really do matter, that once elected, politicians mostly try to do exactly what they said they would. And when they don’t, it’s usually due to a lack of cooperation from Congress, not a craven flip-flop.” Would Congress (or whoever), actually allow him to carry out this persecution? Highly unlikely. Of course, that theory would clearly undermine the fear you are trying to invoke. Without that fear, and without appealing to your target audience,this article wouldn’t get as many readers. Yes, Church members should research political candidates, but that Is also true for any voter (common sense). This article is disguised as research, but really lacks any substance. Your opinion is mere entertainment. Congratulations on your controversial post that attracted many readers and many comments. After all, that’s your job. However, it required you to stoop to a low that’s on par with the tabloids. How about including your political opinion on who you think the best candidate is, backed by solid “research” as intended by the church leadership quote that you used to introduce your article? Retract this article, you’re better than this.

    • Joe

      I disagree; calling this article “entertainment” is an insult even to Bear Grylls and Honey Boo Boo.

  • Jane Eason

    Many Evangelicals refused to vote for a Mormon in the last election, saying Mormons were not Christians. And they said this in spite of the fact that the official name of the church has the words Jesus Christ in it. Go figure. I heard Protestant preachers speak out against Romney because of his faith. Such ignorance.

    And now, to the point that Trump supporters are uneducated. Have those who profess this to be true, have you taken a poll of all Trump supporters, or do you just know that without concrete information?

    And to the point that Trump has no humility, do you really think, with the media on the side of Democrats, that an humble man would get the attention of the voters? Trump, because he is so “out there” promoting himself, has gotten a lot of media attention and has picked up a lot of loyal supporters.

    In the speech where Trump claimed he got the vote of the uneducated people, he listed the categories that were in the entrance poll–older, younger, poorly educated, well educated, Hispanics, women, etc. And he had received the most votes in each category.

  • Chris

    POINT #1: WHY has Trump garnered so much political strength? A. Romney disappointed so many Republicans for so many reasons; he won that first debate but did not have the political ability to carry the fight to the end. B. Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and other Republican politicians LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH just to hold on to their seats in the last election (promising to veto Obamacare, oppose the mega-budget, etc.). C. Rubio is NOT a faithful conservative (amnesty, trade, et al). D. Cruz is not a resurrected Reagan … he is not an effective political fighter. E. Hilary may need a Presidential pardon to get to the White House (and, if necessary, she may very well get one). F. Bernie is Trump’s mere alter-ego … voters on both sides of the political fence are just fed up with the ruling political elites.
    POINT #2: REMEMBER (a good Book of Mormon term) that there are Republican Mormons and Democrat Mormons and Socialist Mormons and Mormons with many other political labels throughout the world. Rather than getting whipped up in the current U.S. political follies … rather than becoming anti-Trump or anti-Hilary or anti-anybody … why not focus our collective efforts to advocate FOR the kingdom of God? Perhaps it’s again time to review President Kimball’s masterful message, “The False Gods We Worship” … Ensign, June 1976.

    • Very well put, I absolutely agree with you. I was never in favor of of Obama in the first place I could see through him in the beginning . I spoke out against him and he did just as I thought he would and what he wanted to do. I told anyone that would listen if you vote for him you will get just what you deserve but unfortunately so would the rest of us. I was for Romney and the only reason he didn’t win that election was he is was the nice guy and didn’t stand up strong enough and fight back as was needed. Don’t you get it when your mad and disgusted with the way things are being run and afraid for what is happening to our country. You have to fight back Trump is as mad as I am and I know sometimes when I am mad I say things and do things in the moment I regret later. That does not make me a bad person nor does it make everything Trump says a bad person. We as Christians should know and understand that. I am as mad about what the Democrats are doing to this country as anyone else is. I and I add some republicans too. I definitely think Reid needs to get his act together as a Mormon I have seen him do things that make my skin crawl. I don’t worry about what anyone else thinks of me as a Mormon as long as I do what I believe is the right thing to do. If I don’t always do what is right I know I have a Savior I can go to for help to put me back on the right path where I need to be. Trump is not intentionally trying to hurt anybody I believe he is representing those of us in this country that is as mad about what is going on as we are. Only he is voiceing his opinions loud and clear and sending a strong message he is tired of what is happening and I say cudos to him. You people that are for these politicians that tell you they are the progressives and are for the progressive party need to look up what the progressive party stands for. Not a pretty picture if you look at the true meaning of what they stand for. Doesn’t make any difference what party you represent or religious affiliation you belong to or don’t belong to as long as you have the right thoughts for what this country was founded on and fight for those rights. Let me enlighten you it is not the progressive party know way they sugar coat it or make you think. It is not progressive at all quite the opposite. Do your research and it will definitely enlighten your vision on what they would like and will do to our country.

  • Nanette Walker

    I use to be a Mormon, but chose to have my name withdrawn from the records. I hope Donald wins and finally separates church and State, especially in Utah,
    which is so badly needed.

  • Beverly R.

    I don’t the article on hand, but in the Deseret News he was quoted as calling Utah that “Mexican State”.
    That and referring to Mormon beliefs as “unfortunate”
    does cause me to wonder about his generalizations about things he really doesn’t understand and hasn’t put the effort to learn about before critcizing our beliefs and the State of Utah where church headquarters are based.
    As I remember, he said he would just bypass the Mexican State of Utah and go straight to California on his campaign trail.
    On the other hand, I have seen obtrocities already by Hillary Clinton, and feel she is not honest in her dealings with the American people. In a recent interview, when asked if she felt she has been honest with the American people, Hillary’s answer was,” I try to be.” That was not very reassuring in my humble opinion.
    If the race comes down to voting for Hillary or Trump, it would be choose the least worse of two evils. If people would have given Romney a serious consideration in the running, he definitely would have been the better choice over our current President. We really need to watch and study the candidates views and find out for ourselves what positions they have stood for in their history and their political views. Obama was definitely pro-abortion before becoming president. Many took that to mean he was for Women’s rights. We really need to look closely at where the candidates take their stand.

  • I’m a Mormon and I support Donald Trump. Give me a break. Trump is not going to shut down Mormon churches. Lol. It’s so rediculously amazing how people take things to the extreme and write full blown articles on the subject.

  • Bamgboye Seyi Ojo

    Trump is not only a problem for America, he is a problem for thr world. He is gonna bring disunity and this may lead to war. Lets hope this does not lead to third world war. All mormons be careful and make right decision.

  • Allan Löfstrand

    I am not American, but I have a large part of my family living in America, I also have many wonderful friends in America, and by the way I am also a member of the “alien” Chursh Trump is talking about. I find it strange that a nation of around 300 million people, cannot find better Presidential candidates to vote for than, Clinton and Trump, both are a bad reflection on your Great and Wonderful nation.

    • Vicky


  • Michael

    Interesting article. I watched the interview and to me they were clearly talking about fundamentalist Mormons, not the actual LDS church. (even though the lady didn’t suggest that she knew there is a difference) The first thought I had about the alien thing, was not space aliens or illegal aliens but rather, she was talking about foreign ideas and that Trump thought people didn’t understand the Mormon faith. I didn’t take it as though he thought Mormons were nut jobs. I personally am a Cruz fan. I appreciate the comments Tory Dunn made about Trump and his implied support for Trump. I think he hit the nail on the head with how people really feel and why they are supporting Trump. It made me stop and think. But honestly, what do we want? Do we want to shake the political system, or do we want to restore the constitution. I fear you take the steering wheel and put it in the hands of someone as unpredictable is Trump, you don’t know where you will end up with. Likewise with Cruz, he may have the whole GOP working against him and we just may end up on the same wrong path as we are right now.

  • Skippy740

    I am LDS and a former forum moderator for

    This article is truly “grasping at straws”. Do you know why? Because a few years ago LDS.NET turned ITSELF into a “pundit” with lots of “articles” and being more of an “interactive blog”. I’ve had more than my share of disagreements with Brother Cunningham.

    Yes, I am a Trump supporter. Why? Because I want a business maverick in the White House. Yes, he’s going to “cut deals”. Yes, he is going to be “schmoozing” with people… but I’d rather have that, than the litany of executive orders. Yes, he may not “represent my values”… but neither does anyone else either.

    The person who stands immovable, won’t get anything done. Even Ronald Reagan said that “I’d be happy if I got 70% of everything I wanted”.

    Yes, Trump is polarizing… but I’d rather have the author of “The Art of the Deal” than the current author of “The Lessons From My Father”.

    I WANT someone who HAS gotten along with “both sides of the aisle”. That’s why his campaign contributions to Hillary hasn’t bothered me. It was in his BEST BUSINESS INTEREST to do that… just as it is for most professions. Every profession has an association with it that collects for political advocacy, and those who are heavily invested in their profession do contribute to it.

    I LIKE having a President that promotes STRENGTH and cannot be bought by anyone else to ensure his “political career”.

    Do I agree with a TEMPORARY restriction on Muslims entering the country? Yes… because of the Muslim radicalized ideology. Ever actually READ the Koran and what “Prophet Mohammad” required of his followers? Trump is only talking about a few months – perhaps up to 18 months or so. Compare that to Lilburn Boggs in Missouri… which wasn’t rescinded until the 1980’s… perhaps 100 years? C’mon.

    Freedom of Religion is for people who are HERE and are here LEGALLY. When there is an ideological war going on, it is PRUDENT to limit access to our country from those who are from lands that originate such ideologies. It certainly makes sense to me.

    Do I agree with deporting all the illegal aliens? (BTW, ‘alien’ is a LEGAL term – look it up.) Yes, I agree with it. Is it practical? Maybe not. But campaigns are full of promises that politicians can’t always keep.

    Do I agree with building a wall? YES!!! Finally, not only do we have someone who will build a wall, but he knows how to BUILD! What a concept! And it’s the first logical step to controlling our borders… by actually HAVING one and enforcing it.

    If you want to look at Trump’s character… well, compare to Reagans too. Reagan was on his 2nd marriage when he entered the White House. Trump is on his 3rd. Both have had evolving positions over their lives. I’m okay with that. Okay, Trump bankrupted 4 of his deals. Out of the hundreds or thousands he’s done??? I’m not worried about it.

    We are electing a President, not an Emperor, King, or even a Fuhrer (as Trump has been compared to). Why? Because WE have the Constitution AND term limits.

    • Katalin Hosseinian

      He did not judge us! He called us ALIEN! Things we do not quite know sound ALIEN! Being different, being ALIEN is OK, we are not collectivist. We are different as Church and we are good. That makes us ALIEN to the rest!
      COOL off please. Donald still the best! At least strait forward, not a slickly politician! Hillary means SOCIALISM!

      Well said Brother! I support Trump too! With Obama we got change, but noisy coins in the pot. That kind of change! Trump cannot be purchased by coins and not by hard cash! He is HARDER than that!
      He will know our fate and will know that he made no mistake! We are alien, because we are exceptional from all!

  • Steve

    A couple of points. As it stands, Trump is likely to be the Republican nominee. Frankly I prefer him over the Ex-Mormon for annesty and the “liar”. If he is, I will hold my nose and cast a vote for him over the socialist or the felon. As a life long member of the church “alien” is one of the nicer things we have been called. I chalk it up to willful ignorance and mis-information. I’m hardly surprised or offended. (C’mon, be honest, from an outsiders standpoint, Mormonism can be a bit foreign.) I am not holding Trump responsible for what a spokesperson said in the latter reference. Why would this election be any different that the last seven or so Presidential elections that I have voted in previously? I have always felt like I have had to choose the candidate with the fewest problems. This election is no different.
    Also, I get a real burr under my saddle when Non-Church representatives start mixing Moronism and politics. Where are your articles about active LDS senators that fight for what Ezra Taft Benson refers to as “the damnable practice of abortion”? I can think of more that one member that has been pro-abortion when it was politically expedient. Not surprisingly we rarely, if ever, speak of it or write about it. Where are your articles about Congressmen and Senators that have saddled us with trillions of dollars of debt and just voted FOR Obama’s Omnibus budget loaded with billions of dollars of additional pork? Doesn’t the church teach about thrift and debt? I have noticed that several of those yes votes.were cast by Utah representatives. In addition, we have one very prominent member of the church along with other less prominent members that are trying to saddle America with the terrible back room deal written allegedly by pharmaceutical company lawyers and kept hidden from public scrutiny called TPP. (Trump is against TPP by the way.) If it’s such great legislation, why is it not open to public scrutiny? I’ll tell you why. Follow the money!
    In my humble opinion members of the church should inform themselves and vote their conscience knowing they will be held to personally account some day and NOT try to use the church for political influence like this ridiculous article. Many of our current LDS politicians actions, voting records and positions conflict with gospel teachings and frankly they are an embarrasement to me and to Mormonism. I think it would be better for the reputation of the Church for LDS members, websites, bloggers, radio personalities and public figures to keep religion and politics distinctly seperate and apply the gospel as they understand it to their own voting and leave the church out of their attempts to influence other voters.

  • Dawn

    Regardless of my religious affiliation I see Trump as a person with no self mastery. He is a circus side show and the rest of the world will and are laughing at us. He has no filter and is a terrible communicator. The founding fathers are spinning in their graves. I am a conservative and have been a registered member of the GOP my entire adult life. I am disappointed with my party and that this is the best we can put forward for the highest office of the land. Sad days!

  • Bob

    When I read articles such as this and read the subsequent comments I ask myself, is this what we’ve become as a church or have we always been at such odd ends on issue where integrity and basic human decency is in question? I won’t even comment on the candidates, it us that really concerns me.

  • Steve hill

    Wow, I don’t know who paid you to try to sway Mormons from voting for trump but nice try man. Trump is the only canidate who tells the truth and isn’t bought off by mega banks And corporations. Obviously his views arnt going to effect any religion. Plus we just had two terms of muslim president and I’m still taking the sacrament. Quit feeding the people garbage!

    • Brigham

      This level of ignorance is appalling. It’s been demonstrated that some 75 percent of what Donald Trump says is dishonest ( He doesn’t need to be bought off by corporations because he IS part of the corporations. A Muslim president? I don’t know whether to be more distressed by your utter ignorance or the fact that you treat a religion like a slur. Take your own advice and stop consuming garbage.

  • Sheldon

    At first I was amused with Donald Trump’s antics, but as he became more popular and it became clear that he could really be the GOP nominee I have become very concerned. I don’t doubt he has the temperament to take on the establishment and I get that that’s partly why he is so popular. The establishment, regardless of you party affiliation, is not serving us well. But Trump is a loose cannon that resorts to juvenile tactics and name-calling. He is hardly presidential. But you could argue that that doesn’t matter – that what really matters is the substance – and you’d be right. But I can tell you if you do any research at all into what he has stood for in the past and what he stands for now, he has been all over the map! I can’t tell where he stands. And even if he’s adamant about a certain issue now, I can’t say I trust he would stay that way once he’s elected and can do whatever he wants. I feel like he’d say anything or do anything to get elected. Once he’s there how will he be? I think we’re in for a rude awakening my friends. Do you really want this guy with his finger 2 inches from the big, red button? I can see Putin saying something offensive to him and Trump getting all upset and starting a war over it. I hope, sincerely hope, that I am wrong because frankly, I think he’s poised to win the nomination and probably even the presidency at this point. And for anyone voting for Sanders, please, get educated on what Socialism is. As strongly as I feel about Trump, I can honestly say I would have to hold my nose and vote for him before a declared Socialist.

  • Gary

    I find this article diseingenuous and quite slanted. The writer, takes a slant to an idea without any real evidence of religious bigotry. Saying that our faith is “alien” is actually partially correct. The LDS faith hasn’t truly been mainstream until Romney’s run for the presidency and for the musical the Book of Mormon. Though the faith has been somewhat considered or referred to as the “American” religion, because its founding was here in the US, the views are necessarily “alien” to most people and it is by the power of their individual faith that converts them. The writer is insuing that since Trump would investigate Muslim centers for harboring an d supporting terrorism, the he would investigate the LDS faith, who by most accounts & scholars, is the most supportive of our grand Constitution, which is isane & ludicrous at best. Trump actually defined his would be actions a this: that as to those groups who look to do us harm who hide under the veil of of religious freedom would be the ones investigated and dealt with. The LDS faith has never hid under that veil & never will. So put fear of religious bigotry out there without any proof or evidence of such is irresponsible on all levels. This writer in my humble opinion is looking to stir the pot for some ulterior motive. He’s not honest with us. He hasn’t done his homework and quite frankly to support what he writes is naive on your parts as responsible citizens. I am not 110% sold on Trump, but I’m also not sold on Cruz or Rubio either. Let time dictate the truth as it always does and reveals what is truly real vs. hyperbole.

  • The constitution is hanging by a thread. Best person to restore is Ted Cruz.
    Dear Trump supporters,
    Let me see if I have this straight – Trump is better than Hillary because:
    “Ted Cruz is a “fake” Christian, so I’m voting for Trump who rejects God’s forgiveness, brags about being a chronic philandering adulterer and can’t name his favorite bible verse.”
    “Marco Rubio was for amnesty, so I’m voting Trump who employs illegal aliens, rejects 94% of American applicants in favor of foreign nationals with Hb2 visas, and donated money to help most of those gang of 8 guys get elected.”
    “Obamacare makes me angry, that’s why I’m voting Trump, who’s for government controlled single-payer healthcare.”
    “I’m angry at the GOP establishment always betraying conservatives so I’m voting Trump, who’s spent the last 30 years donating to their campaigns in exchange for political favors and whose own record is more liberal than all of them.”
    “Obama’s cult of personality makes me angry, that’s why I’m on the Trump train to make America Great Again, with no actual plan for doing so.”
    I’m angry at Obama’s dishonesty and lack of transparency, so I’m voting for Trump who is going to court on fraud charges and still refuses to release his tax records
    “I’m pro-life, that’s why I’m voting for Trump, who intends to continue funding Planned Parenthood and says his pro-abortion sister would make a phenomena Supreme Court Justice.”
    “I’m an evangelical, that’s why I’m voting Trump who’s been married 4 times, brags about cheating on all of them, is pro-gay marriage, and okay with Christians being put in jail for what they believe.”
    “I’m angry at corporatists buying off politicians, so I’m voting for Trump, a billionaire corporatist who has spent the last 30 years buys off politicians.”
    “I’m angry that Obama keeps betraying Israel, that’s why I’m voting Trump, who said Israel does’t really want peace and has to give up more land to Hamas terrorists in Israel.”
    “Obama’s Iran deal is dangerous, that’s why I’m voting Trump who said he wouldn’t tear it up day one as president, and would make4 deals with Iran.”
    “I’m angry at the GOP because I hate all the back room deals Obama keeps making with RINO senators and Democrats – so I’m voting for Trump because he says he’s going to make back room deals with Democrats and RINOs”
    “I’m angry at Harry Reid and the Democrats – so I’m voting for Trump because Harry Reid endorsed him and Democrats like him the best.”
    Got it.
    Here’ a clue: It’s not that I don’t understand your position. It’s just that I don’t agree with your logic. And neither does the other 66% of your own party.

    • Excellent. I want to copy and paste this.

    • marta garacia

      I almost liked your article. Why is Universal care something to be angry about? Would you rather have the poor people just die? Are we supposed to care only about ourselves, as long as we can afford medical care? Why would it be better to have the greedy Health Insurance companies charge exorbitant fees and highjack our peace of mind? And can’t you see that Iran’s deal is working? Are you not grateful that our people are not dying in wars? while we should support Israel for humanitarian reasons, should we support Netanyahu’s cry to war with Iran? Are we not for Peace? or is it only when it supports our ideas and strokes our passions? You have complained and vituperated President Obama for all of his presidency, but Karma is coming to you. Look who represents the majority of the republicans. A bigot, misogynist, blasphemous Trump. They cheer, they clap whenever he spews hate. This is the party you belong to. I would say get off your self righteous attitude, and really, really, subscribe to the commandment of loving thy neighbor as thyself. Your neighbor is not just the rich, the powerful, the white, the mormon. The commandment is all inclusive.

    • William

      Mmm. you mean the “Cruz” who’s wife is a supporter of the North American Unification? Not familiar with this? Look up Agenda 21 and get prepared. I’ll take a non life time political candidate this time regardless if I do not agree with all he says. History has proven that politicians cannot tell the truth or stand by their convictions if large money is involved. Trump may not be the best but by far better than whats out there now for a choice.

    • Robert Wood

      Best comment in the entire series. I wish that I were confident that the Republican electorate in states that have not yet held their presidential primary elections would become better informed about Mr. Trump before they cast their ballots.

  • David

    Those who claim to be Mormon, and say your voting for trump, beware of your actions, start making preparations, if you haven’t starting storing foods medicine, and other survival items necessary to last a few months, until the Government gain a better control of the catastrophe that is expected soon, if you haven’t done so yet start family home evenings with your families and close friends, make mock drills in case your separated, you can meet at certain safe zones, keep yourself safe.

  • Joyce

    Donald Trump is a crack pot. But, he is entitled to his opinions. I know their has to be better choices for a President.

  • Christian Woodall

    Your comment of Trump wanting to close mosques is inaccurate at best. He has asked for a temporary ban on the immigration of Muslims until we can figure out a better way to sift the real refugees from the terrorists. This is not a violation of religious liberty. An extreme religious sect cannot use religious rights as a cover for illegal acts. If Muslims want to separate themselves from radicalism, then they must do so. Until then any religion that refuses to disavow themselves from terror will face scrutiny.



    • Stephanie Clarkson

      What?? You must be kidding me! Nothing he says is Christ like, I just don’t get you.

    • Zara

      This is why we should be scared of a President Trump. Comments like this reveal that most Trump supporters are not listening to what he’s saying at all, other than the part they want to hear (let’s get rid of Muslims and build a wall on the Mexican borders). Trump has no actual plans at all, and says nothing specific. He is not “HONEST” in the least. He lies all the time, but his supporters never hear the lies and the backtracking. In fact, he *just* lied about not knowing who David Duke was. Trump’s supporters need to realize that the bluster and the confidence will not translate to good leadership.

    • Manta

      Honesty? Really? His “views” change with whomever he happens to be speaking with at the moment. I’ve been trying to figure out what he actually believes about anything, and, frankly, I’m stumped.

      You mentioned a plan… I’d love to know what his plan is. He says, “We’re gonna do this, and we’re gonna do that,” but when pressed for specifics, he simply resorts to, “we’re gonna build a wall, and Mexico’s gonna pay for it!” (which Mexico emphatically denies), and his supporters go crazy and forget he hasn’t actually given them any sort of plan for how he’s “gonna” accomplish anything.

      Ben Carson wouldn’t compliment Trump. While I don’t agree with is politics, Carson is everything that Trump is not: kind, soft-spoken, and intelligent. Trump will not see that as complimentary, but as weakness.

      As for your Muslims comment… wow. Just really. Muslims are a tiny minority in the US. They are less of a threat than crazy white dudes with NRA supported stashes of automatic weapons who are convinced that the sky is falling. That’s who I worry about… essentially, Trump supporters…

    • Tarona

      Good grief!!

    • Steve

      Sis. Hatch and those who think Mr. Trump is “honest, you love how he speaks ill of women, other races, our religion, anyone who doesn’t agree with him, using vulgar terminology so he can honestly say what he really thinks? ?If you think he is refreshing, you haven’t looked closely enough. That is not a Christian way to behave, and he will only antagonize people instead of find solutions.

    • You lost me when you said “I love his honesty.” Do a little research on the man’s history. He is the poster-child of sleaze and Dishonesty. You are confusing his free-wheeling, all-about-me, look-at-me, I-will-promise-you-anything, never-mind-what-the facts-are, just-give-me-money-and-power speech with honesty. It is time to take off your Trump-colored-glasses and look at reality. For our America he is a self-centered, power-hungry disaster waiting to happen.

    • Well you certainly shout like Trump. Problem is he is NOT honest, he says whatever he thinks will get the reaction he wants, and he says it boldly and loudly to make you think he is being honest when in reality he lies again and again and it’s easy to prove. I understand being mad at Washington, but just because somebody shares your anger doesn’t mean he shares your values.

    • cheryl welch

      well dear, that’s a prayer that will not be answered in the positive. Why would Father embrace rhetoric and not Gospel Principles of Love thy neighbor as thy self and service to all. Trump is one of the Nehor’s of our time. Beware! Ask Father and remember D&C- we should never choose evil.; thoughts, beliefs, and practices.

    • Jenny Wood

      Muslims are also children of God, with their own religion. Here in America they have the freedom to worship God just as we do. There is no group within the Muslim faith trying to “take over” our country. There are some radical extremists who claim to be Muslim but obviously do not espouse the good tenets of Islam. They are trying to hurt America as well as other western countries. But, we can not lump all Muslims in with these extremists, any more than we could lump LDS members in with the FLDS or other extremist groups who stemmed from our church. Remember to love one another and that includes Muslims. These attitudes of Trump’s, when espoused by members of our church, will lead many away from the true gospel. Be careful what you listen to out in the world. Lean on what you know in the gospel and pray for understanding. I hope that it becomes more clear to you.

    • kat

      Trump is not an honest man. He goes back and forth on his own statements all the time, just to please the public he’s presenting to. And he doesn’t talk clearly. It’s very hard to understand his plan when he’s always contradicting himself. This country needs someone whose more than bold. We need someone who KNOWS the constitution, KNOWS issues in the US and in other foreign countries that effect us. Trump isn’t a very stable man and his words show he lacks any foundation for himself and where he stands as a canidate. He sways with public opinions only to gain votes. We can’t trust him. if he ever does get his chance as president, after everyone’s done celebrating, he will crumble as the true weight of the responsibility as being a President of the United States falls on him.

  • Sapati Talafasi

    Some of you members of the LDS church are worse than Trump.He speaks freely and using his free agency to speak his mind.Free speech.I am a member of the LDS church.A convert.I’ve seen heaps of you members are liers,abusive and not so kind.Trump can be taught and educate about the church.I am an alien but I am a citizen of this country.I have no hard feeling about what was written.I remain faithful and try hard every day to be a better person.Trump will see you all by your examples.I vote Trump.

    • Taka Dahle

      Trump speaks from both sides of his mouth. Remember that in the CNN/Telemundo debate, he both bashed and praised Telemundo within the spanse of literally twenty (20) seconds. The first half of that statement, he said that he wouldn’t believe anything that came out of Telemundo, and then later in that same statement said that Telemundo was great and that he liked them.

      In his book, “The Art of the Deal”, he specifically says that he will say anything to win over people because he “[loves] to play on people’s fantasies.” This is the guy who has a long string of failures in business, and who has three different fraud lawsuits pending against him over the so-called Trump University. This is the guy who is on record saying he never likes to ask for forgiveness from God (i.e. he never thinks he did anything wrong, so he has nothing to repent for). He bragged about sleeping with married women, cheated on three ex-wives, and is on record saying he would sleep with his own daughter if she wasn’t related to him (because he finds her that attractive). In every debate he’s been in so far, he has spoken (and shouted) out of turn but shushes anyone else that tries to the same to him. Vote for a principled liberal if you wish, but as for me, I’m voting for the man who’s been consistently conservative his whole life and his whole career: Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

  • NDM

    I’m no fan of Hillary Clinton, but If it comes down to Trump and Clinton in November I will happily vote Hillary and probably send her campaign some money besides. It’s fascinating and frightening to see commenters essentially wishing away Trump’s *unretracted* comments. “Alien” faith? Born on American soil? Very telling.

    • eh

      If you are no fan of Hillary Clinton why would you vote for her or send her money. The scandals around both her and her husband are enough to make me not want anything to do with this person. I do not want them back in the White House again. I am not happy about this article but I so many people over the years have said things about the Morman religion because of their ignorance of the religion. I feel if a candidate is running they should get information about something they are asked a question about before giving an idiotic answer.

    • Luana Entler

      What about Hillary. Much, much worse than anything I can imagine.

  • mal

    Not a fair article. Trump doesn’t know anything about mormons. he’s seen a few bits on the news about mormon hurches being shut down. it’s true. we’ve all seen it. colorado city, hilldale, short creek, what ever you want to call it. Jeffs in Texas and assorted other misfits. . can’t expect someone like trump to discern one mormon from another mormon. distinctions that are taken for granted in utah are utterly foreign to outsiders. hey they’re just “mormons”.

    • Lori

      The FLDS church is not the LDS Church. Let me set you straight on that. I am a faithful Later Day Saint and you should do some research on the difference. It’s a huge difference. I personally think Trump is not President material and will not be voting for him but not because he called my faith alien. He is much like you and a lot of folks that assume they understand Mormons. Get informed please.

    • Mark B.

      Actually, you should expand that second sentence: Trump doesn’t know anything about any subject. He’s a complete ignoramus, and people who support him are dupes.

    • Any candidate (and elected officials) who haven’t educated themselves any better than that, have no business being in a position to be able to make decisions affecting those groups.

  • Sam

    Utah ranks as one of the most conservative states in the entire US and members of the Mormon church rank as the most conservative group in the US. This is why it doesn’t surprise me that polls are showing Trump in 3rd place in Utah, behind Rubio and Cruz. The very conservative National Review published the opinions of 22 prominent Republicans about Trump, mainly explaining that Trump is not a conservative. It’s worth reading. (It’s in alphabetical order by author. I like the last ones best)

  • Jenn

    As far as I know there are zero Mormons who are practice hate and teaching/training themselves to kill nonbelievers. Mormons are a kind and peaceful family orientated group of people who believe in helping/serving others in and out of their religion.
    Just my opinion

  • Matthew Glosenger

    I have to jump in on this conversation. Those that support Trump are welcomed to him. I won’t be a part of it myself. But consider the following: President Obama repeatedly told us what hope and change meant to him…changing our traditions, cap and trade, closing gitmo, etc. I consistently heard that he would not actually be able to do these things. REALLY??? And to those who make the argument that Trump is “speaking to our anger and providing us the tools to bust the system open and root out corruption” I would simply ask…do his positions really reflect your feelings about your neighbor? Cause that’s who’s gonna take it in the shorts with this guy…and so might you. Anyone who thinks he will shut down the IRS is kidding themselves. He is going to use it to target those who spend money against hiim. Anyone who thinks he’s for free speech should seriously rethink that position as he recently said he would open up the law to allow suing media enterprizes of any kind who would simply say something about him he didn’t like. And finally, those who call yourselves “Mormons” (I am one too) Should take into account the points this article makes about religious freedom. For instance, how would a Donald Trump approach the Tax exempt status of churches? His whole reason for going after media was to “get lots of money”. Do you really think he would let the powerhouse of the LDS Church go untouched by his insatiable greed. Others in this commentary have stated that they are proud mormons who support Trump. Maybe your pride is getting in the way of how you are seeing things. Just because you might get the stick to beat others with doesn’t make it any better. It’s a biblical teaching actually that is a hard one to get around….Do Unto Others as YOU WOULD HAVE DONE TO YOU (not “as they do unto you” as it is often misquoted.
    Donald Trump is the absolute worst presidential candidate we have ever put up on the R ticket and the Teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in NO WAY reflect the greedy, lying, whoremongering (I mean really people…you think its’ honorable to want to have sex with your daughter??? ) and dictatorial meanderings of Trump. Anyone who thinks these things are good really need to go back to Sunday School. BUT, in the end the people will get what they deserve. it’s a very old testament, book of mormon theme. Wickedness never was happiness and those that choose wickedness will reap the whirlwind. The Constitution was Divinely inspired and complete. Going back to it will free all men from the evil tennets of our current situation.

  • Butter Stanley

    You can’t infer that Trump is anti-Mormonism from his statement that the religion is alien. It is alien to many people. Dictionary defines alien: “not familiar or like other things you have known : different from what you are used to.” Your article is very hypocritical as you are being prejudice off of only a partial statement. Do not shame the rest of the members of the church for your ignorant inference.

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      I’m finding that there are several readers who share your reading of the word alien, and don’t believe that my criticism of Trump is valid based on his use of the word alien alone. I concede that point. Trump could argue that Mormonism is alien to many voters without himself believing anything negative about the faith. But when that conspicuous word choice is combined with his description of the “Mormon Thing,” and then saying our faith is “unfortunate” within the same conversation a pattern begins to emerge. While you are right that I only shared part of his conversation with Mr. Coppins, I encourage you to click the link and read the full article.

    • Jonathan

      As a Latter-day Saint, I am also disappointed by this article. Even President Hinckley in his interview with Mike Wallace discusses how different we are and how wonderful it is to be different and stand out, however, that does not win elections. I was a HUGE Romney Supporter and he lost in strong part due to his faith. I have experienced the exact same political discrimination in my own life as a Latter-day Saint. I have served on multiple Non-profit Boards and Committees and when they learn that I am LDS…things always change!

    • Edward

      Exactly. The author is truly grasping a straws.

    • Sapati Talafasi

      Nicely said.

    • Kristina

      I agree. This article needs to be taken down. Even if trump does have a negative view on Mormons, he hasn’t clearly stated that himself. Mormonism probably is an alien faith to him, as it is to many. This article is titled “you need to know trumps opinion”.. How are we suppose to really know with Cunninghams lack of strong evidence? All this article shows is that Cunningham clearly does not like Trump, and not Trump disliking Mormonism.

      Also, last general conference two appstles talked about how we need to keep the gospel simple and to not post negative things online (I believe it was Utchdorf and Ballard). We’re suppose to be an example of light. This article does not correlate with that one bit. Cunningham is trying (and failing) to make it look like trump does not have respect for Mormons. Be careful with what you post, Cunningham, and have some respect for our great apostles requests; our Heavenly Fathers requests.

      • Christopher D. Cunningham

        The Church Handbook of Instruction says Latter-day Saints should inform themselves about political candidates. Hopefully this article helps them do so, regardless of whether or not they share my conclusions about his statements.

        • Aaron

          Well said Christopher

      • Linda Nielsen

        The Bible tells us to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Part of being wise us searching out the truth. Has anything posted in the article been a lie? If you are voting for Trump, and you don’t believe what has been said in this post, the rest of the world is BEGGING you – do your homework. Find out for yourself who this man really is. Your President holds the free world in his hands, please vote carefully.

      • Tracy

        Kristina: “This article needs to be taken down.” Why? Because it disagrees with your world view? The author has presented a viewpoint and quite aptly. I believe he could present citations for each of the claims he makes and in reading through the comments I found a few he replied to with some links to support his comments. “last general conference two appstles (sp) talked about how we need to keep the gospel simple and not post negative things online” This is not a treatise on a gospel subject or topic. This is an opinion piece, Christopher Cunningham’s opinion. He has shown NO disrespect for the apostles and I’m curious how you read that in the article. This is only a negative article if you support Donald Trump. I for one appreciate knowing The Donald’s view on my faith. He’s already made it painfully clear that religion is not really his thing.

      • Emily

        If this article were written the way Glenn Beck speaks to “inform”, I would agree with your post and feel disappointed yet again in an LDS writer using his position to instill fear and encourage LDS to vote his way.
        Cunningham does not put down Mormon’s who support him, he does not encourage hatred toward anyone, including Trump. He wrote this article communicating his opinion based on what he has learned from what Trump is promoting prior to his campaign and now. He is concerned that people supporting him do not consider this other information because they have not heard it. As LDS we are encouraged to be informed and consider all aspects of a situation with prayer and fasting as a resource to assist us in making decisions that we will be proud of. If Trump is making statements against the religious freedom of anyone I want to hear about it, and then study it in my own mind. If Trump is making statements promoting hatred toward any religion I want to hear about it also. I want to be informed before I make any of my decisions.
        This is not a “Mormon’s you should hate Trump,” article.
        In my opinion, this article sheds light, it does not take away from light.
        Perhaps it is your own fears that are causing you to interpret this article in a negative light?

  • Aaron

    I appreciate your efforts to underscore trump’s thoughts about Mormonism; however, your rhetorical dialogue was like going from point A to point Z. In other words, you’re making some huge leaps about Trump’s attitude toward Mormons. The fact is, we simply do not have enough evidence to truly know how he really feels about Mormons and what he would or would not do to them if he were in office. What we do know about him is that A) he had a very weak response about religious freedom in the last CNN republican debate, B) his proposal to ban Muslims is totally at odds with our traditions of the past 30-40 years in relation to protecting minorities from religious discrimination, and C) his snide comments about Ben Carson’s religion ( seventh-day Adventist) caused my eyebrows to go up. In a separate vein, I think character matters, at least it does to me in selecting the next president. Trump’s temperament, his track record regarding his respect for women, his bombast, and ability to foment discord, fear, and anger among Americans is very troubling.

  • joe

    A recent poll was taken at BYU provo campus. A large majority of the students said they support Bernie Sanders for POTUS. Please write an article about Bernie Sanders and how if he was elected president, it would be, in other ways obviously, even more detrimental to the church and all that it espouses. But when you do write about Bernie “The socialist” Sanders, please don’t make the mistake of stating that socialism is like the united order. See what Marion G. Romney had to say about socialism here–

    • Beth

      I read that article and it is very misleading. It said 30% of byu students in an Internet survey were for Bernie. Although that was the highest percentage for any one candidate, if you add up the rest of the votes an overwhelming number of students were for republican candidates (well over fifty percent). 30% is not a majority, no matter how you look at it.

  • Jerri

    I am lds and I have been following trump. You have done what others do when reporting about our LDS church… Interpreted what trump said to your own bias. When he said “unfortunately,” I interpreted it differently…. Like….. I have all these desserts but they have sugar in them, unfortunately. There is no attack on the dessert, just misfortune for the person.
    Also, if we are truly a peculiar people, that may seem alien, but why does that mean it’s bad if others see us a peculiar/alien. You can choose to take offense if you want to. Fear is not faith… Spreading fear is not good for anyone.

    • Sapati Talafasi

      I love that.

    • Randa

      Seriously? Sowing fear and discord is Trump’s MO.

  • Marianne Masuda

    What if the only choices we have in November are Trump or Clinton? I don’t want Trump but I don’t want Clinton even more. What a mess!!!

    • Jc

      There is a long tradition of being able to write in a candidate to vote for…… Sadly it’s mostly used for fictional characters but is legal and can be done so if the options for president do not appeal to you try that method.

    • Michelle

      Write in President Monson….pledge your obedience to only him…yes? All others are mere puppets of the Gadianton’s and their secret combinations

    • Virginia

      Then you need to vote for the person that is the least offensive to you. By not going to the poles and voting because you don’t like either candidate is a vote for the most offensive candidate. It sounds like in your case not voting is like you’d be voting for Clinton if you don’t vote at all.

  • Jared s

    This article is completely biast. To point out selective comments made by the GOP frontrunner without giving context is out if bounds. Why don’t we find out what Ted Cruz thinks of Mormon theology? Or Marco Rubio who had his name removed from the church records. As a Mormon I take this biast article with a grain of salt.

  • Dan Shum

    It’s so refreshing to finally have a candidate who doesn’t play word games and try to hide behind political correctness. He says what he thinks, right or wrong, and he’s already shown that he is willing to learn and adjust his opinions accordingly. People take every word he says and tears it apart, and yet Trump is willing to take that chance and not hold back. We’re through with those who hide behind well-rehearsed and meaningless rhetoric. The system of government we are so blessed to have will allow Trump to put forth his goals and then work through the system until, with congressional consensus and court review as needed, we will see this country make real progress and take a big bite out of problems previously only barked at by professional politicians. We Mormons will continue to rely on the Constitution, as do all religions in this country, and it will still keep us free. God Bless America, and God bless our future president, imperfect as he is, President Trump.

    • Jared s

      Great comment I’m a gospel doctrine teacher in my ward and I will vote for Mr. Trump for president. Everyone knows the reason Mitt Romney lost the election was because the Evangelicals were a no show come election day. If people think Ted Cruz thinks Positively About Mormons you are fooling yourself .

      • Sam

        I highly suspect that those same Evangelicals who chose to stay home rather than vote for Mitt Romney are also the Evangelicals who now support Trump. It was never really about religion. They just didn’t feel Romney was anti-Hispanic enough.

      • Interested voter

        You, as a gospel doctrine teacher, who will vote for someone like Donald Trump, is precisely why I left the church.

        • Le Sigh

          Because heaven forbid that someone who has a different viewpoint than you should be teaching anything. How dare he!

        • Taylor

          Don’t blame others for your own lack of faith.
          As a Trump voter and faithful LDS member, sometimes I feel extremely alienated among my Mormon friends, I’ve never seen such a mob mentality between members against a political candidate, or anything really.
          Have I ever even considered leaving the Church because of them? Nope, because my faith is in Christ, not the people who go to Church

    • Sarah

      God bless our future president, President Trump? Have you read the Book of Mormon? How can God bless someone who does not think he has anything of which to repent? How can God bless someone who tramples on His laws? How can God bless someone who treats His children the way Mr Trump treats them? God help us all if he becomes president, but God bless him? Doubt it. Read D&C 82:10.

    • Sam

      I’m curious as to why you believe Trump “says what he thinks.” Is it because he is rude? I’m surprised that you haven’t ever met a dishonest person who is also rude. Trump is playing toward a specific demographic. That is why he says what he says. Trump’s campaign promises are unconstitutional. Listen to what he says. He wants to make it easier to sue newspapers for libel (goodbye freedom of speech) He wants to bring back waterboarding and worse forms of torture and kill the families of terrorists. The military would be forced to refuse to follow such orders, as they would be unlawful orders. Trump’s extreme prejudice against Muslims shows that he does not respect freedom of religion. You may not care about Muslims, but Mormons could be next.

    • Will

      Except he doesn’t say what he thinks, a few years ago he was pro-choice, now he’s pro-life. We don’t need a wish washy president.
      Also, one of his strategies to combat would ISIS invloved horrific war crimes, I’m not interested in a president who has been so wish washy and wants to start ww3.

    • Will

      Except that not even Trump knows what he thinks, he is so wish washy there are very few issues he has actually stayed true to. Sure, he has charisma and he is funny. But he’s not a person to be praised, he even promoted war crimes to wipe out ISIS.
      He’s made terrible decisions for his businesses, why would anyone trust him to run the country? He has the potential to be the reason ww3 happens.

    • kat

      Good for you!!! My sentiments exactly hi time some of us get the message. Hopefully enough to put the right person in office. Actually he is a voice of hope and no matter what he does believe in this country and wants to get it right.

    • I am a very good LDS and one of those who started the church in Nigeria and held many priesthood offices, and I am voting for Trump! I cannot blame Trump about his thinking on the Mormons because he really doesn’t know us or the true gospel. He is well informed through tV programs because it is part of his business. He is familiar with reality programs like “Sister Wives”, the Broadway Show “Book of Mormon”, etc. and his opinions are based on them. I believe that if he knows more about the true gospel he will have a much better appreciation on the Mormons. He will be a great President because no lobbiest will be able to dictate to him. This is also the reason why the RNC is scared of him.

    • Dewaine M. Brown

      I am aware of a grandmother whose grandson posted something to the effect, he might be forced to vote for Hillary if Trump gets the nomination of the GOP. If I can come close to her reply to her grandson, it was something like this. “In the coming few years there will be replacements in the Supreme Court. We need a President that will appoint men in the Supreme Court that hold the Constitution as our guide.”

      She did not tell him how he should vote. Just gave good advice.

      His grandfather thought this.

      Who is the most electable in the GOP that could bring this around. Everyone one of them have pluses and minuses. But who is the most electable against the Democrats? TRUMP.

  • Don Layton

    I wasn’t voting for Trump before and am even more convinced now. I don’t like his tone and arrogance. In my opinion, the last thing we need in the Whitehouse is a bigoted egomaniac. Based on the direction of the Republican party, I’m all-of-a-sudden a voter without a home.

    • June

      Vote for Ben Carson.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this information. In my view, Trump is a terrible choice for president, not only because of his ignorance about Mormons.

  • Melyssa Swensen

    Where is John Huntsman when we need him? Trump uses fear and hate to divide our nation. We all need to unite. Just because Republican blood seems to run strong through LDS veins, doesn’t mean we should follow the “foolish traditions of our fathers.” I know our country is broken, but Trump will NOT fix it. And why must we turn on each other just to voice an opinion? This article was very thoughtful and clearly stated it was an opinion, not gospel doctrine. Please, be considerate in your remarks. There is a way to present your opinion without tearing someone else apart.

  • Deeleroy

    Thankfully, this is just your opinion and you don’t speak for the Church.

    • Sapati Talafasi


  • Kathryn Minson

    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Donald Trump. I have done extensive research into him and his past, and wow, he is scary. He has supported, Trumpeted (sorry, I couldn’t resist), and financed liberal Democrats for forty years. I find a number of things about the man in conflict with my beliefs. 1. He lies, over and over, exaggerates, and belittles everyone at some time or another. 2. He does not understand foreign affairs, which I think is critical. 3. He doesn’t seem to have any specific plans for how to accomplish the things he tells us he would do. Over and over he says that “America will win again. We’ll win so much that we’ll be bored of winning.” I would ask, win what? He has never elucidated this. Wheel of Fortune? The gold medals in the Olympics? He reminds me of the junior high cheerleaders. (I don’t know what big name college that he attended, or if he excelled there, but his illiterate words offend my sense of language.) For those who are considering voting for Trump, I would issue the following challenge. Do some research on Adolf Hitler and his rise to power. Two of the strategies Hitler used were: 1. Tell the people what they want to hear. Their desire to believe it will over-ride their sense of reality. 2. Tell big lies. No one will believe you are lying about such huge issues.

  • Nicely written Chris. I am completely wrapped up in my concern for what the Donald might do as POTUS. I believe he is lacking understanding of the Constitutuon and the principles of freedom … and his racist attitudes will probably not allow him to consider that all are created equal. He seems to consider the office he seeks as a bully pulpit and it also appears he would not tolerate working across the aisle for the common good. Thanks again Chris.

  • Leon from eastern North Carolina

    Calling Donald Trump a Republican is a symptom of the problem. They let him in as a Republican ,he isn’t a conservative. LDS and will not vote for him. Mickey mouse right in if necessary!!!?

  • Chris,

    Your article will probably fall on deaf ears, but kudos for your careful, thoughtful responses in the comments section. Really nicely done. Exactly the kind of attitude that takes the punch out of the vitriol surrounding political discussion in Mormonism.

  • Provo for Trump

    If you want to feel offended, find out what Ted Cruz thinks about Mormons. Hint, you will get the same answer from just about any Southern Evangelical Pastor.

    • Janelle

      Yeah, and one of his buddies and supporters is Glenn Beck. He’s a Mormon. Don’t think you are correct there. I think there is more intelligence and tolerance concerning Mormonism behind Rubio, Cruz, and Carson where there is none with Trump.

  • Hilary

    I’m not really that concerned about Trump’s views on the Church, at all — but I am seriously concerned by his vile, sexist, misogynistic, racist, hateful, and awful comments, as well as his crass demeanor and behaviors, all of which make it appalling to me that he has the support he has. I can’t imagine our Founding Fathers being anything but horrified by the three ring circus that is going on right now, and the ringleader is a reality TV star who has made some seriously sickening comments in the past (about Muslims, women, his own daughter’s sexiness, etc.) and is still drawing so many to his side. I’m seriously baffled and sad.

  • I’m 100% LDS & voting for Trump

    • Troy T

      Then you aren’t 100% LDS.

      • Truth2Tell

        And who are you to judge that?

      • Really

        Priceless. My friend, your judgements are incredibly Christ like. Can’t wait to hear you preach on a hill someday.

    • M Ross Stockwell

      Me Too. If you have a bunch of rats in your basement and call an exterminator to clean them out, do you really care if you don’t care for his appearance or demeanor???
      We have a crisis looming and Trump is the Only candidate who can take care of that. I don’t really mind if he doesn’t understand the LDS faith….most of the people in the world do not. What I want is someone who understands the PROBLEMS we are facing and has the courage to solve them.

  • ImaRodeoMom

    I am a Mormon!! I proudly support Donald Trump! I also know and understand the meaning of the word “alien”. I am offended by the tone and direction of this article written under the guise of some sort of Heavenly direction! is a far cry from the Church’s legitimate site of…Things can not continue the way they have been with our Government! To many strings are being pulled in the background. We need leadership who will work for the people instead of special interests. Millions of Special Interest dollars are being spent to stop Trump…That’s enough to tell me that he is who we need in to lead our Nation! Our leaders need to be chosen by the will of the People, not manipulation and lies!!

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      I’m sorry the article offended you. While I strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and our modern prophets in all things, these political opinions are entirely mine and not heavenly in any way shape or form. I tried to make that abundantly clear in the article sorry for the confusion.

      • Michelle Pinkston

        I liked your article and did not feel you made any attempt to make a reader believe your views were anything other than your own. Most Trump supporters seem quick to take offense. I find that hypocritical since Trump is so offensive.

      • Brenda J.

        Thank you. Your article is clear you have nothing to worry about. You stated these are words and people feel offended because they want to. You have nothing to worry about as you spoke in a very respectful manner. I wish everyone tought like you about him. Great article!

    • Ben

      You’re offended by the tone of this article by not by the overtly offensive and asinine comments that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth daily? Guess the double standards in politics go beyond the politicians.

    • niji masu

      please re-read the very top of the article- paying particular attention to this sentence that precedes the article and gives any reader ample time to stop reading or at very least, understand where the article is coming from::
      “This article is not an official statement of the LDS Church or It reflects my political opinions.”
      You may wish to edit your remarks after having done so.

      I can’t help but point out, your comments in this regard are endemic of many Trump supporters- people who “see what they want to see, and disregard the rest,” to paraphrase Paul Simon. It does not bode well for the United States when the majority of voters, who should be level-headed, charitably-hearted individuals, instead fall to this level. Heaven help us all.

    • Christy

      Thanks for saying the obvious. I am tired of seeing other members trying to guilt me into not voting for Trump!
      I’m afraid of admitting I’m voting for Trump in front of my LDS friends, because of this mob mentality virtue signalling Mormons have acquired about a man. I’ve never seen anything like it.
      You might not like him but stop using my faith to try to manipulate people unto not voting for him! That is dishonest in so many levels, just like this article

      • Christopher D. Cunningham

        Christy, your specific critique that the article is dishonest prompted my reply. If there’s a factual error in the article please be more specific, I’m interested in correcting it.

  • Andrew

    This is easily the worst piece of writing i have ever seen.

    The Trump campaign has several active members working for it.

    You sound so desperate in this article. If I had to guess from the desperation your crying Rubio is about to get destroyed tomorrow.

    I’m not a trump supporter either.

    • Kathryn Minson

      I consider this article a thoughtful, reasoned essay of Chris’s political beliefs. No, I do not know Chris. He makes no inference that his essay is speaking for the church. He makes no judgement of those who support Trump, but explains his reservations and fears about Trump.
      My questions to you are these:
      1. What college degree did you earn, and is your degree in English or writing?
      2. What difference does it make to Chris or anyone else if there are active members supporting Trump?
      Your criticisms are unsupported and illogical. They remind me of junior high writing and mentality. Please learn a few things (like how to write and how to think critically) before you critique other people’s essays.

    • Brigham

      You must not read a lot. But kudos on not supporting Drumpf.

    • RMM

      “This is easily the worst piece of writing i have ever seen.”

      Says someone who can’t even capitalize the letter “I.”

      What is really scary about this campaign is the great number of ignorant, uneducated people it’s revealing.

  • Hello, this is Troy Dunn and I am a mormon and a “public figure” and I found this article juvenile at best. I recall a moment in middle school when a boy walked past me and said something derogatory, as kids will sometimes do. It didn’t phase me. But within seconds of the comment being made, “Jeffrey”, the class trouble maker turned to me and said quite loudly, “OOOOOHHH, did you hear what he called you?!? Are you going to let him get away with that??? Are you SCARED of him?!?” He did his best to try and start a fight between me and this other kid. I didn’t let it get to me then and I will not allow Chris Cunningham to do the same thing now.
    I do not know Chris, the author of the above article but I imagine he is a very nice guy or he wouldn’t be working at However, I do think Chris is like so many others in our country right now- trying to make a mountain out of a molehill to help bring others to his way of thinking…or voting. Ain’t happening Chris.
    Like so many on the left (and some on the right) you have massively underestimated what is going on right now. Trump has not simply given voice to the “angry”. He has given us recourse. He has given us a tool to finally bust open the corrupt, broken system we call Washington D.C.
    MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Americans are using Trump as our path to actively disrupt the status quo in our government. And guess what- we won’t miss this opportunity to do exactly that. Will it be a messy process filled with emotions and hurt feelings along the way? Sounds like it will based on the constant hum of whining coming from the overly sensitive and the deeply fragile souls who are more appalled by a man expressing raw thoughts than they are by a woman who may be tried for numerous crimes against our country and our safety. But I am in it to win it and here is the news that will likely cause Chris Cunningham some sleepless nights- SO ARE MILLIONS OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS! If you want me to raise the bar even higher Chris- how is this raw truth- as someone who has more than a few close friends who are leaders in the LDS church, let me tell you there are MANY MANY Trump supporters among them. (Did I mention MANY?)
    So put away your attempts to use fear as a diversion. We are WAY past that. The only FEAR that grips many of us is if we do not rescue our country away from the corrupt politicians who are currently choking our very way of life TO DEATH. Now THAT thought is scary.
    Troy Dunn
    Devout Latter Day Saint and not afraid to “put it out there”! 🙂

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      Troy, I enjoyed The Locator and admire your service as a bishop. It doesn’t bother me that Latter-day Saints choose to support Trump. I was very clear at the end of the article that many will find Trump’s opinions about Latter-day Saints much less important than their other relevant political concerns. But I do feel like what a presidential candidate says deserves more attention than the ramblings of junior high school bullies, so I don’t regret bringing those statements to the attention of Latter-day Saints.

      • Chris, I appreciate your calm demeanor and your allowing everyone here to voice their opinion. A very refreshing media outlet indeed.

    • Brigham

      I gather from this post you are a Drumpf supporter? If that be the case, what an absolute pity. It’s tragic that a Christian who has an influence over other members of the church, particularly the youth, would push to elect a man that is so devoid of Christian character. You want to talk about using fear, look no further than Trump himself. Reading these comments, I honestly don’t know which is in a worse condition — the United States or the membership of the church.

    • Will

      Even if “MANY MANY” Latter Day Saints support Trump it does not make them right.

      I really don’t think you need to show off that you are a “public figure” what does it prove? It makes you look condescending and self-righteous.

    • LuAnn

      Well Troy Dunn, you have just destroyed my opinion of you in 30 seconds, so congratulations! I have always enjoyed listening to your talks and reading your articles, but I will not spend one single penny on anything that you write ever again. I don’t care that you are a Trump supporter, what bothers me is your attitude towards the writer of this article, and your arrogance of being a “public figure” among the LDS population. If you want to brag about your friends in our church, and how there are MANY of them who are Trump supporters, go ahead, but some of us “common” people aren’t impressed! Have you ever paid attention to the way Trump speaks about women, including his own daughter? How would you like your wife and children to spend time with him? He is a vile and filthy man! He does not display a single quality that our church requires of it’s members. He uses the “F” word constantly, as well as any other inappropriate words I can think of! Is he an honest and HUMBLE person Troy? No, he is neither of those, he is arrogant, dishonest, and downright filthy! You should be ashamed of the way you tore Chris down for expressing his OPINION, which he clearly stated! He never had said that he is writing in any official church capacity. Just as there are many LDS members who support Trump, there are just as many or more that do not! Many only support him because they find the thought of Hilary Clinton to be worse! My opinion, if I dare suggest it, is that we are screwed either way! Signs of the times. I never thought I would be so disappointed in you, but calling a fellow writer and member of the church juvenile for voicing an opinion that isn’t the same as yours IS juvenile! So disappointed!

    • Michelle R

      You talk about Chris trying to scare people away from supporting Trump (which I honestly didn’t feel is possible, because I feel like the article is not well supported – sorry, Chris! Good things Rio Pioneer, just not enough evidence.) but what you’re doing is no better. I’m disappointed that you keep flashing your resume, as if being an LDS public figure and having friends in high places makes your opinion more right or righteous than mine. We are all children of Heavenly Father, who loves us all equally, and who gives us all the opportunity to seek and find answers through the spirit. For me, when I listen to Trump speak, the spirit leaves. You talk of rescuing our country from corrupt politicians, but a lying, corrupt businessman is no better. Trump may express “raw thoughts” but they are so raw and unsupported, that most of them are lies! He says one raw thought, and then days later completely contradicts himself. Have you seen him dance around the question of denouncing David Duke and the KKK, and then hours later tweet a video of himself contradicting his statements just days before? He is so dishonest, self centered, immoral, and corrupt, and it pains me to see so many good people turning a blind eye to all of that! Also, you spoke of a “constant hum of whining coming from the overly sensitive and the deeply fragile souls” which when I read I that, I immediately thought of Trump. He continuously attacks anyone who criticizes him. It’s embarrassing to watch a grown man, especially one who people expect to run the country, acting like a child. His name calling and threats toward individuals and media outlets are childish, but also scary. Threatening to open libel laws so he can sue any media companies that “lie”? Yes, I know reporters lie all the time, but Trump spent care about honesty, he cares about stopping anyone from being able to criticize him. He does not have the self control as you do to let negative remarks roll off his back, as he’s shown time and time again, and censorship is a great first step towards controlling A LOT more. He doesn’t care about making America great, he only cares about his money and power.
      I’m not sure why I am even writing all this, because I’m sure I won’t change your mind. But please don’t use your status as a way to persuade other church members that your views are more righteous than others. The church has no stance on political matters. Your MANY church leader friends should not use their positions to persuade members to vote one way, and neither should you. Share your opinions, not your spiritual resume.

      • Michelle R

        Oops, autocorrect silliness… I meant to say “sorry Chris. Good things* to ponder* ” I’m sure there are other typos too. I apologize!

    • Glenna Oliver

      Thank you Troy. I’ve always been a fan of yours. It’s so refreshing to know that you and MANY LDS leaders support Mr. Trump. There are so few that understand the real Donald Trump and his love for America, and the NEED that we all have for someone of his strength to SPEND HIS OWN MONEY to help us, the American people. For the life of me I can’t understand what people are so afraid of with Mr. Trump. Never in my lifetime (and I’m quite old!) have I seen it be such a big deal to be so perfect to run for President. We have had so many Presidents that are far, far from perfect and that seems to be ok. Until now, when Trump needs to meet ALL of the ridiculous expectations . I am so angry about this article and how unfair it is to Mr. Trump, the LDS Church, and the LDS Voters.

      • LR

        Sorry Glenna, but Troy Dunn is making himself out to be some kind of church official, which he most definitely is NOT!! He has maybe met a few LDS leaders, but haven’t most of us who live in the USA? I can say with great certainty that there is not one single church leader who has personally spoken with Troy about who they are planning to vote for, our leaders don’t do that. Troy is a writer, not an Apostle, Prophet, or any other HIGH ranking Church official, he is no more important than you or I, or any other member of the church! No one, including Chris, has said that Trump is, or even should be perfect, you came up with that all on your own. However, you might want to do some research before you go proclaiming that he is so wonderful and will help America be a better place! He is not spending his own money, are you kidding me?? He has had businesses in bankruptcy time and time again, has had more wives and girlfriends than I can count, and is a foul mouthed, chauvinistic pig! Have you not noticed how many times they have to “bleep” out the nasty words coming out of his mouth? Have you not heard how he talks about women? So you be angry at those of us who have a head on our shoulders, sweetie, and think people are being unfair. You shouldn’t, however, be angry at the LDS Church, THE CHURCH didn’t do anything wrong. THE CHURCH has not and will not tell it’s members who to vote for, it’s called free agency, and we can all vote for who we want to be our next President, including yourself, and unfortunately Troy Dunn. Troy has no more right to spiritual guidance about this matter than anyone else, he just thinks he does for some reason. I’m sure there are MANY people voting for Trump, but there are just as many who are not! Either way, if the choice really does come down to Trump or Clinton, the second coming is happening a lot sooner than we think, because they don’t have a brain between them, and neither is interested in any type of religion! As for TROY, not that he’s brave enough to read what people are saying about him, his attitude and comments are appalling, and I am shocked that he is a Bishop. If any of is IMPORTANT friends read his comments, he won’t be a Bishop for much longer!

    • Kate

      Thank you Mr. Troy Dunn! I too thought this article was based on assumptions & no facts. Very sad that the author would stoop to such dishonest reporting to mislead people.

      • Christopher D. Cunningham

        I was taken aback by your comment that the article was dishonest. I’d love to correct any factual errors, but you’d need to point them out for me to fix it. Thank you.

        • Kris

          Chris, don’t be disingenuous. You know very well HOW and WHY your article is misleading.

          • Christopher D. Cunningham

            Let me reiterate the offer I made to Kate. I understand we’ve reached different conclusions based on the facts, and that’s fine. But dishonesty is an accusation I take very seriously. If you can point out any factual errors, I will do my best to correct them.

    • RichM

      Well said Troy.

  • Susan Cohrs

    “There are none so blind as those who will not see” …
    Trump is a self promoting fraud, ignorant of American history, the U.S. CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS and how to avoid bankruptcies by ethical business practices.
    Ted Cruz is a solid, intelligent Constitutional expert, securing voter ID, second Amendment rights and has shown the courage of a Reagan.
    Please find the facts. This election is do or die.

    • Brigham

      And don’t forget a religious zealot who listened to a pastor state that homosexuals should be killed without saying a single word of protests and who wants to carpet bomb the middle east.

  • Don

    I have to admit I was somewhat taken aback by the Tone of this article. I am a very strong Trump supporter and part of his appeal to me is his fiery rhetoric. This country is heading to hell in a handbasket, and I don’t see any of the front runners with the ability to stop that slide, other than Donald J.Trump. I did not cast my vote for Mitt because he is a Mormon and I am not going to consider Trump’s understanding of my religion in regards to my vote for him. This country still has a tremendous opportunity to contribute to The growth of the church through it’s exceptionalism and foreign-policy. I think Donald Trump will bring back the greatness of this country and thus open doors for our missionaries across the world. Maybe in the interest of fairness you should have disclosed your political preferences. I know they are private but you are writing any public forum and though you officially distance yourself from representing the church, you chose the domain name, hardly a prima fascia disavowal of your Mormon roots. Better luck next time…

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      The entire article was me explaining my political preference. Is there another topic that you want to know my political preference about?

      And understanding the prima fascia concerns I included both an opinion banner, and a statement of opinion within the article. The topic is of concern to LDS audiences, so the url feels relevant in this case.

    • Kelly McDevitt

      “Heading to hell in a hand basket”……doesn’t that say it all. Most of Trump’s supporters are less educated people from lower economic situations. Our problem is not Trump, who not only is an idiot, but, who makes idiotic statements with no support. Our problem in this election is a lack of any decent, respectable political candidates. We need a political candidate who thinks before they speak and who can actually represent the United States of America instead alienating the us from the rest of the world due to his close minded, ignorant statements.

      • Kevin S

        Kelly, I’m hoping you realize that you just did in your above comment exactly what Trump does: make sweeping generalities. “Most of Trump’s supporters are less educated people from lower economic situations”. That is no more true than some of the uninformed statements that Donald Trump himself has made. Please do not become something that you so obviously despise in the same breath used to tell us why you do not like him.

        I will however agree on your statement that we need a better candidate. Unfortunately we do not have “a better candidate”; we have Clinton and Trump, which is I fear what the final election will boil down to. I wish it wasn’t so, and I will do everything in my power (of voting and praying) for my current other options to see that it doesn’t come to that. That being said, you really have to ask yourself one question? Which is the lesser of two evils?

        A loud mouthed, misinformed, nut-job who will brag to the world (and anyone else that will listen) about what he wants to do, is doing, and has done. There will never be any question as to what we need to do to stop him or fix what he broke because we’ll know, and he’ll tell us … loudly. And in my opinion, it’s hard to bribe someone with his ego, and he doesn’t need the money. Hopefully that’ll help take corruption off the table. As well as, as mentioned before, that when his ignorance is brought to ground he has back-peddled and tried to correct his actions and statements; which is surprising to me that someone so sure of himself is willing to make changes of that nature.

        Never knowing what she’s done, when, why, nor how she did it. If you do find out I’m sure about a few things: she won’t get in trouble, be impeached, or go to jail for it, and you’re likely to not find out for months or years after-the-fact. She’s had multiple indictments that any normal person would have gone to prison for with their name plastered all over the media, yet this has somehow not happened to her. I think that scares me most of all. How has Hilary broken so many laws with so little consequence? And why does it seem like no one cares about it either?

        Trump is a loud mouth that enjoys the sound of his own voice – and yes he’s got a lot of crazy ideas that we know to be incorrect – but the thought of someone as corrupt and above the law as Hilary thinks she is as the President chills me to the bone.

        As mentioned many times before, “Heading to hell in a hand basket…” I’d rather see the journey and know the destination than to be kept in the dark all the while being told everything’s OK, then to suddenly wake up one morning and find myself there.

        ** If you take away anything, above all else take away this **
        I pray that we ALL may be inspired by the Spirit to vote as God would have us vote. NOT by our own understandings or misunderstanding – NOT by our own fears or the fears of others – NOT by personal opinions – NOT by the suggestions or writings of others – But by the Spirit. Let none tell you or convince you. Let the Spirit guide you. Put away your brain and it’s faults and incompleteness and use the Spirit in its infinite understanding of the eternities. This country was given to us by God and none but our own wickedness can take it away. The Nephites did not fall to the Lamanites until they themselves lost the protection of the Spirit through their own iniquities. Just as you’ve hopefully prayed about the Book of Mormon asking for confirmation of its truth, pray about who God wants you to vote for. Pray about it with a humble heart – honest and open – and be willing to change your vote to a candidate you may not have voted for otherwise. And then pray that everyone else in this nation will do the same; I know I will be.

      • Chris

        Hilarious. You should definitely run for president.

      • Charlotte Gant

        From what I have read and seen, I cannot imagine a more “decent, respectable”, not to mention steadfast, honest person in politics than Senator Sanders. Beyond that, I agree with everything you said.

    • Rachel Davis

      I love Trump and feel the same way you do. Thanks for your comment.

  • Brigham

    Calling the Mormon faith “alien” should be the least of anybody’s worries about Donald Trump. The man is a lying, bullying, prejudiced egomaniac. How any sensible human, let alone a Christian, is completely beyond my power of comprehension.

    PS The church is NOT at all politically neutral. It hires a ton of lobbyists and political action teams.

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      Check out the church’s neutrality statement.

    • Will

      It is politically neutral in that they will not support particular candidates. They will support nonpartisan legislation, although usually right leaning.

  • Trevor

    Pretty sad article. Fearmonger much? And, in case you are wondering, I will be voting for Kasich tomorrow.

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      I understand your concern. It can be tempting to not take most of the things Trump says seriously, in which case an article like this would seem like fearmongering. But at some point, we have to start taking what our presidential candidates say at face value.

  • Angie Bryant

    This article is no better than anything the liberal media is doing …promoting fear and doubt … What does that say about you as a writer ? .. Were you taught correct principles ? ..I was , As well as most people I associate with on a regular basis .. We are capable of governing ourselves in this process .. Shame on you for being a part of the liberal media .. Trump or no one else is going to “shut down the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints .. .. Have you forgotten about the FACT .. That This Gospel will never be taken from this earth again ???! What scriptures are you reading ? Where is your faith ?? Joining in and being a part of such negativity in the name of knowledge .. In the name of truth … Is just sad for you and I pray others have the wisdom and spirit to have peace with all you are choosing to stir up ..for what ? To cause fear about a possible leader ? You expect or hope members might place their faith in you and your opinions ? . Like I said .. Shame on you … The church is true the book is blue and you are no different than the liberal media spreading fear .. ..

    • Brigham

      If you’re a Drumpf supporter then this irony is laughable! Drumpf feeds off of fear, anger and negativity. Shame the real fear-mongering bully, Donald Trump.

      And stop watching Fox News. It’s obviously having a detrimental effect on your perception of reality.

    • Wiegand Moulding

      I don’t see fear-mongering in this article. I see someone who is sharing insights others may have missed. We are admonished to study the candidates so we can make an informed choice. Faith without works is dead. The promise that the church would never again be taken from this earth did not stop persecution in the past, and it cannot stop it in the future. A man whose rhetoric shows little or no empathy for the lives of others cannot be believed when he claims to be pro-life. Anyone who agrees with all of his rhetoric, and believes that that rhetoric is in line with church doctrine, does not understand church doctrine.

    • Brenda J.

      He is giving his opinion in a respectful way there is nothing wrong about that. No insults, no swearing, no hypocracy here. He has a right of speech and he only wished to share thoughts. This has nothing to do ic he was taught correct principles. He is not instigated fear he. Is getting people informed let the people decide what they want to believe. After all, we all end up deciding what we want to do.

    • Riss

      I love this thank you

  • Ken

    TRUMP 2016 It’s a movement so get used to it .

    • dotheroar

      It’s a bowel movement that needs to pass ASAP.

      • Brigham

        Hahah! Well said.

  • Scott Crisp

    “First, Pierson could be referencing Department of Justice raids on FLDS polygamous compounds. But since the first and most prominent of these raids occurred in Texas, Pierson’s home state, she should be expected to understand the distinction.”

    THis is not a unique issue to just political candidates and their teams, this happens on an almost daily basis if i tell someone that I’m a Mormon. They usually ask how many wives I have. I then set about explaining that the FLDS and show like “Sister Wives”, has nothing to do with real Mormons or the way that we worship. Instead of getting mad or worried, I use it as a teaching moment to explain that polygamy has not been part of our church in 150 years and that TV shows only use the term “Mormon” to garner ratings and build hype.

    • Brigham

      News flash: polygamy is still part of the church. Elder Oaks and Elder Nelson are both currently sealed to two different women. Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball all prophesied that if the church ever abandoned polygamy, then the priesthood would be taken from the earth.

      • Diane

        Polygamy is NOT still practiced in the Mormon church. I don’t know where you got your information but its completely untrue! If any Mormon practices polygamy in the Mormon church, they at are excommunicated so before you make such statements make sure you know what your talking about! Thank you…..I’m engaged to a Mormon and I’ve been talking to Missionaries myself…..your statement is completely wrong and you have no idea what your talking about!

        • I totally understand. The idea is frightening.

          Umm…I am a lifelong active member, and believe me, polygamy never comes up in church or in Sunday school except in round about ways describing historical people or situation (or never mentioning the wives at all by name – I just learned that Wilford Woodruff was a polygamist last year, quite by accident and it rocked my perception of him for sure). But it certainly is in our theology. You are 100% correct, no one is prancing around marrying more than one wife legally, and we excommunicate polygamists quickly and have tried for 100 years to separate ourselves from the fundamentalists who practice that, but yes, men in the church can be (easily) sealed to more than one woman (meaning temple marriage ceremony – even if the prior spouse is an ex and still living. They “Should” get permission from the ex or have the original sealing cancelled or annulled, but often don’t bother to get permission or a blessing from the “3rd wheel”, and are seldom turned down for another recommend / sealing because of proven abuse or other issues, and then – Voila! – a divorced woman can be unwillingly (common) or unwittingly (it happens) still sealed to an ex-husband AND his new wife and is persuaded to stay that way as to not lose the blessings of the ordinance. Women cannot be sealed to more than one man at a time. It is not something we want to think about much, nor talk about. I’m sorry, because it’s literally the hardest thing to come to grips with when studying the history of our (admittedly awesome American faith) and I still struggle as a woman to wrap my head around it without having to do dramatic mental gymnastics and put things “on a shelf for a time”. Look for the good at church instead, but know that polygamy and our history of polygamy is a hard topic and is not normal conversation on Sunday because it makes ALL of us so uncomfortable. The gospel of Christ and being good people is where all of our efforts should be. It’s really a shame polygamy pushed all the attention that should be on Christ, or the good things of the church, to the more base image of woman-getting and rising in the ranks of church leadership, especially in the media, but more heart-breaking, to the members who never knew about it because we literally NEVER hear it at church.

        • Grant

          Brigham means that Elders Oaks and Nelson were each sealed to their first wives, who died; and then were sealed to second wives. If you believe in the eternal power of temple sealings, you should recognize that they didn’t stop being married to their first wives just because those women died. Thus, without having broken any law, or having been married to two living women at the same time, they are both married to two women for the eternities.

      • Kevin S

        First and foremost, the fundamental teachings of the Church is to always obey the laws of the land in which you reside. Polygamy is illegal in the United States. It is punishable by law. Any member of the Church convicted of a felony is in jeopardy of excommunication. I do not believe that any leader of the Church, especially those of the 12 or the 70 are doing any such thing. And if they did, I guarantee you they would no longer be a leader of the Church in any capacity. The Lord even said that he would not allow any Prophet to lead the Church astray; that he would remove him. I shudder to think what that truly means, but I do know that it means the Prophet would not be complacent in the knowledge of anyone breaking the law. If you have a testimony of the Church and of its leaders, know that they could not break the laws so blatantly and remain in their position.

        • Don’t forget

          Being sealed to more than one spouse is not illegal. Being married to more than one WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE is. There are a great many men who have lost their wife to whom they were sealed in their younger years who are currently sealed to another spouse as well. In the Church we always have to think in four dimensions.

        • Bob boberson

          Partner, read D&C 132 61-63-. Jesus gives Joseph Smith the rules for polygamy; he broke them! Joseph was married to 30+ women, one 14 yr old and a 16 yr old more than likely fit the mold “virgins”, most the others were married to other men a.k.a polyandry, or not “virgins”. He broke the rules to polygamy given to him by god. Pretty sure that would get you excommunicated today, right? You may not ever have heard this before and you probably think it’s BS….go to lds.ord/gospeltopics and search Joseph smith polygamy, most of the truth is there on their own website. Think a bit and look at the true history of those men who you believe are infallible. They are and were. 2 billion dollar shopping mall when there are starving members of the church everywhere? Seriously? Doesn’t sound like a decision Jesus would make. I think he would’ve fed the poor, not built a mall where the wealthy can shop. But I’m just an inactive apostate who wants to sin….

      • Sara

        Be careful about giving false impressions. They are sealed to two women but they were sealed to the second after the first died, not while they were living.

      • Brigham

        What I’m saying is that the church still believes in polygamy. This is evident from the sealings of people to multiple women posthumously who will presumably continue in polygamous relations in the hereafter.

      • Del Mar

        @Brigham …News flash: Sealed is not married. You are talking about the after life of being together. So sure a priesthood holder can be sealed to two women typically when one is dead and they remarry. (Not always the case.). But to say its still practiced in the way non-LDS people think… ah no.

        Current LDS polygamy is about the same as all the Catholic nuns married to Christ. Always a great discussion with all my Catholic friends.

    • Christopher D. Cunningham

      I agree. Many candidates know very little about the church. But most of them turn that lack of knowledge into silence or platitudes. In addition most of those candidates lack of knowledge has no relevant policy ramifications. But neither of those is true in the case of Trump.

    • Margaret

      Well said

  • Cheryl

    Oh brother! I’m Mormon and happily voting for Trump! This article is typical of mainstream media spin. It’s obvious he meant “alien” as something he didn’t understand. Even members of our own faith call themselves a “peculiar people.” And to expect non-Mormons to know the difference between LDS and FLDS is unfair. How about you look at his record before he was a politician and research all the kind things he has done for others behind the scenes? He saved a family farm after the head of household committed suicide, took in singer Jennifer Hudson and her family after others in her family were brutally murdered, he helps our Veterans (even gave money to one who appeared on Greta Van Susteran’s show…calling her to ask for the person’s address). He also doesn’t drink or smoke. Why don’t members of the Church embrace him as a human being and maybe teach him about the church instead of castigating him because who grew up in another faith?

    • Brent Buchanan

      I agree. Im “morman” lds and im voting trump

    • Reba Brewer

      I am a Mormon and voting for Trump.

    • Brigham

      I agree that “alien” simply means “foreign.” We shouldn’t look at this as a reason for not voting for him. We should, however, look at how he has publicly mocked a disabled reporter, demeaned women, championed institutional prejudice, threatened basic freedom of speech, insulted numerous people, and lied over and over and over again.

    • Debra

      I’m a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and not voting Trump.

    • Sapati Talafasi

      You are right on brother.

    • Will

      I’m Mormon and not voting for Trump.

      He can’t even publicly keep the 10 commandments. Is wishy washy on so many issues and promoted war crimes to fight ISIS. I embrace him as a humans being, and a person who does good things, and a wonderful entertainer, but he’s not a person to lead the country. If he runs the country like he does his businesses we will see a lot of terrible failures (worse than some of the failures we’ve seen in the past 16 years).

      • Rachel Davis

        Trump is not a religious threat. He only wants to make America what it used to be with strong morals and values. He loves our police officers and our military. He believes we should not send jobs to other countries. He is not a politician he shoots it to you straight and I know he won’t be shutting down any Christian churches. Your concern is not valid. Trump has a problem with Sharian law as we all should be concerned with it. All muslems believe in Sharian law. If you don’t believe me ask anyone of them. Trump wants to shut down mosques because they are anti-American. Look up Sharian Law please and don’t assume Trump doesn’t care about your religious freedon. I know for a fact that he believes in the constitution and wants to uphold it. Good luck to you and God Bless! Btw Trump follows the word of wisdom he doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs.

    • Lucy

      I’m a former Muslim, Mormon, and if I lived in the US I would be voting Trump too.
      It’s crazy to see how Mormons are so blind to what the real threat is

      • brian

        lucy you could be right, n i beleive trump has a heart, n he does care for the right reasons, we do need to look at the real threat……lets pray!

  • Sandra Hammond Kennedy

    Interesting information. I think Trump needs a visit from the Missionaries to get his head on straight about our beliefs and influence in the world today. I know many people want to see him win the nomination but he does need to understand and realize he is not knowledgeable on all things. He could stand a bit of Humility but frankly in my humble opinion, he is the only one who may be able to take down Hilliary. I pray he dose.

  • Susan Howell

    Good article. Scary stuff going on in this World we live in. I am sure “The Donald” will get the nomination, but not so sure he will win the election. I am a Mormon, and I hope we will vote for substance over promises. Food for thought. Thank you.