27 More of the Funniest #ThugMormon Tweets

Are you ready for more hilarious takes on Mormon life from #ThugMormon? Here are 27 of LDS.net’s favorite tweets on the trending topic.

1. The Begrudging Servant

2. The Looky-Loo

3. The Zipped Mouth

4. The Pyramid Scheme’s Not For Me

5. The Gourmet

6. The Thirsty

7. The Original

8. The Procrastinator

9. The Rodman

10. The Linguist

11. The Mormon Standard Time

12. The IMDB

13. The Gourmet II

14. The Fat Neck

15. The Collector

16. The Hungry

17. The Prattler

18. The Clean Hands

19. The Quiet

20. The Stylist

Tweets with replies by saltyasian (@emineminaaa) | Twitter

21. The Efficient

22. The Mom

23. The Math Impaired

24. The Hungry II

25. The Babysitter

26. The Ignorant

27. The Late Bloomer






Christopher D. Cunningham, the More Good Foundation content director, loves emphatically celebrating the normal healthy development of his sons Albus and Whitman, writing about the Church of Jesus Christ, finding the middle ground on most controversies, and using Western Family generic brand lip balm. Christopher is a proud graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho, and a resident of San Antonio, Texas. He is a longtime supporter of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
  • CheeseburgerHelper

    Thank You.

  • Jim

    I told my Primary President that I “loved my calling so much” that I stayed in primary for 8 years. After that, it was straight to the Library, where I tell the SS President that I love this job as well. Besides the once a year early morning High Priest Quorum meeting, and assorted General Priesthood meetings, I haven’t been to Priesthood in over a decade…

  • Julie Brown Australia

    Love these. You’ve given me a smile on a day when I really needed one.

  • Daniel

    When pulling paper towels out of the dispenser in public bathrooms, I just use one hand, not two as instructed.

  • Valrick Welch

    I sent a postcard to church headquarters saying that my son was still waiting for his mission call. The call came the next week.

  • Joe

    Own a truck, refuse to let the elders quorum use it for moves #thugmormon

  • Jeffrey

    I only have 7 kids. #ThugMormon

  • Jeffrey

    Didn’t vote for Mitt Romney. #ThugMormon

  • isaac

    I never use a middle initial in my name #thugmormon

    When I pass the sacrament my non-passing arm drops below my belt buckle #thugmormon

    When I have family home evening I sometimes skip the opening song. #thugmormon

  • Sometimes I duck out of homemaking early because I don’t want to stay to help clean up .

    • Jolene

      LOL! So it was you when I was Homemaking (Enrichment/Activity) Leader, huh?? 😉

  • Ben

    john: sentiments such as yours are the reason why #thugmormon is a hilariously thread… it hits a little too close to home. There is nothing to be embarrassed by here, except the inability to take a harmless joke.

  • I haven’t been to church in like 6 or 7 years, but if it has people like our friend “john” down there in it, then i’m certainly not coming back any time soon. Uptight and humorless. Aspects that straight up scream “your life with us will suuuuuuuck” to people that aren’t a part of the church already.

    I can’t say I miss it that much.

    I laid down on the back benches until I was 25. #ThugMormon

  • FunnyMunny

    Put NoDoze in my caffeine-free Coke. #thugmormon

  • Beverly

    So, where are the funny ones? A couple of these are slightly amusing, but the majority don’t even come close. I’ve never found stupid to be funny.

  • Tonya B

    something negative has now become satire – or whatever form of comedy this is…it’s not good to be a thug, but when it’s a parody it’s hilarious…yeah, that’s it… ANWYAY…

    I refuse to put a tablecloth on the table when I teach Relief Society. #thugmormon
    I buy canned food, I don’t can my own #thugmormon

  • Jeanetta

    John lighten up already. Your impression of a humorless perfect textbook Mormon is what keeps possible converts away. And I am a convert and love my faith but good grief don’t be such a sourpuss. When I tell people I’m Mormon they usually say “You can’t be Mormon you have a sense of humor”. That is so sad, I will keep you in my prayers.

    • victoria smith

      Some of these are hilarious and others not cool at all. Eg. There is nothing funny about being dishonest in your fast and disrespectful with sacrament emblems. I fear that the #thugmormon is creating the mentality of doing the wrong thing as ‘cool’ or acceptable. Perhaps it was never created with that intention and I acknowledge that but you can’t control how everyone will perceive #thugmormon. I think it might be more suitable as a quiet joke among close friends. Even then its still dangerous. I think It encourages rebellion. So as funny as some are, I’d happily give up the short lived laughter for the effects it might have on some people.

  • Samantha

    I drink Coke, no caffeine free junk here #thugmormon

  • Mike

    I love #23: Only keeps a 71 hour kit. LOL!!! 😀

  • john

    I couldn’t believe it the first time that this was posted, but yet here it is again. We absolutely should not be celebrating an embarrassing and unacceptable moment for the church in possibly our most visible entity. And it’s even more embarrassing that people are mocking a radio announcer that has a valid point. When people see our football team acting like “thug mormons,” which they absolutely were, it reflects incredibly negatively on our mission as a church…and posts like these on an unaffiliated, yet prominent LDS website, continue to enhance the bad impression that non-mormons (possible converts) have on our church.

    • Bill

      John, lighten up brah! If we can’t laugh at ourselves, something is wrong. We don’t have to be sad and serious all the time. Since when do you get to decide what is appropriate and what isn’t. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean no one should do it. Get a life, and if you don’t like the thread, don’t read it.
      Peace out #thugmormon

      • Jolene

        Thank you, Bill! Well said!

    • Mark

      Take a deep breath….now exhale. Relax. I’ll bet that felt good, didn’t it.

      As I read through these posts, I really don’t see confessions of the magnitude that people need to run to their Bishop or Stake President about. In fact I don’t see it as a confessional forum at all, nor do I see it as a “top that transgression” contest. I certainly hope it does not become either of those things. I just think people are indicating that they are human.

      I’ve been known to hand out mobile devices with coloring apps to all 3 of my children during sacrament meeting so I can get through a talk uninterrupted.

  • Daren

    I count how many times the speaker says “Ummm” during sacrament meeting. #thugmormon

    • River

      Me too lol