11 Clean Stand-Up Comedians that Will have You Rolling with Laughter


Everyone likes a good laugh, but when people feel guilty when they watch filthy, cuss and innuendo-filled comedy, it leaves something to be desired. Clean comedy, does it really exist? Deseret News put out an article recently about some people who are clearly not your average stand-up comedians. These individuals make their mark by having comedy that strips away a lot of the filth that many other comedians use without inhibition. Compiled here is a list of clean stand-up comedians who use tasteful humor in their stand-up comedy acts. They are worth looking into!

1. Jim Gaffigan

Clean comedy Jim Gaffigan
With jokes that anybody could relate to, he is one of the best clean comedians in America.

Gaffigan sheds a new and hysterical light on weddings! Be warned, however, after listening to him, you may never want to snuggle into a sleeping bag ever again.

2. Brian Regan

Brian Regan Clean Comedian
You have to be really funny to be able to drop out of college and make a living out of people laughing at you.

You probably never thought that going to the hospital could be as funny as this! Brian Regan will have you reminiscing about the good ol’ days of little league and science fairs.

3. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen Clean Comedian
With a focus on faith and family, he’ll have you rolling out of your chair!

Most people take marriage counseling seriously, not Jeff Allen.

4. Jenna Kim Jones

Jenna Clean Comedian
Recently, she narrated the hit LDS documentary  “Meet The Mormons”.

Female comedians may seem rare. Mormon comedians are even less head of. We’ve found both. Our proof: this Mormon female comedian in Los Angeles!

5. Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton Clean Comedy
Animated and hilarious, he was named one of Rolling Stone’s Five Comics to Watch

Watch him talk about his transition from growing up in Idaho to living in New York City. Hamilton is another Mormon comedian making it big. Check out his tour dates on his website.

6. Matt Jernigan

Matt Clean Comedian
He spreads good messages to his audience through a combination of guitar and comedy. What talent!

Watch him show off his beat boxing skills! Other talents include his parodies of popular music. However, if you’re always livin’ on a prayer, his Bon Jovi parody may not be for you.

 7. Henry Cho

Henry Clean Comedian
Of Korean decent, this Tennessee native knows how to use everything about who he is to make others laugh.

Meet the Asian with a Southern accent! Cho served two years as host of NBC’s Friday Night Videos and had many guest roles on various network sitcoms.

8. Greg Hahn

Greg Hahn Clean Comedian
He knows how to make military people laugh.

After a life full of playing college basketball, military  service, and being a corporate employee, he has many humorous stories to tell. His website is just as interactive as he is.

9. Robert G. Lee

Robert Clean Comedian
One of his talents is being able to perform the entire bible in 30 minutes!

He knows what its like to be a disappointed dad. He even has his own bobble head doll! Check iTunes for his work.

10. Dennis Regan

Dennis Regan Clean Comedian
He went from dreaming about being a football player to being a well-liked New York City comedian

Nothing can be more funny than talking about the corporate workplace with Dennis! He’s also appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.

11. David Ferrell

David Ferrell Clean Comedian
With 20 years of comedy under his belt, he has been nominated multiple times for Comedian of the Year.

Watch him talk about the funny misfortune of being a middle child! We’ve heard his impression are pretty good as well.

Melissa is a loving wife to her husband, who to her, is also her “muse.” She is also a recent college grad from Brigham Young University–Idaho with a degree in English, Creative Writing. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, and current resident of Utah, she luckily finds herself back in her birth state. She has love for cats and enjoys music and sewing/crafting.

  • ereed89

    Thanks for sharing these. Bob Smiley and Tim Hawkins should definitely be included in this list.

  • Paula Flaherty

    Clean and funny is the best!
    Love that kind of entertainment.
    I will never support a dirty comedian.
    Saw DiNiro movie “the comedian” and walked out~foul and vulgar

  • Jim

    So I found this site and review and pulled up all these people from the web and streaming websites like Spotify and Pandora… recommendation: Don’t believe everything you read.

    I searched and listened to:
    Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, Jeff Allen, Jenna Kim Jones, Ryan Hamilton, Matt Jernigan, Henry Cho are CLEAN. THAT IS ALL…
    Just a little ‘taken advantage of’ by these comments because I believed you all and listened to these people and heard cussing, foul language and rude language… no thanks because in this business the people have bad language to stay in the business. People react to cussing and laughter when they are drunk and what are they serving in these comedy clubs? Alcohol… that’s how the make more $$.

    Lets support the clean comedians and change the foul language atmosphere by not supporting them.

    Adam Wade uses foul language in My First Job and Susie, talking about smoking pot. Youtube even has him under: “Parental warning: Explicit lyrics”

    Dave Coulier has comedy acts like: “The Buck Naked Show” and “We Love to Fart”
    Jim Breuer IS funny (because he’s got kids now and needing to watch his mouth) and when he was on SNL because he couldn’t cuss… but stand-up on the past he did cuss because that was the ‘norm’ for comedians.

    And ‘Jimmy Drumund’ you said God bless… well he can’t bless you when you listen to:
    bill burr, bill hicks, Jim Norton or Joe rogan… they all have bad/foul language… are you kiddin’?
    Bill burr cusses
    bill hicks and Jim Norton shows explicit language on websites and on streaming websites and Joe Rogan…?? the Fear Factor guy? He’s Clean? are you kiddin’? Make no mistake people… don’t be dumb, stay away from these people… stick with the Smothers Brothers and old time comedy like Red Skelton, Dick Van Dyke Show, Andy Griffith Show, Jack Benny, etc… classic comedy you can laugh at without being drunk!

    Just my 1 cent… Bill Cosby… ?? He was clean back in the 70-80’s… the media has put his name up on the hanging noose for all to throw stones at… aren’t we supposed to exercise forgiveness? I’m not saying we are to support and give him $$ now… he hasn’t harmed us personally and the media ALWAYS stretches the truth and he will be prosecuted I’m sure but he was hysterical in the older times when he was first starting out. Just like I still listen to the first few albums of Madonna… before she has done what she did to get attention (before having kids)… excellent musician though. Just because someone has done something wrong doesn’t mean we need to throw stones at them… we all fall short of perfection don’t we… ?

    Just like all of our lives… Free-Agency… so it’s “Your Choice”!
    I’m just trying to help someone protect their ears and their morality…

  • Tatiana

    I been looking, searching for Clean stand up comedy routines…. I exhausted d list that d web provides…. I just listened to Adam Wade: The Human Comedy….. He. Is. Awesome!!!! Great real life situations delivered with great timing… All in all he left me with a feel good feeling and a smile on my face! There are a few cuss words but for d most part HE IS GREAT!! !!

  • Chris

    Also Jim Breuer (SNL) and Dave Coulier (full house) are two who really funny and clean.

  • Shame on you for putting bill Cosby on this list. He showed people the horrors of drugs by DRUGGING them and RAPING them. Yeah, drugs are horrible, but bill Cosby is much worse for you health. Just ask any one of his 50 victims.

  • Lisa McCue

    Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. Please, remove him from your list.

  • Jimmy drumund

    Try bill burr, bill hicks, Jim Norton or Joe rogan. All well worth listening to and with a positive message. God bless.

  • these comedians are best.i have seen shows of some of these comedians.enjoyed your blog..to see best clean comedy please check out this site: http://www.laughatyourselffirst.com/

  • If I might recommend:

    Tom Wilson

    The actor who played Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future movies is now a singing stand-up comedian with a clean routine and hilarious anecdotes, songs, and philosophies.

    • Batman

      Costconians unite!