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  1. Yeah... When choosing my silly policy change to predict, I deliberately went with something that is doctrinally fine.
  2. The sacrament will now alternate between being kale chips & carrot juice and cookies & milk.
  3. SilentOne

    What name would you choose?

    The Tame Branch. Tame Fruit. Fruits of the Orchard. Stake of Zion. I think the abbreviation LDS is discouraged, too, in this most recent name retrenchment.
  4. SilentOne

    What name would you choose?

    What I was going for is that you said what I was about to say write. The Write Branch could maybe work. For some reason the word Branch makes me think Broken, but The Broken Branch maybe doesn't give quite the impression the Powers that Be want. My vote today would go to The Fourth Hour, but that isn't an option. IF they get rid of an hour, then Third Hour would be appropriate when that goes into effect. After that, I like The Written Ward or The Spoken Ward.
  5. SilentOne

    What name would you choose?

    That's basically what I was going to say. Er, make that write.
  6. I see the phrase "barely know" coming up a lot around this issue, often with the word "often", and it feels strange because except for when I first moved into a ward and for a while after a new bishop was called in a singles ward, I never would have said I barely knew my bishops. One or two I might say I don't/didn't know very well, but there is a significant difference there to me - the difference between near stranger and friendly acquaintance. The bishops from my youth are probably the ones I knew best and was closest to. That said, I realize that my experience may be unusual, so I'm starting a poll.
  7. SilentOne

    Bishops From Your Youth

    I'm trying to get a feel for how strange or normal my experience with the teen/bishop relationship was.
  8. ๐Ÿคจ You might want to edit a little more.
  9. SilentOne

    Where were you on 9/11?

    On a somewhat related note, this morning when I looked out the window I was surprised to see all the flags, because we already had labor day and that's the last flag holiday until... oh, yeah. September 11 is a holiday now (Patriot's Day? Is that what they're calling it?). I think I had some previous surprises on here that people are old enough to have grown children, so I started assuming everyone's at least a decade older unless they state their age or it is otherwise obvious they are young.
  10. SilentOne

    The Compliment thread - Positive Feelings

    I've seen a few pop up here and there, but if you want more I can go poking around the archives for a while. I have a hard time giving compliments because when I try to think of why I like someone, my first reasons usually go something like, "I like MormonGator because he's MormonGator. And I like Vort because he's Vort. And I like zil because she's zil. And I like Carb because he's Carb." But I'll try to come up with something relevant to put here eventually because this thread deserves that sort of respect.
  11. SilentOne

    Where were you on 9/11?

    It's @SpiritDragon who surprised me the most. Probably because he seems to be the closest in age to me besides @Chilean who has posted on here, and when talking about school years, people younger than you barely count. ๐Ÿ˜
  12. SilentOne

    Where were you on 9/11?

    Seeing my cousin off on his mission at the Salt Lake airport. We were walking out at about the time the first plane hit. Said cousin ended up spending the first part of his mission in California instead of Guam. The second plane hit shortly before my brothers and I had to leave for school. Other details from the day: I had an algebra test, which meant that for that period, we were not allowed to watch any news coverage. I think we also missed watching in PE. Since those are standing out, I guess we must have seen some news in the other classes. We were supposed to have a Key Club meeting that afternoon, some sort of welcoming thing. Instead, we talked about what was known about the attacks so far. I think that's when I first learned all the planes were originally bound for California. Mutual was canceled that night.
  13. When my brother liked Barenaked Ladies as a teen, I was concerned because of their name. But it turns out they have songs I really enjoy.