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  1. Grunt

    Prayers Verses Blessings

    I just listened to that talk again this morning.
  2. Depending on the age it happened and his age now, I wouldn't get all broken up about it. He's repented and moved on. Talk to the Bishop about it.
  3. Grunt

    Why Jews And Mormons Are Smarter.

    Is this the record for necropost?
  4. Grunt


    I've lived all over the world. I hate sand. If I can find a beach with zero sand, I'd love it. Even rock beaches have sand.
  5. Grunt

    The Man Shack

    I can't wait to see Zil's response to this. We need a popcorn emoji.
  6. Grunt

    The Man Shack

    Nobody wants to read my drivel. I don’t even want to read it.
  7. Grunt

    The Man Shack

    My Sunday talk was on fatherhood.
  8. Grunt


    You lost me at “beach”. I hate beaches. If my wife ever leaves me it will likely have something to do with a beach. ALTHOUGH, I did have wedding photos taken at the beach just for her.
  9. Grunt

    Family Search- same sex marriages

    I don’t see anything to really “adapt” to personally. If you don’t have same-sex partners in your tree, you’ll just drive on as normal.
  10. Grunt


    Well, I’m looking for a new ward.....
  11. Grunt

    Family Search- same sex marriages

    Same here. That's why I said "meh". It wasn't a topic I wanted to "argue" about. Just make my opinion known.
  12. Grunt

    Family Search- same sex marriages

    I'm assuming, perhaps falsely, people who argue with a direction agree with it. If not, then they are just arguing to argue. I have no problem understanding what you state are the reasons. As I very clearly stated, I disagree with them.
  13. Grunt

    Family Search- same sex marriages

    False equivocation. Whether or not we should record divorces is a topic worth discussing. Being born of fornication doesn't change your bloodline.
  14. Grunt

    Family Search- same sex marriages

    I'm not disinterested in the topic. I'm disinterested in mounting an argument that supports why the acceptance, and normalization, of same-sex marriage, is bad for the individual, society, and the church when others clearly believe it's a great thing and the divisiveness my argument and the ensuing discussion could create in the forum isn't worth "winning" an argument to me.