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  1. Grunt

    Pizza Preferences

    Pineapple on pizza should be an arrestable offense.
  2. Grunt

    We need to discuss shaving

    At work I use a 1958 Gillette Fatboy, Van Der Hagen shave butter, and a locally sourced aftershave (or Clubman). At home, when I bother to shave, I use a variety of straight razors with locally sourced soap, a badger brush, and locally sourced aftershave.
  3. It's not man playing God, it's man LISTENING to God. Criminal? You realize you can walk away at any time, right? We won't lock you up.
  4. Grunt

    is green tea okay?

    I have a very expensive bottle of scotch a neighbor gave me that I never opened.
  5. Grunt

    is green tea okay?

    Additionally, I would personally consider steroids to be against the WoW, unless prescribed. That's just my take and not intended to be advice for anyone else.
  6. Grunt

    is green tea okay?

    I doubt steroids would have coffee, but I don't know much about steroids. Unless you're asking if I take them, then the answer is no. I'm not a bodybuilder. I just fight father time.
  7. And a discussion on sin isn't indicative of how you treat sinners.
  8. Grunt

    is green tea okay?

    I'm not sure, I guess. I know some of them are to speed metabolism. Others are to increase blood flow and enhance performance. It's mostly the caffeine they are after when using coffee products, I believe.
  9. Grunt

    is green tea okay?

    Trick question? If they have coffee in them, then no, according to WoW? I've only seen them when buying supplements for lifting.
  10. Grunt

    is green tea okay?

    You have to be careful of supplements, too. Many use coffee.
  11. If it makes you feel better.
  12. Grunt

    is green tea okay?

    This. Herbal "teas" aren't teas at all. Green tea is.
  13. That's because you only start argumentative threads or hop into them to skirt the edge of church acceptability. You stay out of threads that are even remotely uplifting unless you see a chance to turn that around. You're one of the main reasons I come back to this forum less and less.