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  1. Grunt

    Results of the Flood

    This. Yet there will still be 24 pages arguing about it.
  2. Grunt

    Results of the Flood

    And we're off!
  3. Grunt

    Making A Correct Left Turn

    I pay taxes on the whole road, occifer.
  4. Grunt

    Correctly Calculating Tithing

    Exactly. That's what I meant. If someone's tithe hadn't put that Book of Mormon in my hand, I may not be here today.
  5. I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say here, but if by "by one person's moral opinion" you mean God, then yes. I'm not sure why that surprises you.
  6. I have a deeper love for @mirkwood, in a non-same sex attraction kinda way.
  7. Is anyone else looking forward to the ABBA Hologram tour?
  8. Grunt

    Chinese exchange student at The Swamp!

    I'll never understand women. I come home every day expecting to get served papers.
  9. I dated a doctor who was studying electro-shock for behavior treatment. Pretty interesting.
  10. Grunt

    Chinese exchange student at The Swamp!

    We'd corrupt him. I like your wife's hair.
  11. It's a Mormon forum. I'm unsure why so many people choose to come here to argue Mormon beliefs. I wish there were a heavily moderated forum available for uplifting discussions.
  12. The missionaries have missed or rescheduled meetings, usually not telling us until they are already late. Is this normal? It's frustrating, to say the least. I've been talking to the "chat missionaries", but it's not quite the same. Thoughts? Suggestions? I don't even know what my goals are. I'm just interested in learning more. I've been reading the Book of Mormon and many articles online. I don't have any particular questions at this point. I suppose I just wanted to see what they had to share. They call to set an appointment, then don't make it. It could be that it just stinks for them because I live in the boonies.
  13. Grunt


    It's funny, I was just doing my research for another Sons of the American Revolution branch and found someone else was doing Temple work for that line.
  14. Grunt


    Our ward is teaching family history. What a great class. I'm glad I signed up for it. It's much more in-depth than I care to go, but I'm sure I'll learn why before it ends.
  15. Grunt

    Correctly Calculating Tithing

    I'd argue that someone's tithe helped me when I was in need, only I didn't know it.
  16. I'm not sure. It very well could be a combination of all that. There is also an association between elevation and suicide. I'm not an expert by any stretch. People choose an association that they desire to be correct because it fits their narrative, but do we really know? How many active members commit suicide compared to those that left? I don't see how to avoid it.
  17. Nobody believes the Church is perfect. God is, though, and through Christ we return to Him. Period.
  18. You can't blame the Church for the actions of the world, nor can you expect the Church to change to suit them. That's what I see the issue is. The Church hasn't changed, the world has. Odd that everyone likes to blame the Church. For generations, the Church has taught God's law and the path to salvation and happiness while the world has slowly slipped. Now, the world points it's finger at the church and says it's OUR fault that kids feel bad and kill themselves. No, I'm following Christ. The world is telling the kids it's OK to sin. No wonder they're confused and pained.
  19. None of my business. However, if asked, my default response would be "wear your garments". If not asked, see sentence one.
  20. Then your sister in law has a warped understanding of "happy".
  21. Grunt

    Title of Liberty Movie

    Thanks for sharing this. I'm in!
  22. Grunt

    Correctly Calculating Tithing

    Have you fasted and prayed? What does the Spirit tell you?
  23. Grunt

    Moderators Dinner

    How sweet