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Everything I Know About Mercy I Learned From a 12-Year-Old in a Dodgy Apartment

Life was hard for my twelve-year-old self. For starters: I had to share a room with my two-year-old sister. I wore hand-me-downs. I was expected to do my own laundry, do the dishes three nights...

American-Muslim Former Political Hostage in Iraq Gives Exclusive Interview to Mormon Writer

On January 15th, 2016, in Baghdad, Iraq, a local Saraya al-Salam militia took Amr Mohamed and two other American private defense contractors hostage. The militia, who are known to actively fight against Islamic State militants (ISIS),...
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Turning Obligations into Opportunities in your Church Callings

“What are we doing again?” “We are going to the church to set up table and chairs.” “But we did that last week.” “Yes but that was for a funeral, this is for a wedding.” “Is this all...
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I Feel Like a Fake — Especially at Church

“They’re going to find out I don’t belong here.” “How long can I keep up this charade?” Sometimes, most times, I feel like I have no business calling myself a writer. Which is crazy because here...

Winning at Being Single

Hello, my name is Megan and I am single. At this point in my life (I’ve been divorced now for 7 years) my singleness has become a running gag. Whenever I blurt out whatever I’m thinking...

Megan Ann Steyskal

Megan is a thirty-something single mom blogger who lives in Portland, Oregon. She has worked in Pharmacy for the past 15 years and spends her free time free-lance writing for parenting blogs and writing fiction. When in “time-out” (of her own accord) she reads and writes, then reads some more. You can find her blog at The Accidental Librarian.

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