Baby Shower Games: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

“You are to eat the chocolate pudding without using your hands and whoever finishes first wins!” She said with sardonic glee. “Wait, you want me to what?” “Hold the diaper to your face and eat the...
Mother and small son

Parenting Sons to Teach them Compassion

Two strikes. Players on second and third. Last inning, 2 outs. Swing and a miss. Third strike: game over. Braden just stood there at the plate: bat in hand and shoulders slumped, listening to the other team cheer and...
Single on Valentine's Day title image

Watching You Couples on Valentine’s Day

You may think I am disheartened to be around you. That it’s hard for me to see you together and happy. That my divorce has somehow marked me apathetic to your marriage. Let me assure you...
LDS Girls Camp title graphic

LDS Girls’ Camp: Boot Camp for Living

(Set scene: background noise of soft violin music playing by a babbling brook....) I often look back to the perception I had of my mother, my aunts and my friends' mothers growing up: watching them...

New Year’s Comfort for Late Bloomers

They say the awkward years are nine through fourteen. Call me an over-achiever, but my awkward years didn’t end till I was 34, and the only thing that changed was my mindset, not my...

Megan Ann Steyskal

Megan is a thirty-something single mom blogger who lives in Portland, Oregon. She has worked in Pharmacy for the past 15 years and spends her free time free-lance writing for parenting blogs and writing fiction. When in “time-out” (of her own accord) she reads and writes, then reads some more. You can find her blog at The Accidental Librarian.

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